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Building Your Own Chicken Coops How To : Building Chicken Coops Guide

Step-by-step instructions on how to build a cheaper, more effective and more fun chicken coop
Discover all thechicken coop buildingtips and secrets you needto plan and build your dream chicken coop easily
Know the essential tips on building a predator-proof chicken coop to let the chickens lay the eggs safely
Working on your own chicken coops to save up to hundreds of dollars

Introducing the Building Chicken Coops Guide package:

If youre reading this, you probably already are very aware of the benefits of owning and maintaining your own chickens . Youve probably already known that the average chicken lays over 260 eggs a year, and that can lead to over FIVE THOUSAND eggs for your family per year.
You already know the positives. Knowing all that, maybe what has stopped you in the past was worrying about the cost of buying a chicken coop, or the complication of how to build a chicken coop, such as coop materials, insulation, lighting, ventilation, nesting boxes, perches and predators protection andperhapsthe upkeep for the chickens themselves.
But there is an alternative

Believe me, building your own chicken coop has never been easier and has got even easier with the introduction of our Do-It-Yourself (DIY)buildingchicken coop guides. This is the greatest fun you and your family could ever experience. And, thanks to us, it could all be set up in a short time, even by newbies.
You could choose a plan that best suits you depending on your location, the size of your family, your needs, environment and amenities.
We have got all the information and tools you need to help you make the best choice and get the most convenient coop for you and your family.We provide coops of various capacities, configurations, shapes and colors

DIY chicken coops are a way to eliminate the costly expense of the pre-made standard coop and with our DIY Chicken Coop Plans, you could easilyremove all theobstaclesof owing your own chickens.
The Building Chicken Coops Guidepackage is designed for anyone with or without carpenter experiences. No matter if you are looking for a big coop, a small coop or a chicken run, with a big or a little budget, this package takes care of all that.Below is just a sneak preview of some of our easy-to-follow chicken coop plans:
Become the Man (or Woman) with THE PLAN
The DIY chicken coop plans you are about to see are one of the best possible options for anyone who wants to build a DIY Chicken Coop. The reason we are one of the best provider of chicken coop plans available is simple- THE POWER OF CHOICE.
You know better than anyone what sort of plan will suit your needs, and we can help you find the perfect plan for you. With a wide variety of plans to suit your choice of brood numbers, our plans have you covered. Take for example one of our smaller coop plans below:

It looks quite easy, and in fact it is. In our package, youll also get to know:

5 essential features of a chicken coop
18 essential tips you should know before making your own chicken coop
The amenities you need for your chicken coops and runs

The above coop plan is the smaller, simple coop for just a few chickens and holds between 3 and 5 chickens perfect for those just getting started. We have several of the smaller, starter coop plans for beginners, or those that just want to house just a few of their chickens.
For the more ambitious, we have plenty of medium to large plan options available as well. Our larger coop plans can hold dozens of birds. This great selection goes all the way up to our larger coop plans, for example:

This coop plan can hold up to between 35 and 40 birds; great for those with larger families, or those that really want to get the most possible bang for their buck. Inaddition, get our package to learn:

Tips on building predator-proof chicken coops
5 things to do to make your chicken coop more comfortable for your chickens
Quick and simple ways to build a large chicken coop

Whatever coop plan you choose, we guarantee the best coop plans to have great success raising your chickens. Our plans will help you build coops of the highest quality, predator-proof, affordable and attractive. When it comes to breeding chickens, the type of coop is essential. Below image is just some snapshot of our DIY chicken coop plans.

Whats more, youll have access to every one of these plans, ALL 22, for the incredibly low price, youll discover more on:

The right kinds of bedding, flooring, roofing, feeders, fencing, nesting boxes needed for your chicken
Top tips on sanitizing your chicken coops
Learn the chicken diseases and how to keep your chicken healthy

Why Proper Chicken Coop Construction Matters
You may be asking yourself, does it really matter just what style of coop I get for my chickens? Wouldnt any sort of pre-fabricated coop do? In a word- NO! Chickens laying behaviors are affected by all sorts of things, and the type of coop is chief among those.
The average chicken lays about five eggs a week in the proper environment. With that being said, the style, size and design of their coop is of the utmost importance. Thats the best part of being able to custom design your own coop. It means YOU are in control of the design and size of the coop based on your needs.
Often, pre-fabricated coops are either not strong enough or roomy enough for chickens to be comfortable. This will adversely affect their egg laying ability, and as a result, your investment. With our high quality designs, youll be able to maximize the return on your investment, but making sure your chickens lay the most eggs possible. You decide.
One of the Best Investments For Your Family
Ive told why it makes most sense to go with a DIY chicken coop plan to get the most out of your money and your chickens; and why our designs put YOU in control of making sure your investment is returned again and again by our quality coop designs. Quite simply, building your own coop from one of our simple plans puts you much farther ahead of the game than purchasing a costly pre-made coop would.
From a simple, cost effective perspective, a DIY plan is aFRACTIONof what youd be spending to purchase a pre-made coop. Those savings could go toward actually raising your chickens, or in your familys pocket. It just makes the most sense, as well as the most dollars and cents to go with a plan from You can easily see that.
No Risk! No Shipping Costs!

60 Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
The plans are by digital download; which meansno shipping costs, and theyll be available to you instantly upon purchase.Youll have immediate access to over twenty quality plans that put you in control of building the best possible coop.
Further, though we know youll be pleased with our chicken coop plans and the benefits they can bring to you and your family, all ordering comes with a60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!If for any reason youre not totally satisfied within sixty days, your money will be refunded. Theres absolutely no risk to you to get started on building your chicken coop. The only question that really remains is- What are you waiting for?

With your order today, were including a few FREE gifts to help you get started, and making raising your own chickens even easier! In addition to over twenty high quality designs for the unbelievable low price, if you act right now, well include not one, not two, not three, but FIVEfree bonuses to help you on your way to making sure your family has fresh, organic eggsevery morning. These gifts will definitely help you make the most of your new chicken coop.
Bonus #1: Raising and Caring for Chickens
This guide also gives you a brief history of the onset of livestock and the advantages of raising your own chickens.You will be drilled through the most efficient ways to care for your coop in terms of lighting, heating, sanitation, medication, protection from pests and predators, seasonal changesetc.
You will find tips in choosing the right breed for egg production. Youll discover more information on:

How best to keep your coop occupants safe
Tips on keeping your flock healthy
Factors that affect the hens when they lay eggs
What kind of light makes chickens lay more eggs
How to increase or initiate egg production
Optimun conditions inside your chicken coop for your chickens
What the the feeding options and what is best nutritionally for your flock

Bonus #2:Chicken Disease Guide

Once you get your chicken coop built, and having your brood of chickens, the next step will be to keep them healthy and happy. This comprehensive detail report will tell you all the things you need to know to prevent diseases of your chickens, or to make them healthy in the event they do get sick. This information is essential to guarantee your chickens pay dividends for you and your family.
When people think of raising their own chickens at home, one of the first worries they usually face is how to cope with infection.

To successfully run a coop you must know how to care for sick chickens. First you will have to be able to quickly detect the sick chick or chicken and then, you need to know what to do next.

Now, you wont have to worry anymore. With our Chicken Disease Guide, youll learn:

The causes of chicken sickness
The diseases that chicks and chickens are most prone to
The ways external parasites affect chicks and chickens
How to maintain good chicken health

Bonus #3:Materialsto Building Chicken Coop
This crucial guide will tell you all you need to get started in building your chosen design. This important book will tell you all about:

Basic materails for building chicken coops
How to source cheap materials?
What are the safe materials you could use?
How much you should spend on materials for your chicken coop?
The Materials you need for the nesting box, roofing, beddingetc

Bonus #4: Tools for Building Chicken Coop
This guide gives the basic tools needed and where to find the best brands of tools, where to shop, and much more! This guide will provide you information on:

Basic tools for building chicken coop
How to find cheap power tools
The best brands of chicken coop building tools
Smart tips to prevent you from buying the wrong chicken coop tools
How to properly preserve store your chicken coop tools so that they wont rust right away
Why you need power tools and how to use power tools in your chicken coop building
Using power tools while building a chicken coop

Bonus #5: Chicken Breeds A Complete List Pictures
This guide provides information about all kinds of chicken breeds, including:

Chickens that lay eggs
Chickens reared for their meat
Chickens for ornamental use (kept for their beauty)
Dual purpose chickens

As you can see, all of this information will put you well on the way to being a chicken raising expert. The information in any one of the guides is vital, and with all four youll be in position to have an amazingly productive chicken brood. Any one of the guides would cost you dozens of dollars by themselves, but the best part is, as part of this offer ALL FIVEguides are absolutely FREE!Youre well on your way to becoming an expert at raising chickens with ourFREE! Gift Guides.
So get this incredible deal today!

Norman Nelson

Yes Norman, I would like to give Building Chicken Coops Guide a shot for 60 days.I understand that during the trial period If Im not satisfied with this product I can request a a refund. I want to download the following items right now

Building Chicken Coops Guide,$37
Over 20 DIY Chicken Coop Plans + The Chicken Coop Project: Planning, Building and Managing Your Chicken Coops.
In .PDF format. Digital Download Right Away

Raising and Caring for Chickens, $9.97, $0

In .PDF format. Digital Download Right Away

Chicken Disease Guide, $9.97, $0

In .PDF format. Digital Download Right Away

Materials for Building Chicken Coops, $9.97, $0

In .PDF format. Digital Download Right Away

Tools for Building Chicken Coops, $9.97, $0

In .PDF format. Digital Download Right Away

Tools for Building Chicken Coops, $9.97, $0

In .PDF format. Digital Download Right Away

Get Instant Access
Youll have immediate access to over twenty quality chicken coop plans that put you in control of building the best possible coop.You know that for just$37 (the regular price is $197,thats less than two dollars for each plan!) Unfortunately we cant guarantee you how long the discount will be as it is a special promotion price for now.

PS: Once you finished building your chicken coop, please kindly send us a photo of your chicken coop along with a quick testimonial. Wed love to see how our readers coops look like!

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Building Your Own Chicken Coops

Building Your Own Chicken Coops

Building Your Own Chicken Coops

Building Your Own Chicken Coops
Building Your Own Chicken Coops
Building Your Own Chicken Coops
Building Your Own Chicken Coops
Building Your Own Chicken Coops
Building Your Own Chicken Coops
Building Your Own Chicken Coops
Building Your Own Chicken Coops
Building Your Own Chicken Coops
Building Your Own Chicken Coops
Building Your Own Chicken Coops
Building Your Own Chicken Coops
Building Your Own Chicken Coops
Building Your Own Chicken Coops
Building Your Own Chicken Coops
Building Your Own Chicken Coops

Building Your Own Chicken Coops

Building Your Own Chicken Coops Release Video

Building Your Own Chicken Coops

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