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Chi Development- Resources For Chi Kung  Tai Chi Internal Martial Arts How To : The Missing Link of inner vitality Development Is Here...

Finally, The in Secrets Of Authentic Substantial Kung Fu Chi vitality Revealed In A Simple, Proven, Easy-To-Follow System with no All Of The Mystical Mumbo Jumbo

No Drugs, No Potions and 100% Guaranteed To feel True Kung Fu Chi vitality First-hand!

A simple, truthful explanation of inner vitality using ZERO hype

An effortless established program you can follow to obtain undeniable results

Insider secrets that will accelerate your results

Tips, chi exercises and methods to get have of the many from your practice

Everything you desire to know to begin this exciting journey of inner vitality development

The primary, foundational objective in Chi development training thats not explained including this ANYWHERE else!

precise things to browse for, and amazing benefits you can expect

Find out where is the prefect spot and when is the many useful time to start practicing!

Revealing of the second stage to expanding your experience

One key ingredient that brings your practice to a higher level

to begin with hand, authentic, undeniable inner vitality knowledge and experience

The greatest problem beginners face, and how to overcome it immediately!

A simple, still unheard of technique to continue to keep your mind focused in the course of your practice

And everything you desire to know to begin this exciting journey of inner vitality development!

Abdomen - Upper





Backache - General

Backache - Lower

Backache - Upper

Bioenergy restrain - Fear

Bioenergy restrain - Hunger

Bioenergy restrain - remembrance

Bioenergy restrain - Sleep

Bioenergy restrain Smoking

Bioenergy restrain - Warmth


Breathing, Labored



Charlie Horse Cramps


Colds and Influenza




Cramps, Menstrual

Cramps, Muscular Spasms

Dental Work









Fear Control










Ovaries and Uterus



Respiratory System



Sea Sickness



Small Intestine

Smoking control


Sprains, Muscular


Strains, Muscular

Stricture of Urine






Thirst, Temporary





Ulcers, Intestinal

Ulcers, Peptic


Vomiting and Retching-

Warmth Control





Gastrointestinal System




Head, Injury or Pain

Headaches Anxiety/Tension

Headaches - Base of Skull/Neck

Headaches - General

Headaches - Migraine

Headaches - Severe

Headaches - Sinus

Headaches - Top of Head

Heart attack


Heat Rash





Hives and Rash





Jaw, Lower











Motion Sickness


Nasal Congestion

This acupressure handbook is the clearest, many concise and easy-to-follow instructional acupressure course I have ever seen. in the course, you will find simple, easy-to-locate acupressure points to combat common problems such as listed above.

Its filled using 25 pages extensive of massive information, extensive using 32 amazing press points for you to apply in less than ONE minute!

(Sample illustrations from the acupressure manual)

See how effortless these points are to locate?

To order with no a credit card Click Here

To order with no a credit card Click Here

From: Sifu Trey Crake

5th age bracket Lung Shou Pai

(Dragon Claw style and design Kung Fu)

Dear Friend,

If you are sincerely interested in learning the truth, AND experiencing to begin with hand the closely held secrets to authentic, substantial and undeniable kung fu chi power, read ON

Youve heard about it. Youve read about it. Perhaps youve perhaps begun some type of inner vitality training.

But, youre not getting the benefits youd hoped for.

Other sources, perhaps teachers, talk about it as if this ability will just appear one day after youve gained the right amount of experience.

The problem is

They leave out the HOW?!!

They give some basic overview. Or, mask a shallow explanation in mystical terms that leave you perhaps a great dea confused.

Say ,Goodbye! to confusion.

Now, you will discover the Missing Link that will open your eyes to the process youve been lacking.

The lengthy awaited manual-

Internal vitality Secrets- The Truth with no The Hype

Promises to teach the truth and reveal the system that will come up with authentic Kung Fu Chi a reality for you.

People who should see this information are:

Interested in discovering the truth about inner vitality (kung fu chi),

Practicing, or interested in practicing chi kung, or inner martial arts such as tai chi, hsing yi, bagua, etc,

Searching for a very simple hype-free course for developing authentic inner energy,

Confused about how to feel chi vitality in a heavy and meaningful way,

Disappointed using the result from your current practice...

If you fall into any of the above categories, then, you have got to have this book.

Then read on, because Im going to share using you the very system of how you can feel true Kung Fu Chi vitality first-hand.

In the next 5 minutes, youll find out how to dramatically transform your life, and discover the truth that remains a mystery for so many seekers.

I guarantee that youll feel refreshed, healthier using higher concentrations of vitality and greater self confidence in record time -- perhaps if youve never heard the word Chi before!

But first, youre probably wondering something...

Who am I and why should you care?

My name is Trey Crake, and Im a senior member of the Lung Shou Pai 5th age bracket lineage. I began my training in the Lung Shou Pai System in 1979. I have a great dea than 25 years of professional lessons directly from Grandmaster Norman J. Pedelahore of Slidell, Louisiana.

Ive received extensive Instructor rank of 3rd of quality Black Belt in 1985. within this time, I was honored to be adopted into the Lung Shou Pai relatives by the Pai Shi Tea Ceremony, which made me an heir of the Lung Shou Pai system.

In 1984, I was elected as the Louisiana State Director for the World Chinese Martial Arts Federation, and in 2003, I was elected as the United States Director of the International Chinese Boxing Association (ICBA) as an Executive Board Member.

A Picture of me awarding Chuck Norris within a national event

As a part of my Lung Shou Pai training, Ive obtained extensive training in many traditional Kung Fu weapons, such as stick, cane, nunchaku, staff, spear, broadsword, double broadsword, together using tai chi, chi kung, superior iron palm, and many more.

Well, that concludes my brief credentials.

Now lets talk about YOU.

If you always wanted to know how to better your health and fitness and gain a great dea benefits in your life span with no all the hassle and confusion, then Chi Kung (or Qigong) meditation is the wonderful option for you.

In short, Chi is the vitality or life span force that flows within your body. The fact is that we, human beings, do not uphold life span by food alone. It is essential to have a sturdy flow of vitality within the body. Positive life-sustaining energy, to be exact.

Chi Kung refers to practices that involve methods of accumulating, circulating, and harmonizing using the vitality in our body. Its a constant process of developing an ideal balance between the Yin and Yang energies within our being.

If the flow of this vitality gets blocked or restricted, men and women can easily have psychological problems and live a stressful life. Or worse, you can get have of so many problems using your physical health and fitness such as headaches, higher blood pressure, back pain, and perhaps heart disease.

Yes, thats true. Stress can give you a heart attack.

Suffering from stress and the desire to obtain a calm mind and relaxed body is a common desire for lots of people. Our world is fast, furious and exhilarating. many of the time, it can also be challenging, arduous and perhaps terrifying!

Without a doubt, all of these situations can generate stress, psychological reactions, and nervous breakdown because your body produces far a great dea adrenalin than you ever desire on a daily basis.

The release of stress hormones (like adrenalin) into your bloodstream will improve the likelihood of each one heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest. According to some medical studies, 15 percent to 30 percent of heart attack patients admitted to hospitals had suffered from severe psychological stress.

You see, perhaps the many nutritious food would be useless if our inner constitution is fragile!

But now, you can begin a new journey in life!

Internal vitality Secrets

The Truth Beyond The Hype


This hot-off-the-press practical guidebook is just dripping using insider secrets practiced and experienced by Chi Kung masters al the world!

Heres what you will discover in this manual...

Chi meditation is entertaining and effortless to learn!

Even a few minutes of practice, you can feel the refreshing and rejuvenating effect almost instantly. While everyday practice will bring you a heavy strengthening effect for your body and its numerous techniques (nervous, digestive, respiratory, skeleto-muscular, hormonal, circulatory, etc).

Chi Kung can be applied to anyone. Ive done it myself, Ive helped hundreds of others do it too, and today, I will help you to utilize the vitality yourself.

Because for the to begin with time ever, all of the information you desire to know about Chi development is now out there to you. Right here, right now.

And when you put it into action, youll get have of a brand new you! No a great dea stressful life, no a great dea irritating work, and no a great dea diseases can break you downwards easily.

One of the many popular benefits of Chi Kung meditation is that it can fresh and rejuvenate your epidermis naturally.

It works out including the wonder drug for achieving youthfulness and anti-aging results!

You may be doing some sort of practice now. You may try to imagine feeling energy, or perhaps you have convinced on your own that you feel something.

Please. Dont kid yourself.

Assuming some posture, or learning a series of movements will NOT get have of you where you want to go (unless you dont mind waiting half a lifetime).

Using these other methods is including being dehydrated and trying to quench your thirst by sucking norma by a hypodermic needle. Will you re-hydrate? Perhaps, but what a pain!

Wouldnt it be advanced if you were handed a short piece of garden hose to drink fully, unrestricted? Then, how quickly would you accomplish your goal?

Im offering you the garden hose here. I am offering you the many direct method to accomplish an inner nicely as a resource of inner vitality that you can connection whenever you want, wherever you want.

This is the key to the treasure chest. This is where it all begins.

Once you learn and accomplish this method, your previously boring ineffective practice will come alive. Youll have many Aha! moments where your old practice will reveal amazing new sensations and results.

Its including turning on the faucet to inner vitality flow!

But wait. It gets perhaps better!

Just to come up with sure you can get have of all the benefits, for a restrained time, I am also going to throw in a extensive course on acupressure- absolutely FREE!

Thats right. If you have an appea in inner energy, I know youll be interested in using these same principles to combat some of the following problems...

No Previous feel Required!

You dont have any previous feel in acupressure? Dont worry!

Acupressure is a very simple, effortless and straightforward hands-on technique that any person can apply. All you have to do is merely put strain on the relevant body points, and nothing more! You dont desire any feel or precise talent in order to combat acupressure points efficiently.

With basic instructions in the guide, you will be able to pinpoint the exact acupressure points according to your needs. If you can PRESS A SPOT anywhere on your epidermis using one of your fingers (like your index finger or your thumb), then you can do acupressure too!

You can combat the acupressure points on your own, or you could ask your partner to massage the acupressure points for you. often way, its effortless and healthy!


I cant explain it anymore, this page wont in shape it all.

To wrap things up... inner vitality Secrets is the many practical, easy-to-follow inner vitality Development training help on the Internet, still it is very effortless to understand perhaps for total newbie.

In the end, it all boils downwards to one tiny question...

Does It Really Work?

The answer is... YES, it does!

Its ability to help in healing a massive huge variety of chronic, acute injuries and illnesses has been the subject of numerous research programs led by the Chinese medical authorities for decades.

These days, millions of men and women al the world practice Chi Kung as a health and fitness maintenance exercise on a regular basis. In fact, medical Chi Kung treatment has been officially recognized as a standard medical procedure in Chinese hospitals since 1989!

The practice of Chi Kung has been covered in the curriculum of major medical schools in China and considered as part of their National health and fitness Plan. Its only a problem of time previously the rest of Asia, Europe and America adopt the same health and fitness plan.

This can only mean one thing

Chi Kung has passed the extensive test of scientific study! It has been established to be highly useful to maintain your health and fitness and combat certain diseases, and better your martial arts skills. You cant possibly ask for more.

Now You Are Just 2 Minutes Away From Having inner vitality Secrets within Your Fingertips!

Lets see... if you were to come into a private Chi Kung training session, it would cost you between $55 and $85... by the hour! Not to mention that you have to dr all the manner to the class, thus will cost you perhaps more.

That said, the knowledge in this inner vitality Secrets help is easily worth from $99 up to hundreds of dollars!

But of course, you dont have to pay that much.

I absolutely believe that Chi Kung should not be out there only to these men and women who can afford to learn it personally directly from a qualified instructor. I also believe that everyone should have the same opportunity to learn it! Thats why I have created this handbook so that all can have a chance to apply the technique and consider advantage of the benefits.

For a one-time payment of just $19, you will have your own copy of this inner vitality Development help downloaded on your computer within minutes!

It doesnt problem if its 2:00 AM in the morning!

I want you to give this inner vitality Secrets help a fair try for 90 days. read it, consider actions and practice according to the help with no risk.

No rush here, you have three whole months to put the methods up to the test according to your schedule.

If for any reason within all, perhaps after 90 Days of trying the methods in this e-book, you dont agree the incredible actions help has delivered what I promised ...

... just get have of in impression with me by using email and Ill cheerfully send you a extensive extensive refund using no questions asked on your entire choose amount.

Sure, there will probably be a few men and women who try to consider advantage of my generous offer, but I believe you are a decent and honest person. Therefore, Im willing to consider away the risk from you.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You Can Try The inner vitality Secrets RISK-FREE For 90 Days!

But you have got to secure your copy today, as this is a restrained time offer. If you wait a little longer, or if you come back tomorrow, it could possibly be too late for you to grab this potent Chi Development Program using the video course and acupressure course for free!

With Chi Kung, Youll Learn What Others Are Just listening to About

You see, learning how to utilize the vitality within you can be an enjoyable journey, but you can head off in the wrong direction.

Dont let this happen to you.

Get on the right observe using the right help now, as a beginner or perhaps if youre a seasoned martial artists, Tai Chi practitioners or Chi Kung enthusiasts, youll soon optimize your training using new results.

Dont You Think Its About Time To Reward

Yourself using A a great dea In-Depth Genuine Experience?

YES, Sifu Crake, Give Me The inner vitality Secrets Course Right Now!

I Want To Download This Immediately previously The Offer Is

Taken By Someone Else!

I understand Ill be getting the entire inner vitality Secrets e-book for a tiny one-time payment of just $19 when I act now.

This is my own inner vitality Secrets and it comes with everything, as wel the extensive and amazing step-by-step meditation training to give me genuine inner vitality results, and allow me to be a great dea healthy, calm, and relaxed..

I can get have of started now and see the benefits in no time if I apply what I learned, and this is backed by a extensive 90 days 100% money-back guarantee - if I dont see benefits Im overjoyed using within that time, Ill get have of all my money back from you.

(Processed by Clickbanks 100% Secure SSL Server)

(* reserves the right to end this offer within anytime with no warning.)

To tell you the truth, I would rather not let this information get have of into the hands of any person who is not serious about this topic, or is just looking for head knowledge.

On the other hand, if you are frustrated using all the mystical hype, and are looking for the nuts and bolts, no fluff truth and practical detailed lessons on developing chi energy, this handbook will be worth many times the cost invested in its purchase.

You owe it to on your own to get have of this inner vitality Secrets right now!

To your health,

Sifu Trey Crake,

of 5th age bracket Lung Shou Pai

(Dragon Claw Style)

P.S. inner vitality Secrets is written carefully and intensively using the beginner in mind. I guarantee you will NEVER find a Chi Development

e-book as very simple and thorough as this practical guidebook anywhere else.

P.P.S. Okay, I have to say something about the price, I am almost ashamed to give this valuable information away for a measly nineteen bucks! Thats because, for the men and women who are seriously interested in pursuing a advanced life, this information is worth TONS a great dea than its price!

And lets not forget, not only you will receive the course online videos and an acupressure course worth $27 absolutely free, your choose is also completely protected by my 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you dont including the result -- for ANY reason within all, -- only email me your request, then I will refund you 100%. I wont perhaps ask you why.

Click here to secure your copy NOW!

Copyright 2016 All rights reserved.

If you order today, You will also receive the entire course on Video!

Video One




The massive Question

The Beginning of the Journey

Duration: 6:13m

Video Two

What is this Chi Thing?

Why Do We Want It?

Patience, Patience, Patience

Duration: 4:33m

Video Three

For many useful Results


Light vs Dark


Other Considerations

When to Practice

How often, and for How Long?

Duration: 6:38m

Video Four

Sit, Stand, or Lie Down?

Considerations of Posture

Meditation Postures

Other Options

Additional Tips

Training?, Practice?, Work? What is It?

Duration: 4:38m

Video Five


Lets get have of Started!

The Focal Point

Develop No Mind

Your Breath is Not Just a Breath

Duration: 3:28m

Video Six

Insider Secret #1

Exercise #1

The Struggle

Common Tip

Insider Secret #2

Additional Tip

Duration: 7:08m

Video Seven

Looking For A Feeling

Insider Secret #3

Insider Secret #4

Insider Secret #5

Duration: 3:28m

Video Eight

Advanced Exercise #1

Advanced Tip


Advanced Exercise #2

Duration: 4:30m

Video Nine

What to Expect

Early Signs

Good Days and Bad Days

Insider Tip



Duration: 4:18m

Video Ten

Final Thoughts

Whats Next?

Words of Encouragement

Duration: 2:12m

Chi Development- Resources For Chi Kung  Tai Chi Internal Martial Arts

Chi Development- Resources For Chi Kung  Tai Chi Internal Martial Arts

Chi Development- Resources For Chi Kung  Tai Chi Internal Martial Arts

Chi Development- Resources For Chi Kung  Tai Chi Internal Martial Arts
Chi Development- Resources For Chi Kung  Tai Chi Internal Martial Arts
Chi Development- Resources For Chi Kung  Tai Chi Internal Martial Arts

Chi Development- Resources For Chi Kung  Tai Chi Internal Martial Arts

Chi Development- Resources For Chi Kung  Tai Chi Internal Martial Arts Release Video

Chi Development- Resources For Chi Kung  Tai Chi Internal Martial Arts

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