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What knowledge will I gain from this course?
The Angel Blessings:

Learn the depths of the oracle from The Aussie Angel Lady, the actual creator and discover the oracles hidden magic and even a few secrets
Learn how to strengthen your Angelic connection and your natural intuitive abilities.
Gain the confidence to step into or further develop your spiritual business
Learn different Angel Card Spreads including Michelles own personal favourite
Learn reading techniques plus get inside guidance regarding the significance of certain cards falling side by side
Did you know that the Angels love to work with colour?
Learn about colour therapy and the spiritual energetic associations of each of the coloured Angel feathers
Learn about energy and how an over or under energy of a colour can impact on a clients life
Learn how to deliver Pearls of Wisdom: use The Angel Feather Oracle to give your clients tools that will encourage self empowerment in their lives following a AFO reading or healing session

This course is for you if you are:

A Lightworker, Earth Angel, Angel Intuitive or just love Angels
An Angel Intuitive
In love with the Angel Feather Oracle as a divination tool
Interested in learning more about Angels
Interested in developing your psychic abilities
Interested in strengthening your connection to the Angelic Realm
Interested in learning the hidden depths of the Angel Feather Oracle
Interested in colour therapy and would like to incorporate into your own life and your readings
A spiritual healer who would like to incorporate card reading to their practice
A spiritual healer who would like to incorporate Angelic healing into your practice
A spiritual healer who would like to incorporate colour therapy into your practice
Committed to stepping into your Earth Angel Shoes of service in a balanced healthy and profitable professional manner

This course is not for you if you:

Dont like my voice (I am an Aussie so if my accent annoys you please dont purchase the course)

Course Content

Module 1:

AFO Practitioner Certification Overview:

The accrediting professional body IICT
Qualification obtained
Professional reading recommendations
Risk management provisions
What does a typical AFO reading session involve

Module 2:

Connecting with the Angelic Realm

Learn about energy, its various forms including Angelic energy, the power of intent positive thinking
Learn simple ways to connect with the Angelic realm
Discover develop your own psychic abilities
Learn how to maintain balance your own energy levels
Professional reading recommendations
Learn simple meditation techniques, affirmations other techniques to maintain health and balance
Journey up the Angels Staircase to receive your own Angelic symbol
Identifying Angelic energy
Angel signs
Connecting with Angels through crystals

Module 3:

Preparing your sacred space and reading recommendations:

Preparing your sacred space to perform an AFO reading
Clear, attune and energise your AFO card deck
Stepping into the job of being an Angelic councillor
Maintaining focus
Trusting your intuitive downloads
Other important points associated with professional card reading
Delivering pearls of wisdom

Module 4:

Colour Therapy and The Angel Feather Oracle

This module is divided into 14 different mini modules examining each colour category of the oracle.

Learn how to use colour therapy to tune into your client
Examine the influences of colour in your life
Balance coloured energy
Colour therapy and Angel Oracle Feather readings
Colour therapy: exploring the energy of each coloured feather

Module 5:

Card Spreads

Learn various Angel card reading spreads
Definitive reading
Develop a system on reading that works for you
Examine presenting themes associating with colour
Use extended versions of the Angel Feather Oracle to enhance your reading sessions
Teaching clients tools of self empowerment on conclusion of reading

Module 6:

Using The Angel Feather Oracle in Healing Sessions

Promoting optimal function of the chakra system
The coloured feathers and their associated chakras
Using the colour feather intuitively in healing and chakra balancing
Over energies and under energies of colour
Signs of chakra blockage

Module 7:

Creating a Spiritual Business:

How to get your first x10 readings and pay for your investment

Using the AOK academy community for networking and support
Advice on establishing a professional business and setting up business practices and procedures
Promoting your business online and through social media
Business marketing tools

The Special Blessings: Course Bonuses

AFO Practitioner support network via closed Face Book page
Angel Staircase Meditation track: The Archangels Cathedral
AFO Certification Workbook download
Downloadable PDFs: AFO Companion Book Colour Chapter: Food and colour, Signs of chakra blockage, Graduates in the spotlight
Certificate emailed on successful completion
Eligibility to become a member of the IICT and apply for discounted insurance

Module 8:

Virtual Reading Homework Questions (x10 Small Videos)

The Angel Feather Oracle App is used for a series of homework questions

Hi, Michelle here,
I am so excited that the Angels have lead you here to the AOK Academy.
Please know that when you join the AOK Academy you will become a valued member of my inner circle and will be able to connect and network with a very special community of like-minded Earth Angels who have a common vision of sharing love and light in the world.

Its time to spread your wings and step into your Earth Angel Shoes!

What you will receive as soon as you make your investment:
Instant Access to the following:

Immediate access (via user name and password) to the AFO Practitioner course at the AOK Academy the full online training
Lifetime access and login 24/7

(The course is fully digital and downloadable so you can login to access the content and download the course and take it on the go if you chose
Content is available as video slides (.MOV), audio download (.MP3) and PDF downloads of slide content
8 course modules delivered as 21 informative video tutorials
Downloadable bonuses: PDFs, AFO Practitioner Workbook and Angel Staircase: Archangels Cathedral Meditation MP3
Access to the AFO Practitioner Support Network via the closed face book page

Other Angelic Bonuses:

Lifetime updates of any new course material that may be added as the course grows and is further developed. Why? Because I value my community members.

Certification Requirements:

Completion of all online modules
Completion and submission of Virtual homework readings
Completion of x20 unpaid readings and submission of signed statutory declaration form as evidence

Successful Certification:

Certificate will be provided when all requirements are successfully completed and submitted to AOK Angels
Once you have received your graduation email with certificate you will be eligible to become a member of the IICT and apply for discounted insurance


Maria A

Michelle Newten Thank you for a beautiful weekend. You truly are an earth angel and an inspiration... cannot wait to have you back at Sacred Keys (our angel lady!) Big hugs and angel kisses to you xxoo

Maria B

Thank you for such a great weekend Michelle ...youre an inspirational teacher and youre hilarious to boot! ... Thoroughly enjoyed your course....xx


I was recommended to do this course and I found Michelle to be very professional, engaging and knowledgeable. She is also a very warm and welcoming person which adds to value of the course. Great course to be a part of and would highly recommend it!


Im wearing Pink today Even socks! I am still absorbing the Life Changing workshop on Angel Feather Oracle Certificate!! I can highly recommend to all who love there Angels and of course Feathers!!XX


Thx Michelle Newten for your guidance and most of all your humour. For anyone who owns this gorgeous in and learn the depths of knowledge this oracle has to offer. Youll never regret it.


What an AMAZING weekend, Im still smiling feeling blessed to have shared this with such beautiful women. To anyone interested in this course I HIGHLY recommended. Michelle Newten is an amazing spiritual teacher, she has inspired me in so many ways! Bek
Hello Beautiful Aussie Earth Angels
I have been very blessed to do Michelle Newtens AOK Angel Feather Oracle course over the weekend, such an amazing weekend, rated as highly as Coolum!
Michelle is such an Inspiring and amazing teacher, I have walked away feeling so inspired and enlightened. I can highly recommend her course if anyone thinks about doing it in the future.


So grateful for the learning and healing that took place this weekend! I love Earth angels! Thanks Michelle Newten youre a beautiful soul Xox


Thank you The Aussie Angel Lady for the amazing two days workshop. Thank you for sharing with us your vast knowledge about your Angel Feather Oracle card deck and for the endless stories. I highly recommend to anyone this Angel Feather Oracle Certification Course. Love Light Gizella

Marg Maryanne

Michelle is a gifted angelteacher who cares andinspires everyonein her presence. My twin sister and I were blessed to have the opportunity to be students in her Angel Workshop at Scared Keys in 2014. The class wasabundant with knowledge and wisdom to prepare us our higher purpose as Angelcard readers andmentors. There was lots of healing energy and musicin the room helping you feel relaxed for concentration and messages flowing. You canfeel the presence of angels assisting all the students alongwith Michelle alsogiving us so much support and love!!! Michelle explains in full detail how to use her beautifulFeather card set in confidence (and the readings are so accurate!!!) It was so much FUN!!! Lots of laughter and storieswas "medicine for the soul" as Michelle recalled her life experiences in class. I highly recommend her workshops......she is a expert in her field of Angel teaching!! Thank you so much and congratulationsMichelle!! Marg and Maryanne

Ready to spread your wings and shine!
Are you ready to gain a professional qualification today in the
comfort of your own home?
How much will you need to invest to become a fully certified Angel Feather Oracle Practitioner?

Normally your investment would be$397.00 AU.
Today, you can gain entry with a one time payment of ONLY $100.00AU
Thanks to the wonders of technology you can get instant access and start today. Its all online and waiting for you in the AOK Academy.

AUD $100.00 ONE time payment
So, you can get full access to all the materials and get started today for only $100.00 AU

(Please note special conditions):
The content of this course is my work that is dear to my heart, my life passion which has been channelled from the Angels. I totally believe that you will appreciate the depth of knowledge it contains.
If however you are not satisfied please politely request a refund within 60 days by contacting AOK Angels support but please note the firm conditions associated with the refund below.

Michelles Commitment:

I will do my best to be available to support you if need be. International customers: Please dont forget I am in Australia so time differences mean that it may take some time to reply to you.
Technical support: my fabulous team will be able to help with any technical questions with your course or access to the AOK Academy. Just drop us a line and they will assist you as quick as possible.
24/7 Support via the AFO Practitioner Closed Face book page: Allows you to ask questions and gain support from fellow students and qualified AFO Practitioners anytime you need.

Final Testimonial
AFO Practitioner in the Spotlight Testimonial 3 months post completion of course:
Hi Michelle,
Wow!! What an amazing transformation I have gone through since completing the course with you.
To say that Im grateful for my experience with you is an understatement.
You really have guided me to that golden key to unlocking so much in me, my confidence with what Im doing has soared!!
It excites me doing the Face-book page and generating so much love and light to everyone and seeing so much excitement when I do the readings.
Your support has meant so much to me and I will always hold such gratitude for this.
Youre a beautiful Angel that came in to my life right at the perfect moment, Angelic timing.
Love Bek
Time to grab your golden key!

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Copyright AOK Angels of Kindness

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ClickBank – AOK Angels Academy

ClickBank – AOK Angels Academy

ClickBank – AOK Angels Academy

ClickBank – AOK Angels Academy
ClickBank – AOK Angels Academy
ClickBank – AOK Angels Academy
ClickBank – AOK Angels Academy
ClickBank – AOK Angels Academy
ClickBank – AOK Angels Academy
ClickBank – AOK Angels Academy
ClickBank – AOK Angels Academy
ClickBank – AOK Angels Academy
ClickBank – AOK Angels Academy
ClickBank – AOK Angels Academy
ClickBank – AOK Angels Academy
ClickBank – AOK Angels Academy

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ClickBank – AOK Angels Academy

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