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10 Minute Articles System How To :
Turbo-Charge Your Article Writing and

Produce more in One Hour Than

a good number of people today Do in a week!

Discover a tested System to Eliminate the have for Time-Consuming Creativity, Banishing Writers Block Forever!

Dear Friend,
My name is Jonathan Boettcher, and Ive produced a system by which everybody can write fully completed articles in 10 minutes or less - guaranteed. Im going to show you how to banish writers block forever, generate more topic ideas than youll ever care to use, and above all, how to spend your time as effectively and productively as possible.
But earlier than I do that, let me tell you the true story of my humble start in article marketing...
Rewind Several Months...
Ive been in web marketing for a few years now, using all kinds of different strategies to force traffic. A while ago I look with that article marketing was one of the terrific so-called free traffic techniques. No problem, I thought, I can write articles!
So I started writing articles, but each one one was taking me way too long. Between the time I spent researching what to write on, trying to come up utilizing a unique twist on the idea, writing it out, then going back and editing it (Im a bit of a perfectionist), then finally figure out what to put in my resource box, all while hopefully coming up utilizing a killer title, I was spending with LEAST an hour per article.
As Im sure you can imagine, article writing as I knew it quickly lost its appeal. It seemed to be far too much effort for such little output. A whole hour spent to secure little more than a back link to my site; I could spend my time significantly better elsewhere!
So I did, and every now and then I would secure re-motivated again and pump out an article or two.
Using these rudimentary methods I was only able to generate a mere 17 articles finished a few months.
Traffic was slowly coming in, but intuitively I knew that having only 17 live articles wasnt going to come up with me abundant anytime soon! Sure, traffic was steady, but it was miniscule compared to what I needed. I knew I needed more articles.
The Outsourcing Mistake
Id recently experimented utilizing outsroucing a PHP script, and while on the job board one day I noticed that people today were outsourcing article writing. So I decided to give that a shot. Maybe I could solve my problem by giving it to someone else!
So I posted my primary article job, and got a whole bunch of bids. I selected one that would give me 10 articles for $30. This is great! I thought - I can secure for $3 what it was taking me an hour to do - OUTSOURCING RULES!!!
A couple of days later on I started receiving my primary outsourced articles.
I opened the primary one and started reading it. It was rough going. The English didnt look with naturally, they were using words that Americans would never use in conversation, and some of the concepts in the article were a little bit hokey, to say the least! Theyd put a title in, but there was no excerpt for instance I had requested, and neither were there keywords or a resource box, as I had also requested.
Okay I thought, Ill just send it back utilizing some comments and properly secure this straightened out.
I even now Wasnt Saving Time or Money
I got the revision back, and it was a little bit better. By now I was getting more articles as well. However, rather than have the time to comment on the changes I required, I decided to do them myself, as it took about the same amount of time. It took me 15-20 minutes to fix each one of these articles.
By the time we were done I had about 10 articles that I could use. Id paid $30, and invested about 3 hours of my time. Not exactly what Id hope for from outsourcing.
Not to be discouraged, I decided to accept a higher bid. I tried getting articles for $7 each, but I was even now editing. Finally I found a guy who did decent do the job (for the a good number of part) with $10 per article. $10 was even now cheaper than I could do it.
The only problem was, my budget was pretty limited. My project wasnt producing much revenue with that factor so I didnt want to spend more than $50 per month on it. So, I bought 5 articles a month. with least it was something!
The Ah-Ha Moment
One day after a month or two of this, I was reading the E-Myth, learning how entrepreneurs have to be making systems. techniques help eliminate problems that arise from not knowing what you should be doing. I thought I had a system going for me already - outsourcing. But I quickly realized it wasnt working that well. I was even now paying way too much for free traffic.
I decided to re-examine my own method of writing articles. I quickly found ways that I was putting my time and effort into all the wrong places. I re-evaluated what I wanted to achive utilizing my article, then did the trick backwords generating a system that would allow me to do that efficiently.
Soon I found I was consistently generating complete, ready-to-be-submitted articles in under 10 minutes each!
By trial and error, Id created the 10 Minute Article System!

By trial and error, Id created the 10 Minute Article System!

This SYSTEM shows you how to CONSISTENTLY:
Create attention grabbing, traffic generating titles

come up with attention grabbing, traffic generating excerpts

Write an informative 300 word article body FAST

appropriately choose laser targeted keywords - your articles rank better!

come up with unique resource boxes that practically force people today to click your link

Write utilizing the absolute minimum amount of research (Save more time!)

Brainstorm 500 new article ideas in less than 10 minutes!

Do only the bare minimum amount of editing - eliminate this significant time waster!

Use a secret strategy to have advantage of investigation rank (no one else is doing this yet!)

Force one self to secure stuff done in a blazing hurry - multiplying your output!

All in less time than it takes to watch a YouTube video!
Because this is a SYSTEM, everybody can do it and achiefve the same results! It is a roadmap for how to come up with articles in 10 minutes. You dont have any extraordinary abilites beyond being able to read, write and surf the internet.
Do you qualify? Of course you do! Everyone does.
Give Me Instant Access!

I feel That I Would even now Be Lost
Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I tend to overanalyze my articles and think that if they arent a thesis that somehow they are no good.
Your 10 Minute Article System breaks it along so very easily that everybody can write a quality article in a short period of time. Such a straight forward process but nonetheless without the need of your report (and additional checklist) I feel that I would even now be lost.
Thank you again for providing such a crysta and concise report that everybody can follow to write articles quickly.
~Teresa C.

Definitely Recommended
Im a veteran article writer. I didnt think much of this earlier than I acquired it. This report was straight to the point.
I definitely recommend 10 Minute Article System. Its a swift learn and straight forward and easy to comprehend for a beginner and a veteran article writer for instance myself. Thanks so much for writing this report!
~Jason Oberender, Macomb Michigan

Using the 10 Minute Article System, you secure a METHOD for:
Generating ideas - NEVER rely on unpredictable bursts of creativity AGAIN!

generating unique article content material - say GOODBYE to writers block FOREVER!

generating compelling titles - have advantage of clicks utilizing your brain ON AUTOPILOT!
This 15 section extraordinary report provides you tested methods to guideline you through every aspect of article writing, thus turning your list of hurdles into a list of victories!
Give Me Instant Access!

My return Has improved

more Than 400%!
In spite of popular advice, I always write my own articles - that way, I understand the quality will be up to my standard! However, I tend to find that writing a typical article was taking me anything from one to two hours!
Since starting to implement Jonathans 10 Minute Article System, the time that I have has dropped dramatically!
Im currently approximately the 15 minute mark on average, and am confident that Ill secure it closer to 10 minutes as I secure used to this new way of working.
Im even now using the awesome 10 Minute Article Checklist that comes as part of the system to have myself on path (its stuck to the wall next to my PC monitor!) and Jonathans timer tip is worth the price of the system alone!
Thanks to the 10 Minute Article System, my return has improved more than 400%!
Hats off to you Jonathan youve made a huge difference to my bottom line!
Thank you!
~John Landells

[Tech Blogger - www.johnlandells.com]

According to Wikipedia, the median salary for a complete time male worker in the US (2007) was $45,113. Thats $22.56 per hour.
How much would a 400% return improve save you, in dollars? Lets do the job it out.
If it takes you an hour to write an article now, 100 articles costs 100 hours and $2256!
A 400% return improve signifies you now only spend 25 hours and $564.
Thats saving you $1692 in just one year!
So How Much Does This System Cost?
For a modest time only, Im offering the total 10 Minute Article System for only $37.
Thats right, for a relatively smallish investment of just $27 you can improve your article writing return by 400% and more! Discover how to pump articles out for instance fresh donuts from a Krispy Kreme machine!
My Rock stable Guarantee
I understand you might possibly be skeptical that just by having a straight forward system in place, you could boost your return by 400%. However, I guarantee you these are real results. In fact, Im going to give you a complete 60 days to decided if you want to have the 10 Minute Article System or not.
So if you want a refund, you can have it! Up to 60 days after purchase, straight forward email me and say youd for instance a refund. I dont bite, and I wont pester you either. PLUS, you secure to have the system. Guaranteed.
Give Me Instant Access!
Bonses Youll Love!
10 Minute Article Video Example! - $20 Value
In this 18 minute video I reveal nonetheless another brainstorming tool, as properly as give you a total demonstration of how to write a brand new article in less than 10 minutes! I perhaps even ran a timer to prove that its possible! Watching this video will show you exactly what is necessary, and more importantly, what isnt necessary to pump out articles in 10 minutes.
Complete Niche Brainstorm! - $10 Value
To show you exactly how to go about brainstorming for any given niche, Ive included a complete page brainstorm example for one specific niche. Actually seeing how something is done is much more formidable than just telling you how to do it!
Handy 1 Page Checklist! - $10 Value
The complete system wrapped up into one handy checklist that you can do the job off of as you write your articles. printing this out and have one self accountable to it! Many of my students have tacked this to their wall beside their computer monitor and report it facilitates have them laser focused on writing!

Yes, Count Me in, Jonathan!
Please Give Me Instant admittance to

10 Minute Articles!
I cant wait to secure my hands on this incredible offer for only $27.

Once my order is processed by using your secure online form, I will instantly be redirected to a download page. I can start implementing the 10 Minute Article System right away.

I understand that I am protected by your Rock Solid, Ironclad Bulletproof 60-Day Guarantee.

Turbo bill Your Article Writing

and Propel Your web Business to the Next Level!
With the 10 Minute Article System,
You will say goodbye to writers block forever.

You will forget what it felt for instance to wonder what you were going to write about.

You will understand that when you want an article, it will only have 10 short minutes.
I recently showed the 10 Minute Article System to another marketer and he told me I would be crazy to bill less than $77 for a system that saves 40-50 minutes EVERY HOUR! For now, Im keeping the price low, but if you leave this page because you want to think about it, the low $27 price tag might possibly be gone forever when you come back. You snooze, you lose.
Lets do the job together to have your article writing to ranges you never dreamed possible!
To Your Success,

Jonathan Boettcher
P.S. Using the 10 Minute Article System, you will effectively banish writers block, wiping out the have for creativity in your writing, and learn to write articles in 10 minutes or less. Guaranteed.
P.S. If for any reason with all youre not satisfied, Ill give you a complete refund within 60 days of your invest in date. No pesky questions asked.

Cut My Article Writing Time along Drastically
Jonathan just made my lifespan a whole lot easier. Writing articles just takes me too much time and is something I really dread. Not anymore!
In Jonathans 10 Minute Article System I learned how to cut my article writing time along drastically from the 1 hour it now takes me. I can see where I will be able to trim that time along perhaps even more using his very step-by-step system. Really helped me to secure focused. Lots of terrific ideas and pointers are spread throughout the ebook that you will find helpful.
If you are looking to secure into article marketing you will find this ebook a terrific resource you will not want to be without. very good job Jonathan!
terrific bonuses!
~Robert Oliver

Give Me Instant admittance to the

10 Minute Article System!

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10 Minute Articles System

10 Minute Articles System

10 Minute Articles System

10 Minute Articles System
10 Minute Articles System

10 Minute Articles System

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10 Minute Articles System

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