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The Complete Book For Cure From Anxiety and Panic

Written by ex-sufferer Paul David

If you suffer From any form of Anxiety and Panic I am here to tell you there is a cure out there for you, no matter how long you have suffered. There is a treatment and no matter how many false dawns you have had so far, you dont have to just live with it.

I put this book together because I believe that no one should have to suffer for any longer than they need to. I did not want it to be just another book on the subject, I wanted it to be the the only book anybody would need in their search for recovery.

I also genuinely want to help others. It is not a job to me, it is something I enjoy and find very rewarding. There is no better feeling than changing someones life for the better. I also understand, through my own experience, what an awful, lonely place it can be.

Listed below are the most common symptoms of panic and anxiety disorders. If you suffer from any or most of these symptoms, then this book is for you.

Lack of emotion

Paranoia about what people think

Difficulty breathing

Blurred vision

Headaches/tight band around your head

Feelings of Panic


Pins and needles

Lack of sleep and feeling constantly tired


Difficulty swallowing


Loss of interest in anything

Constantly anxious



Racing heart

Feelings like you are going mad/not with it

Disturbing thoughts

Feelings of hopelessness

Constant worrying/feelings of stress

These are just a few that I have heard over the years, most of the above I suffered from myself.There are many more, but there is hope, and you can recover from them all. They all stem from the same root cause - anxiety. Your symptoms may feel unique to you, I know I felt I was the only one to suffer in this way, but rest assured, there are many, many people around the world who suffer in the same way.


Let me introduce myself. My name is Paul David and I suffered from every aspect of the anxiety and panic disorder for 10 years, until I reached the point where I thought I could never recover. I would panic whenever I went out and suffered chronic anxiety until I could no longer function properly. I was constantly depressed, had no interest in life and thought I was going mad. I felt as if I was walking round in a dream while the world passed me by. I lost my job, many friends and,more importantly, it robbed me of my whole personality. What had happened to that once confident person who could enjoy life?

This is when I first went to see a doctor. I remember that first meeting like it was yesterday, me sat there talking at 100 miles an hour, thinking "I dont know whats wrong with me, but youre a doctor, just give me my magic pill and I will be on my way." Well all I was told was to go on my way and take it easy. I did not want to take it easy. I knew there was more to it than that, but if the doctor did not know what was wrong with me, then it must be serious. This was the start of 10 years of being seen by one doctor after another, one therapist after another, so called experts that just read from a medical manual and taught me nothing at all. In fact I never even got an explanation of what was wrong with me. I spent more money than I care to remember on so called miracle cures. I tried every treatment available to me and nothing worked. If only I had known then what I know now, I could have saved myself all those years of suffering.


The day that changed my life came in the summer of 2001. I was on my way to my local hospital on what I believed to be yet another wasted trip. On arrival, I was asked if I would like to see a specialist from out of town. He was supposed to be helping people with anxiety and came very well recommended. I gained no more hope from the prospect of attending this meeting than any of the others, but I was desperate and as I am sure anyone reading this will understand, I was willing to try anything. Well this person changed my life; he is the very reason I help many others.He not only told me how I could get better, he also explained everything to me and, more importantly, why I felt like I did. He gave me an understanding of anxiety that no one else had come close to and he taught me more in that first meeting than anyone else had taught me in 10 years. Just walking out of that first meeting, I knew there was a chance, a real chance, at last of fully understanding my condition and I could for once dream about recovery. How I felt had been given a title, something I could go away and study. I was never going to accept how I felt and now I just wanted as much information as possible.

With the help I received and my own studies, I was able to fully recover within a few months. Thats right, recovery does not come overnight, and if you see anyone that claims it does, I suggest you move on. Your body takes time to regain its balance, to change habits you may have fallen into. I wasted more money than I can remember searching for that elusive cure. We all want to be better today, not tomorrow; that is why we go from one treatment to another, desperate for something to make this awful thing go away. The truth is there is no overnight miracle cure. If there were, we would all know about it and someone would be very rich. When I was told this for the first time, it was such a relief to me because I thought that I had to keep searching for that elusive cure that would make me feel better instantly. But trust me, once on the right road, recovering can be just as rewarding as recovery itself.

In my case the more I understood the easier things got. I also learnt that I was doing everything wrong. I was fighting my symptoms, I was anxious because I was anxious, I was running away from how I felt, everything I was doing was just adding to my feelings of anxiety and panic. I was spending every day questioning how I felt, thrashing my mind, because I just did not understand why I felt like I did and having no idea how to make myself feel better. Every day just seemed like a daily battle with myself. When we dont understand why we feel like we do, we have nothing left to do but to try and figure it all out ourselves. This is the reason we feel unable to detach ourselves from or thoughts and how we feel; the constant thinking eventually tires our mind and is the reason we feel so emotionally spent and fatigued.

The knowledge I gained through and beyond my recovery made me want to share what I know and stop others suffering through lack of understanding and incorrect information. I have received some lovely emails from many people, thanking me and also asking me to never stop helping other sufferers. I have attached a couple of these emails above. Both emails are genuine and a copy of each can be sent out on request.

Dear Paul

I am writing to say I cannot thank you enough; your book, At Last A Life has had a

massive impact on my life.

I started to suffer from anxiety and subsequently panic attacks about four years ago and

have battled with it/them every day since then: Battle is the only word to use. I have had

to fight to retain a very responsible job whilst constantly thinking the thoughts described

in your book What is wrong with me, What must people be thinking about me, Why

cant I speak properly, it has been dreadful and truly exhausting.

Your book has changed me: Instead of fighting against these thoughts and feelings, I now

accept them and although, as you advise, some days are better than others, I and my

partner have seen and are still seeing big changes and a huge improvement, I am able

to think much more clearly, able to handle my job again and I am all together a calmer


Once again, I cannot thank you enough for writing down your experiences and imparting

the advice to help people like me heal themselves.

Your book is brilliant and is a must for anyone who suffers as we have.

Kind Regards


Good Morning Paul,

I have read and re-read your book. I cant even begin to tell you how it has changed my life. It has truly freed me from the bondage of fear.

It is absolutely incredible how, after only a week of working with you I can already feel change beginning to happen, and this has re-instituted faith into a body that had all but lost hope. For that I cant thank you enough! God Bless your Work. Every single page explains my condition but perhaps more importantly I now feel I have hope in recovering. I havent felt that for over ten long years. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Dustin M.Couzens

Trust me when I say that everyone can recover, once they have received the right guidance and information. I have spent years studying the whole subject and dedicating my time to helping others. I have spoken with many sufferers around the world and far too many of them spent years like me going round in circles unable to find any answers to how they felt. As in my case, they feel the medical profession has failed them. This is why I wrote a book on the subject so I could finally give these answers that people so crave.

It was the very people I was helping that said to me "Paul you must share your advice with others, share with people what you know." This gave me the idea to write "AT LAST A LIFE". I chose this title because it summed up recovery for me. I spent 6 months writing this book, as I wanted it to be just right. Not only did I want it to give you a full understanding of anxiety and panic, why you feel like you do and what is keeping you in the cycle, but also include a plan for full recovery. If anyone asks me what the most important thing is in reaching recovery, I say understanding. Understanding what is wrong with you is so important, it takes away so much fear out of how you feel and fear of your condition is the very thing that keeps it alive. The main reason people continue to suffer is because they are bewildered and dont understand why they feel like they do.

I truly believe that the only people who can help with this subject are those who have been through it and fully recovered like I did. Going through it and coming out the other side is the best education anyone can have. My knowledge does not come from a medical book; it comes from experience and my own studies. Anyone who is suffering from anxiety knows that there are few people we can turn to who really understand what we are going through.


The way to recover is through knowledge, not through a pill or some miracle cure you may read about somewhere. Fear and bewilderment of how they are feeling is the main reason symptoms persist. If you visit any forum on the subject, 90% of questions are fear based. Why do I feel like I do? Am I seriously ill? Will these feelings ever go away? The list goes on; this is why it pains me to see so little good information on a subject that so many people suffer from. These people can never hope to recover in their present state because every day is filled with fear; they are trying to think and fight their way out of how they feel. When they hit one brick wall after another, they become more bewildered than ever; they are basically now in the full anxiety cycle. Everyone who sufferers needs an explanation to why they feel like they do and what is keeping them in the cycle so they are able to reverse it.

I did go on to fully recover and this was not luck, I was just finally given the answers to my condition that I so craved. When I put this information into practice, for once everything felt right. I tried many treatments, read many books during my dark days and can honestly say that I never felt I was getting anywhere. In many cases, I just felt worse, as another shred of hope disappeared.

This book is my story of recovery, the same principles that have taken many others to recovery before me. It is all based on medical facts and how your body works and reacts. It was written by someone who went through it and came out the other side; someone who studied every aspect of the condition, spoke to many people who had recovered and put all this knowledge into one book. The information will answer all the questions you may have about your condition, the feedback so far has even exceeded my expectations and this is the rewarding part for me. So read my story and learn what took me on to full recovery, so you to can have A Life At Last


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At Last A Life: The Book

At Last A Life: The Book

At Last A Life: The Book

At Last A Life: The Book
At Last A Life: The Book

At Last A Life: The Book

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At Last A Life: The Book

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