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Adrian Gee

The t8 Transform your life
in 8 weeks.

The art of attracting women.
By Adrian Gee

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My Name is Adrian Gruszka. But since well soon share a brotherhood, you can just call me Adrian Gee.
I am a dating Guru and have been teaching guys how to bag the worlds sexiest women like groceries for the past 3 years. 10s of thousands of guys, week in, week out. Turning their sex life downside up and geometrically transforming their business lives in the process. But let me be clear. I wasnt always the ladies man I am today. In fact, in high school I as the shy type, frequently got laughed at, and used to go out of my way to avoid crowds of people, let alone women.
So fast forward to around June-ish of 2010. Im on this date with an absolute stunner, and things are going decent to start, besides the fact I was sweating what felt like a gallon of hollow-tip bullets. Conversation was awkward and body language even more awkwarder. After about 5 straight minutes of near silence, she finally checks her phone, gets up, and walks away with a smirk on her face as if shes holding in an uncontrollable laugh, and just walks away without even saying a single word to me. I was pretty damn devastated and felt horrible.
But I figured Id shake it off and bounce back. But about a month later on my lunch break, me and my co-worker saw her at another restaurant with a cooler guy and immediately, my heart sank. They sat about a table away from us, and with every joke he told, and the proceeding whaling laugh that followed from her pretty little voice box, I just felt smaller and smaller as a man. Thoughts running through my head, damn, hes really that much cooler than me.. Wow, Im a loser.. After being asked by my friend about 5 times, Dude, are you ok? I finally got up, plate not even half finished, and left to go back to work.

Imagine if you could wake up, get out of bed, get dressed, and proceed to go out into the real world and have any beautiful, sexy woman you want itching to talk to you


I got online, and feverishly began studying all the great pickup artists such as Mystery, Neil Strauss, JT Tran and plenty others until I couldnt stuff my brain anymore. I was now programmed to master the art of dropping panties without me even asking. Programmed to the extent of a German Shepherd guard dog that goes from statue to full fanged snarling at even the slightest perceived threat to its owner. So Im now programmed. Hard wired. Determined to become a Pick-Up Master or Die trying.

Now at this point, I start going out in the field daily and steady practicing my new hobby on real chicks. I start going up to random beautiful women, trying different approaches, and taking the success notes back to my lab like a mad scientist. Tweaking the formula, improving the formula, perfecting the madness.
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Imagine all the work that goes into creating a new cure for a disease. All the field tests and clinical trials and that is the level I was doing this maniacal research on. And listen, Im not afraid to admit it: Was I Rico Suave or Casanova my first week out? Hell no. I got rejected more than a midget trying to get on the worlds most dangerous roller coaster ride.

But I took the beating and embarrassment on the chin and with all the studying and programming I did, I wasnt discouraged and just kept on learning, interacting, and testing out thousands of methods on my new prey: Beautiful women. After about 4 years of total research and real-world interaction, I eventually conquered what is every mans definition of unbridled bliss: I mastered the art of pickup and now am here to share all my knowledge to the World.

So yeah, growing up shy like I did has its benefits. Im humble, not a narcissist, and still have the desire to see others do well, rather than keep all the secrets I learned to myself. Seriously, the only joy that comes close to me finally conquering my deepest fears with women and now flourishing in them, is helping other guys who had it bad off like me get on track, and thats why Im here. Theres so many obstacles to meeting and keeping a new beautiful woman and Im here today to teach you what youve never been taught in life.

How much different would your life be right now if you had an excellent teacher? Just think about it. Seriously think about it. They have a class in school for pretty much everything else youre going to need to be successful in life, right?
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They have economics classes to teach you about money so you dont go broke. Classes on how to cook so you dont go hungry. A class on physical fitness so you dont get fat and die of an early heart attack and I could go on and on. Hell, they even have classes talking about men who lived 400 years ago and who have no bearing on your current personal life. But due to political correctness, they dont teach you a damn thing about the most important factor in any mans entire life: How to be good with women.

But thats why Im here. F*#K political correctness. My friend, think about all the obstacles you face on how to get women if you dont have the proper training: How are you supposed to know how to date women outside of your social circles, like school? Or, how are you supposed to compete with 20 other guys who are hitting on one beautiful chick every single day? If your self-esteem isnt so great due to your lack of beautiful women, how the hell are you supposed to have the confidence to get big job promotions? To be ultra-successful at business and live a happy personal life?

Did the bozos who developed the school curriculums not think of this when they were busy trying to teach us about something that happened 400 years ago in history class? History is just that. History. So how in gods name is it going to help your future? The bottom line is: due to our school systems not having all your lifes needs in mind, you suffered, I suffered, but now Ive gone through the amazing process to learn all the things Ive learned. The 4 years, the countless hours. So now instead of getting a boring, pointless History Lesson, Im going to give you a Future Lesson, and teach you how to open the flood gates to a ton of beautiful women in your near future.
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And to do that, my friend, I have taken the time to meticulously craft the one and only T8 system. A comprehensive system I created that is guaranteed to transform the way you attract and interact with women in just 8 weeks. Now let me give you just a glimpse of what all is included in this World Class System:

47 powerful video lessons thatll help you nab any woman you want, anytime you want
Youll get 22 field demonstrations where I actually show you first hand interactions with women and how you can apply the same secret strategies and approaches.
Ill teach you how to attract women even if youre not the best looking guy around.
Youll learn the #1 things women are attracted, and ultimately how to be an attractive guy, while still staying true to yourself and not changing your personality.
This system will give you the juice you need to finally meet beautiful women outside of your social circles.
I specially created the T8 system as a self-development program, not only to help you with your dating life, but to also transform your personal and business life as well.
I will teach you how to destroy Approach Anxiety forever. Before you know it, youll be walking up to ANY woman in ANY setting as easily as you take out the trash.
Ill teach you how to SUCCESSFULLY approach women, including certain routines and openers that will give you a killer conversion rate.
Ill give you the blueprint you need on how to go on a first date without embarrassing yourself.
I methodically break down the art of seduction, and how to transition into getting physical, without creeping her out and having her block your number
In the T8 system, I go over the Big 3: the #1 thing a woman looks for in a guy, the least important thing that matters to a woman and the #1 thing women absolutely HATE in a man.
Youll learn exactly how to master the Phone Game, learn the REASON she stopped responding to you, and have her blowing up your phone all over again.
Ill show you how to build an emotional connection that will get the girl HOOKED on you, and make her keep coming back for more.
I make sure to teach you how to demonstrate your value and stand out from the last 20 guys that approached her.
Ill show you how to capture her heart the right way, without even saying a word.
Ill break down different ways of actually KEEPING HER in your rolodex, after youve initially got her attention.

60 day money back guarantee - no questions asked.

I do understand that every financial decision you make should be a smart one so Im going to make this one a no brainer that you dont even need to think twice about. If for any reason and thats any reason at all, you feel the T8 System doesnt give you the best chance to grab any beautiful woman that happens to cross your path; you have 60 days to request a full refund.
Thats a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked. Im sure youve heard the saying before, Put your money where your mouth is, well, Ive decided to do just that. Literally.
Simply follow the steps & lessons provided in this system, and I literally guarantee results. Guarantee. So you literally have nothing to worry about. I put my money where my mouth is so you can get chicks worry free.

With everything mentioned, This is only scratching the surface of all the skills and knowledge you will gain in just 8 weeks with the T8 System.


Adrian gee
I crafted this system for ONE specific reason and ONE reason only: to help guys like you find companionship, casual sex, or even love, and hopefully Ive answered all your questions via the video but if you do have any additional questions about The T8, simply contact us.

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Adrian Gee – The T8: Transform your dating, business and personal life today!

Adrian Gee – The T8: Transform your dating, business and personal life today!

Adrian Gee – The T8: Transform your dating, business and personal life today!

Adrian Gee – The T8: Transform your dating, business and personal life today!
Adrian Gee – The T8: Transform your dating, business and personal life today!
Adrian Gee – The T8: Transform your dating, business and personal life today!

Adrian Gee – The T8: Transform your dating, business and personal life today!

Adrian Gee – The T8: Transform your dating, business and personal life today! Release Video

Adrian Gee – The T8: Transform your dating, business and personal life today!

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