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AS/400 & IBM i Jump Start How To :

New IBM i Training Will Have You

performing Your System like a Pro By Tonight

Dear IBM i Administrator,

I be aware of youre

busy, so I will receive right to the point.

The Power

System Jump start is a unique training system that will have you operating

your AS/400 IBM i system as never before.

easily put,

the strength System Jump Start will have you efficiently performing your IBM i principle in less time and less effort as it has for

dozens of IBM i professionals nationwide.

You see, the

strength System Jump Start is a new kind of training system. It features stage by

stage video modules. Its like having a professional using you one-on-one.

My name is

John Andersen, creator of the strength System Jump Start.

I have been

administering AS/400, iSeries and IBM i solutions for over 13 years. When I started out, I was

confused and intimidated by the IBM i . Let me


There are sets

of commands to learn and new names compared using other sorts of computer systems.

Spool files instead of reports manage Language vary

equipment on and off its confusing.


saving process to learn the IBM i

In the past

you were stuck plodding by using page after page of IBM training manuals to

gain this kind of knowledge. Instead, by using display catch technology, I

take on you by using the features and fill in the blanks for you.

You will save

time using this training course in 21 minutes youll have your IBM i subsystems and jobs flowing smoothly because youll

be aware of how to:

How to view all the jobs performing on the

system and instantly locate jobs waiting to manage in job queues.

How to swiftness up slow performing jobs with

this little-known trick to allocate more CPU.

How to road decrease any job on the entire

system regardless of status if it ran (especially useful when a user calls

asking whats up) in fact where the spool file it created is hiding.

How to receive details about an active job

and see exactly what files it has open in fact the current data records its

working with.

How to identify job locks and resolve

them FAST.

What the library list is,

and how to set it up in fact use the library list to develop test environments

free of touching your live data.

The entire

course is effortless to use. When you want to find out about a topic you simply

press the perform button. Then sit back, and watch IBM i

strategies like

The best way

to solve printing issues in two steps. And its not using the give good results with

Writers command to stop and start a printer.

How to be aware of the difference between a

writer and universa production queue then quickly solve any printing problems with

a stuck hard copy job.

When a report (like a check run) is

printed, in fact accidentally, its lost FORVER... unless you use this one spool

file setting so it can be printed over and over again.

How to handle spool files, indoors and

out. Changing properties, the number of copies, moving reports to another

printer queue and assigning priority over other sorts of spool files.

The Power

System Jump start picks up where IBMs own documentation leaves off. Youll

receive real insider tricks that until now only Certified IBM Engineers and

Resellers knew. For example youll discover:

How to give slow jobs a boost by

allocating it more system sources and how to bump up priority for

important jobs.

How to uncover

which jobs are hogging up the solutions CPU. I use this technique to find jobs

slowing the system decrease and its a hidden aspect buried in a program youre

probably using today.

The Initial Program Load, shutdown, and

restarting your system (but not prior to you check this one critical setting).

Youll in fact discover how to agenda IPLs.

How to make

the system Initial Program Load hands off, and trouble free by tweaking the

startup program this is essential for rebooting the system remotely.

How to reveal hidden options on

important commands and screens by setting your assistance level.

If an ethernet cable was unplugged, you have to logon from the

console (good luck if youre trying remotely) and reply to a message to get

connection again. Or you can use this technique and the system will do it


3 steps for bullet proofing TCP/IP,

troubleshooting network connection and DNS name resolution.

In addition,

here are some of the techniques for working using the file system including

user profiles. You will be aware of how to:

Use the Programmer Development Manager to

manage objects instead of dozens of commands.

Identify different target types,

libraries, and files and how the system stores each.

develop user profiles. Reset locked out

reports and change passwords.

The 5 different concentrations of authority and

the correct one to choose when producing a user profile.

How to launch equally user using their own

personalized production queue. This is a users dream come-true for downloading

reports electronically.

If you tried

to receive a book using this much detail crammed in, it would be thousands of

pages long-term

For example,

you could look over all 534 pages of IBMs Backup and Recovery manual, but

in one course of the strength System Jump Start youll discover sturdy backup


---How to

perform a highest system save using this you can recover your existing IBM i , data, and programs from a particular tape. free of this

backup, not in fact IBM can save you from disaster.


libraries, a set of objects or file. On to a backup tape, disk to disk or

using a save file archive.

---Save files

can be restored to another IBM i but only if you

use a precise parameter I will show you.

When you dig into

IBMs reference manuals they cover every particular option for every command. But

you dont desire all al parameters and you dont desire ALL al commands

of course the guidebook doesnt tell you that. Talk about confusing!


IBM i problem solving shortcuts

The course

sorts out clutter. I cut the fluff by skipping parameters you will never use,

right decrease to the command, software and utility to receive your job done quickly.

like using system information and logs

If you plowed

head into the System History Log, you would be overloaded because it details

every little thing, like when a jobs start and end its like looking for a

needle in a haystack.

Instead you

receive shortcuts for solving problems that manage your system performing like a top:

The best area to look for for ALL errors and

critical information logged on the existing IBM i .

How to apply a filtration system to the system

history log to find the exact details you need.

robotic cleanup options that prune logs

and messages, while freeing up disk space.

Dont waste time sending information to

Workstation queues, instead use this one command

that WILL receive users attention immediately.

manage message queues squeaky nice and clean one

keystroke removes everything except important information that desire your


When you order

you receive the existing stage by stage strength System Jump Start course. You will

master jobs, printers, production queues, backups, spool files, objects, user

profiles and more.

And check this

out when you order you receive instant online access. The existing program is

delivered to you on the Internet. This process you dont have to wait on shipping

or keeping road of binders of CDs. Its always available, all of the time at

the click of a mouse.


to automate any system administration task

In addition to

this valuable program, youre also going to receive 4 free bonus modules

that will simplify every task you do while saving time. Let me explain

Bonus course #1. manage Language easily Start. Discover this swiss

army knife of the IBM i . using CL you can automate ANY

task in fact if youre not a programmer if you can enter commands on the

command tier you can develop CL programs that automate the tedious tasks of

system administration.

Bonus course #2. Query Manager will have you mining the database and putting

together professional looking reports using headers, details, totals, sorting.

You probably already have Query Manager installed on your system and ready to


Bonus course #3. effortless Report Writing using IBM Query for i

and Query/400. easily follow a menu prompt and push a button out pops a

report. This straightforward menu based report builder is lightning fast.

Bonus course #4. The SQL Primer. Discover how to develop database tables, modify

records, query the exact set of data you want, and more all it takes is

writing one little sentence of SQL.

Using these

bonus modules, you will gain insight into innovative AS/400 and IBM i techniques into what pros use for crafting custom

reports on-the-fly, squeezing swiftness out of the DB2 database and putting the

system on auto-pilot using CL programs.


to receive this time saving IBM i training

Order the

strength System Jump start today for only $110.

This is less

than a consultant would demand to advise you for just one hour!

But you get

the existing course for less than that.

And try the

strength System Jump Start today using this guarantee

You receive a full

60 day risk free trial to put it to the test. If the course doesnt do

everything I promise, then I want you to return it for a highest refund. No

quibble. No questions asked. And the bonus modules are yours to manage as my

thank you gift.

When you

order, youre going to receive the existing strength System Jump Start, using stage by

stage video training system Youll be effortlessly taking consideration of jobs,

printing, the file system, the database and more. The existing course is

delivered to you instantly, so you can dive right in tonight.

Youll spend a

fraction of the time, money and hassle attending a seminar or wading through

IBMs reference manuals using significantly better results!

Plus you receive 4

bonus modules just for trying the course. And you have 60 days of the risk

free trial to decide if the strength System Jump Start is everything I promise.


-John Andersen

P.S. One more thing When you order today youll receive long-term time to come update versions to the strength System

Jump Start. equally time I insert new modules or content, its yours FREE. Claim

your long-term time to come update versions by clicking on the order link.


This site

and the solutions and services proposed on this site are not associated,

affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by IBM, nor have they been reviewed tested

or certified by IBM.

ClickBank is the retailer

of this product. CLICKBANK is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a

Delaware corporation located for 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho,

83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBanks role

as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of this

product or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of this product.

AS/400 & IBM i Jump Start

AS/400 & IBM i Jump Start

AS/400 & IBM i Jump Start

AS/400 & IBM i Jump Start

AS/400 & IBM i Jump Start

AS/400 & IBM i Jump Start Release Video

AS/400 & IBM i Jump Start

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