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How To Boost Your Compatibility And Make Any Man Fall Head Over Heels In Love With You (Even If You Are Not The Perfect Astrological Match!)
Whats the secret to a mans heart?
Whats the key to ATTRACTING and KEEPING that man you want in love with you, and only you?
Well... its speaking his language!
If youre only speaking Japanese and hes speaking Hungarian, you can talk as much as you want but you still wont understand each other.
Whats the #1 reason a man pulls away and closes his heart?
He feels misunderstood.
Its that simple.
The #1 reason relationships fail or never even begin is not speaking the same language.
He feels like youre not a good match. And that youre just not the person he wants to be in a serious relationship with.
UNDERSTANDING him is the key to unlocking any mans heart.
You need to know, not wonder, but truly know whats going on in his heart.
When you KNOW whats going on in his mind, heart and soul... when you know whats he really thinking (without even having to ask)... and how hes really feeling about you. Things suddenly become much, much simpler. He looks at you in another way.

When you learn to Speak his language and talk directly to his heart... You are suddenly able to make him open up to you and tell you how he feels, because he trusts you. You are on the same level, because you are communicating on the same frequency.
And, most importantly: he knows that you truly "get" him. He feels understood, like never before. Like no other woman ever "got" him. Finally heres a woman that really understands him. And you immediately connect spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually on a whole new level!
Would you like to read him like an open book?
Well. Now you can.
Believe it or not You can boost your compatibility!
I had to learn this the hard way... when the man I loved broke up with me. And I had no idea why. It was crumbling, at first, and I never thought I could but I managed to get him back after all.
Today we are happily married and are a family. We have never been happier together.
And it all happened because I finally understood him. I knew what was going on in his mind, how we worked together and how I needed to approach certain parts of our relationship.
I just made a few simple changes in my approach and the results were immediate.
He called me back, we met, and it was a completely new and better relationship, overnight. He said it himself... almost overnight, he fell head over heels in love with me. Our love has never been stronger. All because I could finally read a guy who was like a brick wall.
How did I manage to pull this off?
Well, you might not believe this... but everything changed for me when my aunt, a famous Astrologer in Romania, pulled up my chart and compared it to his. She interpreted every little detail and told me things that were so true about him, I just never understood them before even though these things were right in front of me all along.
My life has never been the same after this. And it lead to my learning of Astrology. I fell in love with the art, and devoted my life to learning everything I could. And more.
In the following years, I returned to visit and study under my aunt, countless times. I attended advanced courses and workshops back home. And I learned so much about astrology directly from a master mentor. At one of the worlds forefront astrological circles. I was mentored by women who have devoted their lives to studying the secrets between the stars.
I found a new purpose in this as I couldnt just help myself but others as well. This then grew into a challenging career helping others better understand not only each other, but themselves too.
As an Relationship Astrologer, I received countless letters from troubled women (and men), who just could not figure out their partner. Ive advised countless women how they too can use astrology to improve their love and relationship, and how self-understanding helps you connect and "click" with him so much more (or even just to attract him to start a new relationship).
Over the years Ive authored many books for women, helping them attract the man they want. And these books proved very helpful to my clients.

But as for myself and my relationship the MOST POWERFUL RESULTS came when I did a full compatibility reading for a client. I have been helping women with their relationships for years, but I couldnt help everyone. Many clients couldnt afford the trip and time to visit me for live consultations.
So I have decide to offer my Zodiac Compatibility Readings now here, on this website.
The only way we can know exactly how YOU and YOUR GUY work together specifically, you and him, is when we compare you charts, and see how you work together.
Thats only possible IF we can look at your CHARTS and then combine, study and interpret them in detail.
The only way we can accurately determine what your next move should be regardless of whether youre looking to get him back, have him propose or bring the fire back into your love, or even if its just about your very first date it doesnt matter! The only way to discover your best next move is by looking specifically at how your two charts work together, how compatible you are and how your PLANETS relate.
This level of accuracy is possible through combining your date, place and exact time of birth with his.
Thats how you can truly understand him and finally learn to speak his language.

Now, even if you dont know his exact time or place of birth, no worries, we can still work our way around that with a few additional questions by working backwards. Either way, studying how your charts work together enables us to DIG DEEP and make much more accurate conclusions and predictions.

So in case...

You are in a tricky situation with this guy,
Youre not completely sure what your next move should be,
You are CONFUSED about his actions (or inactions) in any medium of communication, from text messages to face-to-face conversations,
Youre wondering whether this relationship has a future at all, or whether its even worth pursuing this relationship or not...
Youre worried you might just end up heartbroken or are being played,
You are unsure of how he really feels about you, whether he actually likes you, loves you, or how does he even see you (could this relationship be serious?),
You want to pierce through his shield and SEE who he really is... is he Mr. Right or just Mr. Right Now?,
You want a BULLETPROOF, X-RAY vision of your relationship NO HOLDS BARRED so you can get the ins and outs necessary for PROTECTING your love and saving it from non-compatible segments,
And if you want to see exactly what the stars have in store for you and the man you want,

And thats exactly what Im offering you here today. So read this page carefully, as it can completely change your life and relationship as it has for many other women like you.
Think of this as not just a ROADMAP TO HIS HEART, but once you have your FULL Cosmo Compatibility Reading in front of you... its like having a GPS.
Its like having me hold your hand and go there all the way with you... youre not alone and we have more precise, exact knowledge. A GPS is satellite-connected and gives you the most UPDATED and ACCURATE situation.
Youve got the exact coordinates to his heart. No matter what phase your love is at.
A Full Compatibility Reading is probably the best investment you can make in your relationship.
And thats precisely what Im offering you here today... NEXT LEVEL PRECISION. I personally analyze every aspect of your relationship.
You gain a microscopic view of whats going on between you and that special man in your life.
And not just whats going on, but what you can do to influence and shape your relationships future. Whether its good or bad, thats for you to decide. So you dont just know how to capture THIS guys heart, but where to take it from there.

OR, the case may be that you are simply NOT meant for each other. Even if it may seem as if you were now. If this is, in fact, the case, then your Full Compatibility Reading may SAVE YOU YEARS of frustration, heartache and tears. Not just that, it may SAVE YOU from going into a BAD relationship that BLOCKS your true soulmate from coming along!
This happens to women every day and I dont want it to happen to you! So many women are in the wrong relationship.
Whatever the case may be good, bad or in-between we cant know for sure until we DIG DEEPER and STUDY how your planets work together.
And thats why Im offering you my COMPLETE COMPATIBILITY READING. This is an exclusive, offer, only available on this page. And this may mean the difference between giving your love the chance it deserves, or never making it happen.

Let me show you whats included in todays special offer.
The Complete Anna Kovach Cosmo Compatibility Reading Package
Yes, this is done by me, personally. Its a private reading just for you and your guy. It takes me several hours to completely analyze your charts and do this reading for you.

You will have the most accurate and clear picture of your love with the man you want.
I receive hundreds of emails from clients requesting a reading, and I simply cant manage to help everyone. Thats why Ive decided to package this EXCLUSIVE DEAL that makes it slightly easier for me and so I can lower the price for you.

So heres all you get in your FULL COMPATIBILITY REPORT:

1) Your Exact Compatibility SCORES
First, we want to determine how you and your guy score in 8 different categories. This helps us SEE exactly where your relationship strengths and weaknesses are. We can therefore predict and prevent possible future troubles and figure out what cracks in your love demand more of our attention (because you know its much easier to fix a problem before it actually becomes one).
To start, youll learn exactly how compatible you are in these 8 different categories:

Your Romantic & Sexual Attraction
Similarity of Interests and Temperament
Mutual Success and High Achievement
Problem Solving, Communication and Mutual Understanding
Mutual Kindness, Friendliness, Pleasantness, and Peace
Aggressiveness, Competition, Power, Success, or Violence
Adventurousness, Surprises, Disturbances
Shared Creativity, Imagination, and Inspiration

These scores give us tremendous insight into your personalities. Theyre the foundation of your compatibility. This score helps us PROTECT your love from any not-too-compatible segment that destabilize your love... big or small breaking points that may push him away. And this is especially handy in case you didnt start fully dating, yet... because once we crack his code and see what parts of you he enjoys most then its easy to amplify these to boost his desire of you!
2) Your Cosmo Compatibility Report
Once weve got your exact compatibility SCORES, were ready to DIG DEEP.
In your Cosmo Compatibility Report I put your charts together and study how ALL of your planets communicate and relate. Thats where we see more precisely than ever how you and your man work together. We search ALL your planets for specific clues revealing whats he like, what you are like, what he may like or dislike about you and so much more about what the stars have in store for you and your man. This reading is also known as a synastry chart.
I will personally study and interpret exactly how your charts work together by researching and investigating each chart in detail, and then combine the two. This is all based on many YEARS of successfully practicing and studying Astrology, charts, human relationships, male behavior and psychology.
Without doubt, this is THE MOST in-depth view of how you and your man work together.
And dont worry this wont be in any complicated Astrological language. On the contrary. Your reading is purposely designed to be EASY to understand even for someone that knows little to nothing about the Science behind the stars.
Your report is laid out in a simple, easy to follow style that you can understand at once. We look at each planet, how they correlate for you and your guy. And Ill tell it as it is. No sugarcoating here because the TRUTH is your most potent weapon! I dont want anything to catch you off guard.
When you finish reviewing your Cosmo Compatibility Report, I promise you will know MORE about him (and yourself) than you ever thought possible! Actually, you will probably know more about him and understand him better than HE DOES HIMSELF.
And thats the KEY to forming an emotional connection like no other having every piece of the puzzle put together.
And thats not all you get.
As I told you, we go DEEP. Thats why Ive got even more for you!
3) Analyzing Your Exact Situation
The Stars will tell us a lot by themselves but the only way we can unleash their full power is by knowing where to look. We need to pin-point your current, exact relationship situation. And thats where YOUR STORY comes into play.

How did you two meet? Whats your relationships history? Whats your biggest dilemma? Whats going on right now and what troubles you most? The more we know, the better.
Because details are important. Without them, we dont have a full picture because we dont know where to look for clues.

Your life and relationship situation contains all the clues that help us figure out, based on your stars and your compatibility, whats your BEST next move.
And THIS is what makes my reading truly complete. We dont just study the stars, but your RELATIONSHIP SITUATION and your story as well. From how you met to where you are today. Thats the only way we can gain full clarity and see what course of action best resonates with your compatibility.
Once we combine your stars with your exact situation hes an OPEN BOOK.
And thats exactly what I do for you. I study your situation. You tell me all the juicy details and I calculate those factors into my reading and your Compatibility Report. Together, combined with the power within your charts, we see what the best course of action is, moving forward, running away, or waiting patiently for the chips fall where they may.
But it doesnt stop here.
When you decide to take advantage of my offer now, Ill give youo not one, but 3 FREE BONUSES and I know youll astrolutely love them!
Heres what you get.
FREE BONUS #1: The Athena Numerology Report
To gain an even deeper understanding of speficially your man and his unique personality well take a peak into his numbers.
So whats Numerology and what are the benefits of knowing his numerology?
Numerology is the art of breaking down specific dates and words to their simplest numerical value and interpreting the meaning and intention of that numbers vibration. Were all born with numbers that are specific to different areas of our lives. We have a birth number, a life path number, an expression number, and much more.
These numbers show us the cycle or life path that were on in this lifetime and can be valuable tools in determining relationship compatibility, revealing whether or not two people are headed in the same direction.
For instance, someone whos in a #2 life path cycle is going to be much more inclined to commit in a relationship and needs a partner to share their life with, whereas someone whos in a #5 life path cycle will be reluctant to settle down because of their changeable nature and their need for independence.
The great thing about numerology is that you dont have to know his exact location or time of birth to gain insight into his very specific numerological influences. This is just one more way to gain insight into his personality, and its the perfect way to round out and further validate your astrology report. Combining his name and date of birth will give you so much more information about what hes really like as a person and partner.
Best of all, Im giving you this report at no extra charge.
FREE BONUS #2: Your Guys Birth Chart
Can you imagine how much more youll know about him when you have his unique Natal Chart right in front of you.
Normally, youd could get charged anywhere from $20 to $50 for a report of this kind, but Im adding this to the complete package completely free. I can do this because Im already analysing how you charts work together, so I thought itd be amazing if you can also have a detailed look directly into his birth chart.
Whats his birth chart and whats so great about having his birth chart in front of you?
Your birth chart, or natal chart, is like a cosmic snapshot of your personality and life path created by the positions of the planets and signs at the time of your birth.
Your natal chart can reveal a great deal about your general disposition, as well as where you are headed in life. It shows what personality types you are most likely to make a good match with romantically, and points out where you are most likely to run into relationship issues.
When you have the knowledge of his birth info, you can easily get a good look into who he is and what hes all about. You can determine how compatible the two of you are by comparing your two respective natal charts and how your planets work together which is truly an invaluable tool to have in your love armory.
On top of revealing things about him that can help you better communicate and relate to your guy, having his natal chart in front of you can actually help you to understand your compatibility report better.
Again, Im so happy I can add this to the mix free of charge and make this whole experience even more valuable to you and your guy!
FREE BONUS #3: Follow-Up Consultation
Once I send you your FULL COMPATIBILITY READING in the form of a PDF report, with insights based on your current relationship situation, your Compatibility Score and Cosmo Compatibility (how your charts work together) I know you may still have a question or two, thats OK and thats why Im here.

As a client, you have VIP-level, direct access to me. And Ill gladly help you out with any follow-up question you might have regarding your reading. So you wont be alone and Ill be available to answer any question related to your reading, not just as an Astrologer, but as a fellow female friend, experienced in dealing with all sorts of relationship situations and interpreting the weirdest of signs. And the best part? I wont even charge you for this follow-up consultation. Its a freebie when you decide to order your Compatibility package today.
Let me quickly sum up what youve got in my Cosmo Compatibility Package:

Your Exact Compatibility Scores (your strengths and weaknesses)
Your Cosmo Compatibility Report (also known as a synastry chart reading)
Expert Analysis of Your Exact Relationship Situation (and how it all works together with your Scores and Charts, to solve any urgent relationship dilemma)
The Athena Numerology Report (FREE BONUS #1)
Your Guys Birth Chart (FREE BONUS #2)
Complete Follow-Up Consultation (FREE BONUS #3)

I was thinking a lot about how much would be fair to charge for something of this value.
Any "expert" relationship-therapist or dating coach would charge you several hundred dollars per hour for this type of counselling, without even having a glimpse at your Astrological compatibility, let alone studying and interpreting your charts, compatibility scores and specific situation. And that may even be OK if regular relationship advice always worked, but this is rarely the case. Unlike regular relationship advice Astrology has been around for over 5,000 years, and for a simple reason it works.
My compatibility readings have already helped hundreds of women have the relationship they want, so I dont see why it wouldnt work for you as well. And, as it has for many of my clients this reading can actually change your life. The only one you have.
The good news: considering that this is not a 1-on-1 phone call or Skype sessions, even though you basically get more value... and, considering that designing this package also made it slightly easier for me to fully help you (from a time-management perspective), I am now able to give you this offer at the low price of just $149, and thats for the complete package. Just a one-time payment, no hidden fees, no follow-up fees.
Individually, these would normally cost much more, and I charge my private clients at least 50% more for just getting their charts done. Im able to lower the price for you, while still DIGGING DEEP into how you and your guy work together.
Theres a limit to my time and energy, and, to give each reader a fair chance and more than enough attention to detail, I wont be giving you this offer forever. Right here and right now is the time to decide.
All you have to do is click the yellow "ADD TO CART" button below after filling out the OBLIGATORY fields (plus the optionals) that are necessary for your reading to be done.
Once you fill out the fields and press "ADD TO CART," Youll be directed to CLICKBANKs secure checkout to complete your purchase. Ill immediately start working on your charts and Ill deliver your Cosmo Compatibility Reading within just 48 hours.
My Astrological advice has already helped hundreds upon hundreds of women have the relationships they want and deserve. Now its your turn. Take advantage of this offer because getting your reading can mean the difference between your relationship succeeding... or never even becoming one.
I know this may not be the easiest decision for you to make, BUT I honestly do want to help you. I know how much this reading will mean to you and your man. It can make or break your love.
I have seen the positive impact a full reading does to couples and I cant allow you to leave without it.

So let me ABSORB all the risk for you with my 100% money-back guarantee.

Others might think Im foolish for doing this, but Im ready to give you a full, 100% money-back guarantee on my Cosmo Compatibility Package.
Yes, a full refund. Ive been doing this for so many years now and I know it will help you. Thats why Im doing this in the first place, and unlike any other Astrologer, I will offer this kind of guarantee on my time, because I know youll be absolutely BLOWN away by the new knowledge, insight and understanding you will gain about your man.
So IF you do not find your reading helpful and majorly insightful for your relationship with that man in your life, regardless of whether my advice is to pursue this relationship or not... either way, I still offer you my 60 day, 100% money-back guarantee. Just send me an email within 2 months of your purchase, and Ill refund all your money-back. No questions asked.
And theres no catch. Im doing this because I know you too will be IN AWE by the NEW insights we will discover... not only about that important man in your life, but about yourself as well.

There you have it. Its your call now, youve got nothing to lose by giving this 100% risk-free offer an honest try.
Now the question is Is this man worth pursuing? Is your love worth it?

If your answer is YES then click the "ADD TO CART" button below and give your Love the fighting chance you know it deserves.
No more waiting around, because opportunity has no patience. You are here today for a reason. I urge you to take advantage of this no-brainer, high-value offer immediately by 1) Filling out all your personal data (tell me as much as you know) and 2) clicking the big yellow ADD TO CART button below.
Once I have all your information, Ill start working on your charts immediately and deliver your complete Cosmo Compatibility Package within just 48 hours of your purchase.
Keep an eye out for an email from and EMAIL me if youve got any trouble or follow-up questions directly at or email, where my assistant will notify me about your message.
Heres all the info I need for your Compatibility Reading:


Your Email Address

Your Name

Your Exact Date of Birth

Your Exact Place of Birth

Your Exact Time of Birth

His Name

His Exact Date of Birth

His Exact Place of Birth

His Exact Time of Birth

Not sure? Do you know if he was born in the morning or the afternoon?



Tell me as much as you can about your relationship:

Whats your biggest concern and what would you like to know:

If you dont know everything thats OK, and if I need to know anything extra, Ill email you about it. Just dont forget to enter your correct email address and click ADD TO CART once youre done.
NOTE: Your Cosmo Compatibility Reading Package comes via email in PDF format, within 48 hours, at a one-time charge of just $149.

However you decide today, I hope that my astrological insight will prove as helpful to you as it has to many others.
I wish you all the best of luck and love with that special man in your life!
May the stars be on your side,
Your friend and relationship astrologer,

DISCLAIMER: Anna Kovach is a pen name and brand name of


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Anna Kovach's Compatibility Reading — Boost Your Love Today

Anna Kovach's Compatibility Reading — Boost Your Love Today

Anna Kovach's Compatibility Reading — Boost Your Love Today

Anna Kovach's Compatibility Reading — Boost Your Love Today
Anna Kovach's Compatibility Reading — Boost Your Love Today
Anna Kovach's Compatibility Reading — Boost Your Love Today
Anna Kovach's Compatibility Reading — Boost Your Love Today

Anna Kovach's Compatibility Reading — Boost Your Love Today

Anna Kovach's Compatibility Reading — Boost Your Love Today Release Video

Anna Kovach's Compatibility Reading — Boost Your Love Today

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