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Join 305 Other Aussies As We Build Our Amazon Businesses
Right Now Youre Only 1
Successful Amazon Product
Away From Total Financial

It wasnt meant to be like this
Sue, Mike and I were having coffee at Burke Street Bakery, in Sydney.
It was 10:30am on a Monday and Mike was draining his latte ready to go back to a job he didnt like working in, for a boss who didnt value him and Sue was heading back home where she was picking up some work as a VA
What do you mean? I asked him.
Neil, 10 years ago we knew we had a great life before us, we were ready to take on the world, we had a plan that would see both of us retired by 50 sitting on a beach in the South of France reading books and drinking Ros.
So what happened? I asked
Life happened Neil, I got caught up with day to day bullshit, things that at the time seem like emergencies, but looking back, were just bumps in the road
Sue nodded in agreement,
I got disillusioned, I let my health go, drank a bit more than I should have and we didnt make time for one another
Neil, its easy to look back and see where we would have done things differently. Sue Said
But, it was never meant to be like that, we had hopes and dreams;

my kids in the best schools,
a nice house,
a sports car in the drive,
eating out more,
traveling throughout Europe,
and a bucket list as long as your arm, now it all seems so far away

And now mate, Im tired
Im tired of getting up when Im still half asleep
Im tired of having to say yes when I want to say screw you
Im tired of not having the money or time to do the things I want, no, I deserve to do.
Im tired of seeing the look in my kids eyes when I say, I cant afford it
What the hell happened to me
Where did my life go?
Now all weve got to look forward to is a shitty little pension and more work, probably until were way to old to really enjoy ourselves, and you know what Neil, it sucks.
Hed drained his latte and I could see the quiet desperation in both their eyes
The sad thing is I knew exactly how they felt.
Do you need to go back to work now, or can I tempt you with a mid morning Croissant?
I asked
Well, I should really get back Neil, weve got a lot on and if Im not there the boss will miss me
I have a some client work I should really get done too Neil Sue said
I thought they were going back for sure, in fact Mike got up to leave, then I saw something stir in Sue, some long since felt defiance, the old Sue and Andy was there and Sue told him to order the croissants and she turnedto me, and said
Ok Neil, blow the diet today! and with that Andy went inside to order and I shared something with them that dramatically changed their life.
Ysee right now, I know youre where Sue and Andy were.
You know theres more, but youre not sure how to get it.

The Training Support Is Incredible! Karen

You hear of people making sacks of cash online but youre not sure how they hell they do it or even if its true
Those monthly income figures taunt you, making you feel left behind, like its a brilliant party full of beautiful people that you havent been invited to
Yet if you knew for sure you could make a go of it youd do it in a heartbeat.
Youre smart enough
Youre a hard worker, and when youre shown something new youll do your bloody best to get it right!
So why not you?

I just followed the step by step videos and now my product is on on page 1 of Amazon and Im making sales! Mick Kelly, QLD

It doesnt matter what youre doing now
Im convinced I can show you how to
build an online business that will
give you the life you deserve

How do I know this?
Because Ive been where you are
I used to be a tradie, a chef as it happens.
I was working 16 hours a day, 6 days a week for crazy chefs whose sole purpose in life was to make my life miserable.
I worked for Gordon Ramsy and for Marco Pierre White and I got a thrill out of making things with my hands, and deep satisfaction from knowing Id done my job well.
Why did I choose cooking?
Because I was a bit of a larrikin at school. I left school after year 10 and in my final year I made 35 full days. when I left school, Im sure the teachers popped open a bottle of champagne.
My parents split up when I was 11 and it knocked me for six, I went from straight As to chasing girls full time.
My mum raised me after that and she worked 3 jobs to pay the rent and feed us.
My beginnings were not auspicious to say the least.
Like you Ive had my fair share of ups and downs, Im married with 2 girls but 8 years ago my wife left me and we were almost divorced. I had no idea what was coming, because as far as I knew everything was OK and then, out of the blue, came the Neil Im leaving you chat, talk about a punch in the gut.
I didnt want her to leave. This is not how it was supposed to end! So I made her the best sales pitch of my life. And fortunately, it worked
Are you married? divorced? kids?
I get it
You HAVE to make money, its in our DNA to earn an income and support those that rely upon us, if we dont weve failed.
You know what the fastest way to do that is?
A Business.
The trouble is traditional businesses are dying, its no longer a smart move to buy yourself a franchise such as a Jims mowing business or a cafe.
Besides I think we both know that the initial thrill of working outdoors would quickly fade away and then youre left with a shit load of hard work, and manual labor.
Add to that the fact that you can now buy a robot that will mow your grass and its clear that this sort of business is dead in the water
What about a cafe?
Surely thats a good idea, right?
Well, have you had a look around lately, theres a cafe on every street corner, a cafe cart at every train station and companies like nespresso are doing the same thing to cafes that DVD players did to blockbuster video shops
Killing them.
Whilst youre looking at all those cafes youll probably notice that most of them have replaced more traditional retail shops, in the last 10 years the high street has changed
Shops are closing, why is that?
The simple truth is that people prefer to shop online now
Heres something that that will boggle your mind
According to National Australia Bank, online retail spending in Australia increased by 15 percent, to $17.6 billion, in 2015. This compares to roughly $562 billion for China, the country with the highest e-commerce sales, and to $350 billion for the U.S.
The Australian number may appear small, but Australias population is 2 percent of Chinas. Additionally, Australia has a higher Internet penetration and smartphone usage; more than 90 percent of the population has Internet access.
The e-commerce opportunity in Australia is compelling, as studies show that approximately 30 percent of consumers spend more time shopping online than in a physical store.
So the question is, are you ready to grab your share of the $17.6 billion market?
Because like it or not online shopping is here to stay, and the good news?
The market is growing 15% year on year
So if you want to make money, the obvious choice is to start an online business
But which one? Selling what?
Id like to show you, and yes of course theres something in it for me, but its probably not what you think.

Heres Why Im So Passionate About Sharing
My Unique Online Business Building Systems

The average adult male life expectancy is 80, its 84 for ladies. For this example, lets assume youre a baby boomer. That means you only have 20 or so years left on this planet.Does that sound like a lot of time or very little?
(Im betting if youre actually 50 or older it sounds like very little good time.)
The two things that will take up a majority of those remaining years are work and sleep. How much of your remaining time on this earth do you want to give to your present way of working and making a living?
How much longer do you want to continue telling your spouse, children, loved ones and friends, Im sorry. I just cant be away from work that long or worse still I cant afford it?
How many more times do you want to see that heart wrenching look of disappointment in their eyes?
And the most important question

How much longer do you want to keep delaying
the things you REALLY want to do?

When is some day going to be YOUR day? Dont you want to create a business that will free you from the drudgery thats consuming most of your remaining time on this planet So you can finally enjoy a great lifestyle without financial worries?
Instead of continuing to grind it out, month after month year after year having absolutely ZERO certainty in your business, income and financial future, I want you to consider a different future.
For most Amazon entrepreneurs its possible to predict with 99% certainty your income every month, gross sales, net profits for many months in advance.
This allows you a predictable and steady inflow of money coming in.
When you have a predicatable income its MUCH easier to say YES to family holidays, home improvements, a second home, that nice car youve been promising yourself
Thats what I want for you
And Im going to tell you how to do it, but first youll probably want to know
Whats in it for me?
2 things
Money lets get the elephant in the room out of the way, PRICE
Learning the exact same step by step systems that I use to make $45,000 a month online is currently only $47 month.
That works out to be a ridiculously low investment of only
$1.56 A Day!
Why so cheap?
Consider this, I could charge $4000 for this money making material, like Ive seen some people charge for their courses
If you spent $4000 on a training course thats $4000 you dont have to buy your stock to sell
Thats not smart business.
So, cards on the table, heres my thinking;
Instead of charging $4000 for this, Im letting you have everything you need for just $47 a month.
Youll be able to use your money to buy stock to sell, and become successful.
Once you start selling online, youll think Im a bloody genius!
Youll continue to stay with me as I teach you ways to make even more money
That way Ill build a long term business for myself and my family.
and dont worry, you dont need $4000 in stock, in fact you can get the whole thing started with $200 in stock if you want
Clearly the more you invest in stock the more stuff youll have to sell and the more youll make, but you can start small and build from there.

Heres What I Want You To Do

Follow my step by step plan, build a small online business in your spare time, tell your spouse one of your chores has to wait, youre building something that matters, it doesnt take long to do, before you know it youll be making $100 a day.
I know $100 a day is not going to make you a millionaire, I get it, but just like putting together a piece of Ikea furniture, baking a cake or learning to drive, once youve done it once, you can do it again.

Get Rich Slowly And Steadily

Think about that, building an online business is nothing more than following a set of step by step plans.You follow plans and recipes all the time, youre already good at it!
All were going to do is teach you how to use some new tools and equipment, how to hammer a nail, how to whisk an egg, once you master them youre a few steps away from building a dog kennel or making a souffle, its the same principles.
Reason 2
My dad is 69, Ive watched him humm and harr for 15 years about starting something. He knows time is ticking by, he watches videos on Youtube of people trading stocks and he knows theres more to his life than sitting on the couch watching TV
In the past 3 years hes gotten old, know what I mean?
You see it in his eyes and the way he talks, hes slowly giving up.
It breaks my heart to see and it also makes me double down on my own commitment for something different.
I dont want that for me and I sure as hell dont want it for you!!

The Hardest Part Is Getting Started So Im Going To Walk You Through Your First Steps

You see, the biggest problem that you face is knowing where to start and which steps to take first. So most people never get moving.
Its like inertia, the force that works against you when you push something.
As a new entrepreneur, that same force holds you in your chair
But Im going to show you how to beat that force, and then turn it to your advantage. Imagine a big freight train a kilometer long with 4,000 tons of cargo.
Now it can take three other trains with 4,000 to 6,000 horsepower all pulling together just to get that huge freight train moving. And then it will still take a while for it to get up to speed.
Now for the entrepreneur without a real blueprint for success, getting an online business going can seem just as hard. Thats why so many great people never get started!
But once that freight train does get moving, its almost impossible to stop. In fact, a freight train moving at 70 KMs per hour can take a kilometre or more to stop, even using the emergency brakes!
And just like that freight train, once you really get started in your online business you build momentum. And then its almost impossible to stop you. Im here to coach and pull you through those first steps to get your Amazon business started!
Ill walk with you step by step as you pick your first profitable product, make a business plan, and launch your business on Amazon. Not only that, Ill also be with you all the way through your success. And Ill give you the tools you need to do every single part of your business.
Its very exciting!
Why not set yourself a new goal, how about

Get Started!

Make This Your New Goal = Become Financially FREE In A Year

Notice I didnt say by next month?
Thats because thats not going to happen, and if you think it is then youre dreaming.
Building a business takes time and youll have to dig your heels in whilst you build it, but once its built youre set.
Then youre free;
Free to finally do the thing youve been wanting to do but youve been worried because you werent sure what would happen if you did
Starting a new life
Meeting new people
Finally becoming who you know you are deep down inside.
So how am I going to help you get what you deserve?
Well its easier than you think, once you join my group of Amazon entrepreneurs youll get instant access to the tools and strategies you need to get started.
Im going to give you the step by step plans I use that have enabled me to make a full time living online since 2000

Let Me Show You How I Make $45K A Month On Amazon, Then You Can Copy It!

Amazing community of like minded people all out to help each other succeed, I love it!! Belinda Hall

Heres what youre going to discover

How to choose your market and pick a winning product
How to find a world-class supplier and negotiate like a pro
The fastest way to get your product live and selling online
Time tested ways to create a high-converting product listing and get customer reviews
A simple step by step plan to pick winning products virtually guaranteed to work
What Ive learnt about getting unlimited customers to your product listing
A secret way to get an hours worth of results in just 25 minutes a day
How to create high impact product graphics and a brand that people will go ga ga for!
Clever ways to get Facebook users to buy your products. Simple when you know how
What to do if youre too busy earning a living to get started

Thats quite some list huh, but theres so much more I want to tell you about starting your own business using this amazing online opportunity but I simply dont have room here. Secrets such as

Discover how to systemise and outsource your online business. So youll be able to make money while sitting on white sandy beaches under a tropical sun
Believe it or not, Amazon will pay for advertising to send people to your Amazon products. Costs you nothing. All you need to do is demonstrate one thing Ill show you
Tell-tale signs to look for which reveal you have little or no competition in a niche. Just look for this one thing
The Nike secret that reveals youre in a profitable niche. Allows you to dominate a niche. No need for a big budget
Can you really only work just one hour per week to make $1,500 per month? Yes. No outsourcing. No staff.
The absolute worst way to sell products online. And how to avoid this
Secrets to getting your online business generating sales within 6 weeks. Follow these simple steps
How to remove guesswork when you choose your product niche. Hint; use this FREE tool
Doing the work yourself vs outsourcing who I use, how much I pay them and how I found them
Not very Techy? No worries Ill show you how to do everything step by step

Im excited to share these money making ideas with you as an Aussie Online Entrepreneur and as I said, Ive got a crazy low price for you of just $47 a month (cancel anytime)

Aussies Just Like You Are Doing This

Ian Knabel
Nundah, QLD
The training is first
rate, within 5 weeks I
had my product live
online and I
was making sales!

Belinda Hall
Orange, NSW

The support is simply
fantastic, I could not
be happier with my
decision to join

Tim Ryan
Perth, WA

I made $4993.05
seven weeks after
joining, sure beats my
patio decking

Naturally, you can cancel any time (for any reason) with a simple email to me at if you dont like what I have to show you, then no hard feelings and well part as mates
Listen, theres a lot of money to be made on the internet.
And people who know how to start an online business are scooping it up fast.
Click the big yellow button below to give it a shot.
Becoming an Aussie Online Entrepreneur will start immediately (youll get instant access to the Amazon training) and youll get instant access to the private members only Facebook group.

Samantha Sold Her First Product 2 Weeks After Joining!

Click the button to get started 🙂

From 35 to 84 Perth to Cairns You Can Do This!

Sam Fawahl
Melbourne, VIC

Made $212, 341.00
using Neils

Claudio Lodl
Bulli, NSW

Making an average of
$3200 a week.

Paul Dawson
Albury, NSW

information, easy to
apply Im helping 2
local businesses get
their products online.

And no, you dont have forever to make up your mind.
No, Im not going to pull any kind of lame ass scarcity tactics on you. Ill just say this:
Twenty years as an entrepreneur has taught me this:

More Money Has Been Lost Through Indecision
Than By Wrong Decision!

You now have all the information you need to make an informed decision so its time to make the only intelligent decision.
See You On The Other Side!
Neil Asher

Take The First Step Towards Financial Freedom Today

Karen Is Selling Her Own Rane Of Organic Skin Care Products Online!

More Success Stories!

This Is The Future James King QLD

Amazing To Learn From All The Other Members John Helmbright NZ

Great Mentoring, Learning Cutting Edge Info Malcolm Kinvig WA

Gaining Confidence As Others Members Are Already Doing So Well Lisa Hays NSW

Im Working To Build My Own Self Funded Retirement Business Steve Speight QLD

Love The Knowledge, The Support And Being With Like Minded People Mark Townsend QLD

You Can Do This!

Lauren Carlisle
Numurkah, Victoria
The first time that I
have had hope that I
can achieve a positive
future for my family (
start building some
self esteem back too)

Pippa McCreery
Brisbane, QLD

this program.

Carolyn Whitley
Woonona, NSW

The training is first
rate, within 5 weeks I
had my product live
online and I was
making sales!

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AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs
AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs
AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs
AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs
AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs
AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs
AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs
AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs
AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs
AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs
AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs
AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs
AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Release Video

AOE – Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

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