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AMP-ed - Look Like an Athlete... Lift Like a BEAST! How To : Look Like an Athlete... Lift Like a BEAST!
Signature AMP-ed Performance Bodybuilding protocol allows you to unlock the true power of your bodies most ANABOLIC metabolic pathways for freaky fast gains in explosive strength and athletic muscle mass, all while getting you as shredded as a pro bodybuilder.
The Only Question IsCan You Handle It?

Whats up meathead?!
If you want to become a complete stud in the gym with more muscle, less belly fat, the strength of Hercules and the power of an elite athletethen keep reading. This might be the most important piece of information you come across today.
You see, for years Ive been training guys to get big, strong and athletic. But recently, Ive come across something at my gym here in Florida that has the skinniest dudes transforming into walking mountains of muscle.
But thats not all... These same guys are also burning fat and developing freakishly conditioned physiques at the SAME TIME!

Youll Become Freakishly Strong While Developing Explosive Athleticism...
Ive also tested this protocol on the regular joe with a family, job, and the stress of every day life, and the results are even MORE NOTICEABLE on them...Why? Because its piling LEAN and ATHLETIC muscle on their frames at rates that are even faster than the newbie gains we all loved when we first started to workout.
Not just that, but theyre also doubling their bench press, squat, and deadlifts, while being able to move faster and more explosively than they did in their late teens and early twenties. But the best part, theyre doing this while dropping their body fat to levels that allow them to show off a more chiseled physique and OWN the attention of any woman lucky enough to be around them when ripping off their shirt.
So whats the secret?
Well Ill get to more of that in just a second. First, let me introduce myself.
My name is Chandler Marchman. A lot of my friends call me Mandler, but you can just call me Coach.

I Wasnt Always This Lean, Athletic, and CONFIDENT...

I had no attention paid to me from girls. I was unconfident when playing sports, and ultimately had little sense of self-esteem or self-worth..
As a matter of fact, I can close my eyes to this very day and remember the single most embarrassing and soul crushing point of my life. It was the day I discovered that I was the ONLY guy in my class not invited to the end of year party that was being thrown by the girl that I had a huge crush on. That moment stings to this day, but it set off a fire in my belly that propelled me straight into the gym for that entire summer.
I did everything by the book when it came to training and diet over that summer and saw crazy results.That first day of school the next year, I was different. I went from short, weak and chubby to the strongest, most jacked, and well conditioned athletic machine in my class..
Now this improved my self-image and confidence, but there was a problem
I was so strict with my training and diet, that I missed my freedom. You know, freedom to hang with your friends, eat pizza, go out and enjoy some drinks
This problem led to what I call Phase Two : How to "Have Your Cake and Eat It Too"
Ultimately I had to create a plan that would allow me to keep seeing gains in the gym without sacrificing the moments in life that everyone should enjoy.
And thats what brings me here today.
I want you to realize you can train smarter with less time in the gym and eat like a normal person, yet look and perform like an absolute beast!

This Was The Beginning Of AMP-ed...
You see, the secret to transform your body into granite with explosive athleticism is to train everything at once.
Now most "scientists" will say thats wrong, but if you look at those guys, theyve never lifted a weight in their life.
Listen, your body is an amazing machine. It will adapt to anything you throw at it, which is why theres a problem with most traditional programs.
Theyre TOO regimented and routine.
See, you have multiple energy pathways that your body provides you with to build muscle, get strong, burn fat, and even develop freakish athleticism . Most people label these pathways simply as your "METABOLISM". The thing is, most programs out there dont know how to navigate these different pathways in order to trick your body into the response youre looking for from your workouts. Theyre forcing your Metabolism to work against you, instead of for you.
So whats the trick?
Discover how to train the RIGHT Pathways, at the RIGHT time!

Turn Your Body Into A Powerful Machine...
Thats why if youve been struggling to see results, Im willing to bet youre OVERTRAINING in the wrong pathway, and not training HARD or SMART enough in the two anabolic pathways. Which means youre currently missing out on pounds of untapped athletic muscle mass and brute strength, while not burning NEAR as much body fat as you should be.
So what are these 3 metabolism types? And how can you learn to manipulate them immediately to build more of the strength and functional muscle mass you want, while also stripping away body fat to reveal that athletic conditioned look? Im glad you asked!

Metabolism #1

ATP-CP System: Jet Fuel

This is the first form of energy metabolism youll tap into during your training. Think of it like jet fuel. Its the most powerful fuel you have at your disposal in the gym. Nothing comes close to it. It allows you to lift heavy, fast and explosive. But this type of fuel only lasts for a few seconds. It has to be constantly replenished by the ATP-CP system.
Think of the ATP-CP system as your bodies backup jet fuel generation reserve, which gives you the much needed boost to keep pushing during heavy sets and explosive movements. Having this "reserve" allows you to tap into more and more of your most powerful Type II muscle fibers that are responsible for explosive strength and athletic muscle gains.
The really cool thing here is that when you understand how to hack this metabolism type, youll be able to INSTANTLY increase both size and explosive strength by a staggering 33% just because of the increase in muscle fiber activation. Bottom line, this is the zone thats responsible for you being to look like a BEAST...and lift like a BEAST!

Metabolism #2

Glycolytic System: Regular Unleaded Fuel

After youve used up all of that jet fuel from the ATP-CP system, the next line of defense is the muscle building energy we receive from the Glycolytic System. This fuel source allows you to pump out longer sets that trigger rapid and dramatic gains in your muscle size, shape, and density. This is the zone that most bodybuilders train in. Now what I love about this fuel source, is the endurance component.
Recent studies point to long time under tension sets that are fueled by this metabolism type being responsible for releasing the MOST amount of the powerful anabolic hormones hGH and Testosterone. But youll need to have a high pain tolerance to push your body into the depths of this metabolic pathway if youre going to get the best possible results from it...My only question is, can you handle it?

Metabolism #3

Oxidative System: Slow and Steady Fuel

This is your last line of defense before complete muscle failure, but the WORST one to rely on. Why? Well, if your desire is to be able to pull off a lean, powerful, and athletic physique...this metabolism will break down and DESTROY all of the gains youve worked so hard for in exchange for fueling the remainder of the set youre finishing up. The reason why is its negative effect on anabolic hormone production.
Essentially, in an effort to fuel the exercise youre doing (that at this point wont deliver any of the results youre looking for), the ATP your body needs to fuel muscular contraction is being provided by the Oxidative Zones action of breaking down lean muscle tissue. What makes this even worse is that not only is your existing muscle tissue being cannibalized, but in an effort to send your body into "survival mode" your body will produce a massive surge of Cortisol that forces it to hold onto and actually store (instead of burn off) your existing body fat. Bodybuilders on steroids get away with it because well...theyre on steroids...but guys that arent will experience rapid drops in size and strength, while starting to store more body fat. None of which is what we want!.
Bottom line, training too much in this metabolic zone is where gains in athletic size and function will go to die! Its guaranteed to put you in the dreaded "No Show AND No Go" zone that nobody wants to be a part of...

Train In These Metabolism Zones for MAXIMAL GAINS in Lean and Athletic Muscle

Now if you truly want a head-turning transformation, keep reading because what you just read about your bodies metabolism and what that means to your training is just heating up!
Now, heres where things get really interesting and kind of controversial. While training all of these athletes and regular joes, and analyzing how each of them responded to different training for each specific metabolism type, I discovered a common theme amongst all of them. Before they had come to me for help, they had all been making 3 major mistakes that I now know were the major reasons why they had all been struggling to see any real changes in their physique and their overall lifting performance. The truly remarkable finding was that once we altered their training to better support each of the two ANABOLIC metabolism zones, their physiques and their lifts took off! Im telling you right now, science, research, and the results that Ive seen first hand should tell you that what has worked for them...will also work for you.

Its been proven that lifting heavy on your bodies most anabolic lifts will transform you into a massive, muscular, and powerful athletic machine. But you see, when youre performing the major ANABOLIC lifts, you need to actively lock down and recruit more of your bodies muscle tissue. Most guys dont understand or know how to cue up all of the supporting muscles in their body to execute these lifts, which robs them of functional strength and athletic size gains.
For example, when you bench press, most fail to recruit their lats, traps, hips, glutes, low back, even their calves for maximum drive and power. Without proper execution, you could lose up to 30% of your potential power.
But if you DO recruit them, be on the look out for brand new personal lifting records coming your way every week! Yea, this component to lifting has that powerful of an effect.

Anabolic Priming Work
Simple concept here. If you are able to recruit more of the muscle fibers that make up your muscles and that are currently being lazy and under-stimulated, youll be able to force rapid gains in both size and power! And with the daily training sequences youll put your body through inside every AMP-ed workout, thats exactly what will happen! Only this wont just be "blocky" or "bulky" muscle mass.
Nope! This will be lean, powerful, and athletic muscle that will allow you to dominate every one of your lifts inside the gym, be functional enough to do the same in a pick up game of basketball or football, and allow you to strip your shirt off at the beach and show off an athletic physique that every woman will go crazy for!

Traditional cardio will turn you into a little girly man. Think about it for a second Whose some of the most jacked, ripped, powerful men on this earth? NFL Athletes. Specifically running backs. Theyre the perfect combination of speed, power and hulking muscle.
Now heres a little secret about their training you might not have known
These guys perform ZERO traditional cardio to get in shape . In fact, most of their workouts stay far away from anything resembling cardio. Now flip the coin and look at a marathon runner. Tell me, who would you rather look like?
Besides, researchers have found traditional cardio can cause your testosterone levels to crash faster than a brick falling from a 10-story buildingAnd testosterone is something you want. Its responsible for your sex drive and ability to pack on muscle. Basically, its the one hormone in your body that will transform you into a lean, powerful, and athletic muscle freak faster than

Performance Fat Loss Training
Instead of doing hours upon hours of traditional cardio on the treadmill, stationary bike, or elliptical machine, which wont burn fat, but thrusts your body quickly into the dreaded catabolic "Oxidative Zone", you need to transition your body into the "Performance Fat Loss" zone.
Fueled primarily by the Glycolytic Metabolism, this type of high octane weak point training is the REAL secret behind why so many of the professional athletes you see on tv and in magazines are so shredded and muscular while being able to still perform at high levels of speed and explosiveness.

If you want to get ripped while building athletic muscle and bone crushing strength, you need to train according to your goal and even more importantly the metabolic zone that best matches up with that goal. But, theres a problem with this.far too many lifters get in the routine of making their workouts "too routine". Theres NO sense of change or variation.
If youre trying to build lean, powerful, and athletic muscle tissue, but always use the same exercises, with the same weights, and the same old "3 sets of 12 reps" or "5 sets of 5 reps" formula...your body will adapt and no longer be FORCED into growing the way you want it to. Commonly known as the dreaded Plateau.
When you mix it up with different exercises, weights, and set/rep schemes inside your routine, you will force your body to constantly adapt to NEW stimulus. The result? Faster, Better, and more Consistent gains in the athletic and shredded muscle tissue youre attempting to build. Get this right and its like a transformation switch gets turned on inside your body that forces insanely fast and dramatic levels of athletic muscle growth and even fat loss.

Forced Adaption Training
If lack of variation and goal specific metabolism training is the problem, then the solution is actually quite simple! By utilizing the constantly changing systematic weak point training method that Ive outlined for you inside every AMP-ed workout routine, youre going to be able to force your body into a state of "chaos" and "confusion" that it responds to by developing the bigger, stronger and more conditioned muscle thats necessary to deal with the constant stress that youll be putting it through inside the gym on a daily basis.
Bottom line, youre gonna be putting the full court press on your body, and its natural survival response will result in more athletic muscle gains, and a rapid loss in body fat percentage.

How Can AMP-ed Training Be So Powerful?
Real Simple. We break it down into 3 daily training phases that FORCE your body into an ANABOLIC response.

Each one of these phases will be completed in every AMP-ed workout you do. Again, were bending the power of what science has revealed to us about training inside the RIGHT metabolism zones for YOUR particular goals.
And when the RIGHT ones are trained in the RIGHT way multiple times per week, youll create a synergistic effect that will enable you to have your body start working as one strong and powerful unit, and literally FORCE it to transform into the ripped and athletic physique that youve worked so hard for.

Heres What A Sample Training Day Inside AMP-ed Will Look Like
Anabolic Priming Phase

Module 1: AMP-ed Dynamic Warm Up
Youll start every training day using this advanced movement prep and muscle activation warm up so that you can put your body in the perfect position for maximal gains in size, strength, and muscularity every time you hit the gym.

Module 2: C-4 (Corrective Core Conditioning Circuits)
In order to build athletic and powerful abs & obliques, you have to train them like an athlete! These powerful and challenging core circuits wont have you showing off a tighter and more shredded up midsection, but give you levels of core strength that rival any fighter or NFL athlete!

Module 3: XM (X-Plosive Movement Circuits)
One of the tricks to lifting and moving more explosively is to get your body to adapt to contracting muscle tissue at faster rates. Thats exactly what these explosive movements will help you accomplish. Not only that, but they will also help to excite your nervous system so that you can recruit even MORE muscle fibers for greater and faster explosive muscle gains.

Muscle Maximizer Phase

Module 4: Anabolic Lifting
Once youve recruited all of your muscle fibers, and engaged your nervous system to prime your body for maximal results, the next step in the transformation process is to take full advantage of this ideal situation and stress those muscle fibers with specific barbell exercises that are proven by science to force the most powerful anabolic response in your body.
And to make sure that you get the MOST size, strength, and power gains possible from these 5 different Anabolic Lifts, youll use our patented Barbell Cheat Codes video coaching portal to guarantee that youre performing them each with laser like precision! Combine these hacks with the constantly changing weights, sets, and rep schemes that youll be put through inside every AMP-ed workout, and youll be building more athletic muscle and freakish strength in a matter of days...not months!

Performance Fat Loss Phase

Module 5: Metabolic Weak Point Circuits
Heres where you will flip on the "fat-loss overdrive" switch, and train for that conditioned and ripped up look that youve always wanted. You wont be doing hours upon hours of boring and muscle killing cardio though.
Youll use a specialized form of metabolic conditioning that increases the strength and endurance of all your major muscle groups, while burning pound after pound of stored body fat (instead of muscle) to fuel it along the way. And the best part of this new Performance Fat Loss protocol? Not only will it allow you to burn tons of body fat that regular cardio has no chance to break down and burn off, but it will dramatically increase the strength and performance of the muscles responsible for bigger and more explosive lifting power during your Anabolic Lifts at the same time!
Ultimately, this is the exact daily training formula Ive used on ALL of the clients Ive trained at my gym, online, and even on myself. And the the results, as you can see below, are speaking for themselves!

How Justin Went From Foster Child To Being a Stud College Football Player & Alternate For The U.S. Olympic Bobsled Team...

Justin came to me desperate to train, but there was a small problem. He couldnt afford it. So I gave him what I call a Gym Scholarship because he busted his butt and was one of the hardest workers.
Well, a few weeks later I discovered the real reason he couldnt afford it. His father was in jail for a white collar crime and his mom was a ward of the state. But you would never know this because he never complained or sulked.
So we began working together...

I put him through the same protocol and system youre reading about on this page and his body transformed practically overnight! He packed on a ton of muscle while developing crazy strength... Turning into a perfectly sculpted high-performance athlete.

But the truly remarkable part of this transformation was that during the entire year long process I had worked with his, it turns out he had a younger brother who was in the exact same situation as he was. Young, athletic, and hungry for some life altering change. This added adversity to his life didnt hold him back pushed him forward! He put his own future on hold for the sake of his brothers. While still training his tail off with me for one solid year, he managed to hustle working different odd jobs and saved enough money to hire the legal representation he needed to lift his brother out of fostercare and become his legal guardian.
Heres where things get crazy. While Justin was still stilling training hard, and putting his own college and athletic career on the back burner, his brother had managed to achieve the dream that they had both envisioned...He received a full scholarship to an Ivy league school and a feature roll on their football team as a tailback. Justin had fulfilled his brotherly duty. Now it was HIS turn!
With his brothers future now completely taken care of, Justin then decided to set his sights on his OWN athletic career.
And he didnt waste any time doing so! First on his to do list was play big time division one football. So he enrolled at the University of South Florida, survived final walk on cuts, and crushed it as fullback and special teams player. The field wasnt the only place he separated himself from the competition though. In the weight room, he set nearly every USF record for lifting and even one in his vertical jump! That wasnt enough though. His next goal was to be an Olympian. So we doubled down on his training and after submitting his test numbers to the USOC (United States Olympic Committee), he received a tryout and later an invitation to be an alternate for the push bobsled team. WHY do I tell you this story? Because it embodies the #1 reason I do what I do.
To help guys like him, and YOU, that truly want to be helped.
So after Justins life-changing transformation, I decided this new and proven Performance Bodybuilding system was ready for the rest of the world to experience as well. Besides the stories pouring out of my gym, I knew guys who wanted to get big, ripped, strong and powerful desperately needed to know about this new transformation method.
I remember back when I was that chubby, short, weakling in high school. The pain and anger I felt. I hated it. I wanted to be strong. I wanted to be powerful. I wanted to be a beast.
So because of this, I decided to write this letter to you. Why?

I want you to have the same success.

Allow Me To Introduce You To AMP-ed

Where Aesthetics Meets Performance!

AMP-Training stands for Aesthetics Meets Performance. Its the only plan, specifically designed to help you transform the way you look, and the way you lift, into being seen as an absolute BEAST! Complete with more lean muscle, raw strength, and the athletic ability to crush it in the gym...and on the beach!
The science of AMP-ed is found in the 3 phase formula that targets the specific metabolic pathways that change your physique in a matter of weeks... not months!
In a nutshell, this AMP-ed Training System will help you flip the script on your bodies metabolism and have it work for you instead of against you! And the true beauty of it is that ANYBODY (regardless of their genetics or experience in the gym) will experience the same level of gains. Whether you JUST want more muscle mass, jaw dropping strength, or to get ripped so that you have more confidence to take your shirt off in front of others, it doesnt matter, this system delivers results!
You wont need to perform marathon style workouts nor do you need to be "hardcore" and eat nothing but tuna and broccoli for every meal. In fact, you dont even need to belong to any fancy gym. All youll need is a barbell, a few dumbbells, and a willingness to role up your sleeves and get to work!
Bottom line, the daily training youll do inside AMP-ed gives you the results you desire and deserve!

Heres Everything Inside The Program...

Component #1

The AMP-ed 12 Commandments


The AMP-ed 12 Commandments are your daily lifting guidelines. Its a checklist of what you need to do inside of the gym before, during, and after every workout. Well cover how to choose your weights, proper intensity levels, how to warm-up, and how to cool down. These guidelines are ones youll use every day to guarantee you get the BEST results possible from any and every workout you ever do.

Component #2

AMP-ed Training Principles


This is the entire training system broken down to show the biochemical relationship between your metabolism and how to train for optimal gains in strength, speed, size, and fat loss. Its what brings balance into the training so you dont have to have a tradeoff when choosing size over muscularity, or muscularity over size and performance.
Its why I call it a "Smart Program", because it reveals your weaknesses (performance and aesthetics wise), then gives you the solution.

Component #3

AMP-ed Barbell Cheat Codes


Now most guys dont know how to properly lift in order to stimulate muscle, strength and crazy explosive power. Im changing all of that with these AMP-ed Barbell Cheat Codes. I take you through each exercise and each workout.
Ive lined up an in depth portal of form lifting and muscle activation hacks that show you exactly how to tweak your Anabolic lifts so you get maximum results in both athletic size and explosive strength. The best part, these video modules are customized for every body type and every level of lifter. No matter where you are right now, Ive got you covered!

Component #4

AMP-ed Training Weeks 1-4 Forced Adaptation Phase


This will be the first training phase inside the system. The purpose of this Forces Adaptation Phase is to build a strong foundation for phase 2 and 3 with a specific focus on conditioning your Anabolic metabolism types so that you can reach your ideal athletic and shredded physique goals.
Hit this phase hard and youll set yourself up for slingshot results.

Component #5

AMP-ed Training Weeks 5-8 Intensity Accumulation Phase


Time to crank things up! In phase 2, youll put your body through some of the most intense workouts of your lifeThis is not for the faint of heart. Dont worry though...if you kill it in Phase 1, then you can easily handle the intensity that youll be introduced to inside the Phase 2 training.
Just make sure your nutrition is on point during this phase for maximum recovery, because the workload we put on your muscle fibers will leave them starving for the nutrition they need to bounce back.

Component #6

AMP-ed Training Weeks 9-12 Chaos Phase


This is your last phase in the entire program. Its time to give it your all in these last few weeks for amazing resultsand youll have to during The Chaos Phase. This is where we take things up a notch just one more time.
We add volume AND intensity at the same time, hence the name. Again, this is not for the faint of heart. But if you get through this phase, youre going look like, and perform like, and absolute BEAST!

Inside Youre Also Going To Discover...

Got juice? Youll learn the secret sauce of AMP-ed training that has physique coaches and athletes begging to workout at my gym here in Florida...
The MANDLER theory of program design and how to use it during your workouts for crazy strength gains
Want to look like a beast but perform like an athlete? Use this 3-phase formula and youll transform into a lean and mean athletic machine in 12 weeks or less
Discover the D.E. method elite Olympians and world class powerlifters use to build superhuman strength, explosiveness, and athleticism (the crazy thing about this method is that it takes less than 7 minutes to do)
My Brick Sh*t House Conditioning trick that skyrockets your fat-burning metabolism so you build muscle, burn fat and become a nutrient partitioning machine
The #1 most overlooked form of training(get this wrong and your results will suffer at the end)
My 4-minute "Anabolic Priming" method that sets your body up for the best workouts of your life while you increase mobility, strength and explosiveness
A simple breathing technique that can actually help you lift more weight.
The C-4 Training Concept that plugs up "leaks" in your body, fixes your posture AND develops a ripped

If you want more explosiveness within minutes, then youll love my XM SETS that get your body primed and ready to move at maximum speed
How to activate 87% more muscle in less time using these "cheat codes" that only the most informed lifting coaches in the world are privy to. Once you have these, in just minutes youll know the secrets to adding stacks of dense, ripped, and powerful muscle mass faster than ever before!
Looking to bench big weights? Get my 5 part coaching cues where I break down the lift and how to set up for maximum poundages
Got a sticking point in any of your Anabolic lifts? Dude, I got you covered to blast through any plateau you may be experiencing
Why traditional cardio should be left for the girls...and how to train so you get 3x the fat-burning results in half the time
How to have your cake and eat it too...literally...without adding a single inch of belly fat
How AMP-ed Training can stimulate your metabolic rate for up to 48 hours post exercise (this is why sprinters are ripped and long distance runners are not)
How to burn more calories POST WORKOUT sitting on the couch than the guy slaving away on the treadmill
The truth about H.I.I.T. training and how when done RIGHT, its far superior to traditional cardio for burning up fat in your trouble areas
Plus much more...

Look Like A Beast And Perform Like An Athlete...

You see, I remember what it was like all those years back to be small, fat and weak. I hated not having any confidence and I hated how I looked.
I wanted to be strong and fast . I wanted to go into any gym, train like an animal and look like a freak.
Listen man, if youre feeling stuck, lost, hopeless and out of shape
If you feel like youre getting nowhere in the gym with your physique
If you believe your genetics arent cracked up for this training game
Then you need the AMP-ed Training system.
I specifically developed this entire transformation system for the average guy at the gym who wants to look better with his shirt off
As well as for those who want to match their new physique gains with the dominating levels of strength, stamina, and explosiveness that every top tier athlete has.

This is for the guy who is sick and tired of getting no where in the gym. Who wants to become elite. Who cares about looking great at the beach or pool, but also can use his new body for form and function.
And the best part is you dont need to be a slave in the gym for hours per day. All you need is a few times per week and 100% commitment. Thats it.
Now some of the great things youll experience with the AMP-ed Training system, besides more muscle is crazy increases in strength. Why? Because youll be properly training in your bodies most Anabolic metabolism zones during each workout. When this happens, your body works the way it was designed. A top notch, efficient machine capable of anything.
But thats not all

Your Metabolic Rate Will Skyrocket...

We have guys here at my gym who always believed they had a slow metabolism, who are now ripped and shredded. And thats while eating carbs and enjoying cheat meals like pizza and ice-cream. Its truly remarkable what this jump in your metabolic rate will allow you to get away with!
Besides that, youre also going to become more explosive. Youll walk around feeling like superman. Able to do or deal with anything that comes your way. And people will take notice
Especially when your body turns into a walking monument resembling the classic, powerful, and chiseled Ancient Greek statues.

Women Will Be Drawn To Your Physique, New Confidence, And Charisma...

In fact, I read an article just the other day showing the type of body women prefer. And you know what? The hottest chicks liked the look that AMP-ed will give you. Big, strong, and powerful looking the ideal athletic body!
Maybe its an evolutionary trait inside the female mind that convinces her youre the one to be withthat you can protect herI dont know. But Ive seen how the lives of some our test subjects changed, and you wont believe the amount of tail they now get.
Because at the end of the day, you can, and deserve to have it all. Performance AND Aesthetics!

The AMP-ed Training System Is The Only One Of Its Kind...

AMP-ed Training wont just force insane gains in lean and powerful muscle mass...but will turn your body into a virtual athletic machine! Youll be capable of performing athletic feats of strength while looking like a stage-ready bodybuilder.
No other program is able to transform you into a BEAST quite like this. Nothing. Ive searched high and low before putting this together. If you want traps up to your ears, thick arms, a barrel chest, then keep reading
Because I consider this a special time in history. If you wanted to learn these principles in person, youd have to pay upwards of $140 per hour 2x per week for the next 12 weeks. That comes out to an investment of $3,360.
And plenty of guys, both young athletes and everyday men paid that for me to coach them through the AMP-ed Training system. And you can tooif youd like. However, I have a 5 month waiting list at the moment to get into my facility and its growing every week.

You Will Become Strong, Powerful, And the Center of Attention in EVERY Room Youre In...

However, because youre here today, you wont have to pay anywhere near that amount I charged my personal clients.
Over the last year, Ive perfected the AMP-ed Training system to the tune of thousands of hours and 300 pages worth of notes. Ive calculated each workout for each test subject, recorded their lifts, their experiences, and their results.
Now, the original program was much more complicated and technical. I didnt want to leave any stone unturned with our test subjectsand you could tell by their results.
But overtime, Ive been able to condense everything and rip out all the fluff. Giving you only the meat and potatoes and proven principles that work REGARDLESS of your genetics.

Now Im Willing To Bet I Know A Few Things About You...

Youre willing to work hard and put time and effort into the gym
You want faster results
And you want to be sure that youre using the BEST training methods that WONT break the bank...

Thats why today, I want to give you the deal of the century. You see, Im not a wealthy guy.
Ive had to work hard for everything. Borrowing money to go to school and opening my gym on credit cards was a scary ordeal.
So I know what its like to want something so bad that youre ready to jump, yet have fear and doubt holding you back.
Well my friend, today I refuse to let you feel like thatThats why you wont have to pay anywhere near the amount I charge personal clients to go through this system. Nope. In fact, you wont even have to pay 10% of that original price.

Regular Price:


Todays Price:


and its all yours...

Build an AMP-ed Physique Today

And just to sweeten the pot for you and to experience the most rapid, visual, amazing transformation, Im going to include these 3 fast-action bonuses.

Bonus #1

"ARM-ed": Advanced Recovery Methods

The secret to rapidly changing your body is your ability to rapidly recover from your workouts. The growing is never done inside the gym, its done outside the gym.
With this list of advanced recovery methods that will put your body in a far more Anabolic state, youll discover the tricks and techniques the pros use that allow them to workout harder and longerWhile giving them faster results.

Bonus #2

Charged: Advanced Intensity Techniques"

If you feel like kicking it up a notch during one of your workouts inside AMP-ed, youll love this bonus. Inside of "CHARGED," Ill reveal my most advanced training principles that force new adaption in your body daily.
This is perfect if youre stuck in a dreaded lifting, muscle building, or fat-loss plateau, and need to shock your body into new found gains.

Bonus #3

"101 Ways to Get SWOLE"

Youre going to love this...A list of 101 tips from the industry leaders in the field of exercise science, powerlifting, bodybuilding and nutrition. Inside youll discover a wealth of information designed to take your body from ordinary to extra-ordinary.
This is my personal favorite and a resource I tend to visit time and again for a change of pace in my own training.

Your Body And Life Will Transform

Right now youre faced with two options.
Option 1 is to absolutely nothing. You can keep training and staring at the mirrorhoping to see brand new muscle. But in reality, your body will look the same month after month, year after year. It will never get bigger or more cut. Your strength will stay the same on all your big Anabolic lifts and your performance will suffer the start of a new sentence, you dont know how to train properly or put your body in more athletic positions. Its that simple.
You need to train according to your goals. Especially if you want to be able to show off the body of a Greek God, but match it with equally as impressive levels of functional strength and athleticism. Listen man, Id hate for you to keep wasting your time in the gym, spending money on useless supplements, and continuing the daily grind without even a hint of getting the results you want. Ive personally been through that and dont want ANYBODY to have to fight through those tough times like I had to. Why?

Because you have option 2

The choice thousands of now proud athletes and average Joes have made and thats invest in the AMP-ed Training system. Most have said its the best decision theyve ever made for their physique.
Finally, youll achieve the results you desire while crushing your personal bests in the gym. Each week youll pile on more muscle while getting stronger and more ripped. Its like youve tapped into a forgotten genetic element inside of your body that was always there, but dormant until now. And thats the beauty of the AMP-ed Training system.
During each workout, youll target your 2 most Anabolic metabolic zones and manipulate them for your own personal physique gains...Once this happens, your body will have no choice but to increase in size, muscularity, and athleticism.
Now I cant make this decision for you today. However, if you feel hopeless or trapped with no way out, Im opening the door for you on this page to change your life.
Everything is in your hands now. I can only do so much to help. You have to take it upon yourself to walk through the door Ive opened for you on this page. Click the add to cart button below to get started today.

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AMP-ed - Look Like an Athlete... Lift Like a BEAST!

AMP-ed - Look Like an Athlete... Lift Like a BEAST!

AMP-ed - Look Like an Athlete... Lift Like a BEAST!

AMP-ed - Look Like an Athlete... Lift Like a BEAST!
AMP-ed - Look Like an Athlete... Lift Like a BEAST!
AMP-ed - Look Like an Athlete... Lift Like a BEAST!
AMP-ed - Look Like an Athlete... Lift Like a BEAST!
AMP-ed - Look Like an Athlete... Lift Like a BEAST!
AMP-ed - Look Like an Athlete... Lift Like a BEAST!
AMP-ed - Look Like an Athlete... Lift Like a BEAST!
AMP-ed - Look Like an Athlete... Lift Like a BEAST!
AMP-ed - Look Like an Athlete... Lift Like a BEAST!
AMP-ed - Look Like an Athlete... Lift Like a BEAST!
AMP-ed - Look Like an Athlete... Lift Like a BEAST!
AMP-ed - Look Like an Athlete... Lift Like a BEAST!
AMP-ed - Look Like an Athlete... Lift Like a BEAST!
AMP-ed - Look Like an Athlete... Lift Like a BEAST!
AMP-ed - Look Like an Athlete... Lift Like a BEAST!
AMP-ed - Look Like an Athlete... Lift Like a BEAST!
AMP-ed - Look Like an Athlete... Lift Like a BEAST!
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AMP-ed - Look Like an Athlete... Lift Like a BEAST! Release Video

AMP-ed - Look Like an Athlete... Lift Like a BEAST!

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