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Keep your type 2 diabetes under control.

Manage Type 2 Diabetes with All Natural Methods

Sit down. Turn off your cell phone. Put the "DO NOT DISTURB" sign on the door

Are you at risk for Type 2 diabetes and looking for natural ways to prevent it?
Are you worried because you or someone close to you has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes?
Are you seeking natural remedies and therapies to complement your conventional treatment plan?

Just imagine producing more insulin naturally and seeing your blood sugar levels brought back to normal!

This is a solution meant to properly manage type 2 diabetes without any side effects

It has been proven that the human body can produce more insulin in a natural way and the blood sugar levels can also be normalized following proper instructions. i The studies have shown that type 2 diabetes is not inevitably progressive and life-long.ii

Are you suffering from any of the following symptoms?

Tired of pricking your fingers with painful and expensive needles every day?
Worrying about all the long-term diabetes complications?
Facing a 70-80% higher risk of stroke and heart diseaseiii ?
Feeling guilty about food and your weight?
Being concerned with not being able to lose weight?
Feeling anxious or frustrated?
Dealing with the side-effects of diabetes?

If the answer is YES , at least 2 of them, then you should stick with me for the next minutes, because I want to share with you the story of my life and how an open mind helped me and open my eyes regarding my type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes is a serious disease and is the 7th leading cause of death in the USiv . Being diagnosed with diabetes changes your life, but, here is the good news: you have the power to manage diabetes and live a long and healthy life.

In fact, diabetes rates are rising, and now considered epidemic. The American Diabetes Association reports that:

26 million Americans have type 2 diabetes
79 million Americans are pre-diabeticv
1.6 new cases of diabetes are reported each yearvi
For those over age 65, 1 in 4 have diabetesvii
Diabetes increases the heart attack riskviii
75% of adults with diabetes will develop high blood pressureix
Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure and nervous system disordersx

Type 2 diabetes turned me into a runner and an advocate. In 2006, at 39 yrs. old, chest pains landed me in the ER; I thought I was having a heart attack. Fifty pounds overweight, poor eating habits, and lack of exercise made me the latest victim of diabetes. After three days in the hospital, I headed home for drastic life changes. Denial, depression, and anger set in. Eventually, the bad turned into good, as I started eating healthy, dropped 45 pounds, and began walking regularly. In late 2008, I transitioned to running (slowly!) and have completed six 5K runs, two 10Ks, and most recently, my first half marathon, with three more planned next year! Though I often fight illness, and still deal with the occasional anger and depression about having diabetes, I am thankful for the many positive changes diabetes has brought into my life.

-- Robin LeRoy-Kyle, Age 43, Type 2 diabetes

In August of 2002, weighing in at 220 pounds, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I was put on oral medication told to lose weight. This was very hard for me to hear, as I had been a yo-yo dieter ALL my life. I was an overweight child, who grew up to be an overweight teen, adult and then a yo-yo dieter. However, I followed my doctor suggested that I take a diabetes class to help get me started. I also as did a lot of research on my own. I lost 65 pounds! Three years after my diagnosis, I was taken off of the medication. I now control my diabetes through eating a proper diet and exercise. I have my A1C checked every 6 months and my numbers have still been good. It has now been over seven years that I have kept the weight off and five years that I have been off of the medication. Im living proofIt can be done!

-- Angela Myles, Age 40, Type 2 diabetes

Now, take a few minutes to read this letter until the end to find out some important recommendations which are very useful if you intend to significantly improve your diabetes management.

Let me give you a tip

Type 2 diabetes cannot be regarded so much as a disease in which the human body does not produce enough insulin, but a disease of the organ which produces the insulin, and that organ is the pancreas!xi

But who is talking here?

My name is: Arnold Giles* and I am from Chicago and Im very excited to share with you today! Being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes can be both emotionally and physically challenging.

Everyone has a story. I am no different. Im not sure if my story will be important to you, but I bet it will be. I was suffering with my diabetes until one day

Why me?

At 39 years old I was 157 pounds, 5ft 7in, and had never been overweight in my life. I had a great job at a major hospital as an RN, I ran and played cricket regularly and didnt drink excessive alcohol. Yet, to my great surprise at a routine check-up I was told that I had type 2 diabetes.

You know that moment when your doctor tells you: You have diabetes and your whole life will be drastically different from this point forward. Right?

Well thats exactly what happened with me, but at the end of the visit, my doctor told me that in 10 years I could be dependent on insulin! It could affect my sight, my feet, my ears and my heart!

I was shocked

Nobody in my family had heard this diagnosis so my first thought was, This had to be a bad joke!

I did not want to hear about pills, or shots, or appointments to the doctor, so I decided to ignore everything my doctor told me and to shut the door firmly on everything he just said that could possibly go wrong

Bad decision Looking back, I now know

But things started to get worse

My diabetes symptoms were subtle, at first.

During the winter, I had a bad viral flu. I began losing weight, which delighted me because I was always trying. I began urinating more often, which did not alarm me, because everyone knows RNs drink lots of coffee (a diuretic) on the night shift.

Sometimes I could not get a good deep breath - again, I thought, the stress of working 10-12-hour shifts.

In the spring, I was running around Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, on vacation, eating fried apple pies from the Apple Barn, homemade chocolate and vanilla nut fudge, maple pralines, and lots of biscuits and gravy, with good rich southern cooking.

I was still losing weight, looking for restrooms, feeling tired and dizzy, and I had that heavy sweet breath.

I went to a shop and bought a glucose monitor. My suspicions were confirmed Now all the symptoms, which had before seemed subtle, came screaming out at me. Diabetes!

The next few months were terrible

I was hospitalized because my sugar balance was completely out of whack!

My blood sugar level regularly peaked above 500 and my HbA1c was 12.8. I had to inject rapid-acting insulin before every meal and long-acting insulin before going to sleep.

I could not get used to this

So, from that point on, I became a detective.

I started researching everything I could find about my disease

What caused itwhat treatments the pharmaceutical companies were working onwhat alternative treatment options might exist

In the beginning, it was all extremely frustrating.

So, I doubled down on my researchspent 8 hours a day in front of my computerand poured through every article, every scientific journal entry, every piece of raw data I could find.

Another three months went by with NOTHING to show for it, but I simply could not give up

Finding an answer to the problem of diabetes had become my lifes mission and nothing was going to stop me from finding the answers.

And, finallyeleven months into my research

I found the answer I had been so desperately searching for.

The sugar bowl

The essential feature of type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes is that our bodies are filled with sugarxii . It is not just too much sugar in the blood. Thats only part of the problem.

There is too much sugar in our entire body.

Imagine your bodies as a sugar bowl. A bowl of sugar. When you are young, your sugar bowl is empty. Over decades, as one eats too much of the wrong things sugary cereals, desserts and white bread, the sugar bowl gradually fills up with sugar until it is completely full.

The next time you eat, sugar enters the body, but sugar bowl is so full, it spills out into the blood.

Insulin is a normal hormone produced when we eat, and its job is to allow glucose into the cells. When it is no longer able to do it, glucose piles up outside the cell in the blood. This is called insulin resistancexiii .

But why does this happen?

The cells are already over-filled with glucose.xiv

Like trying to blow air into an over-inflated balloon, it simply takes more force. The cell resists the glucose because it is completely full. Insulin resistance is an overflow phenomenon.

It is like packing your clothes into a suitcase. At first, the clothes go without any trouble. After a certain point, though, it is just impossible to jam in those last 2 T-shirts, and afterwards, you cannot close the suitcase. The luggage is now resistant to the clothes.

Diabetes is the same overflow phenomenon. The cell is filled to bursting with glucose, so trying to force more in is difficult and requires your body to need much higher doses of insulin.

When the insulin levels are unable to keep up with the increasing resistance, your blood sugars rise; and you get diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and put on a treatment planxv .

Much of this extra sugar gets turned into fat!

The problem, of course, has not been solved the sugar bowl is still overflowing. You have only moved sugar from the blood (where you could see it) into the body (where you could not see it).

Imagine that you hide your kitchen garbage under the rug instead throwing it outside in the trash. You cannot see it, so you can pretend your house is clean. When there is no more room underneath the rug, you throw the garbage into your bedroom, and bathroom, too. Anywhere where you do not have to see it.

You need to throw out the garbage, not hide it away. If a person can understand that too much sugar in the blood is toxic, why cant a person understand that too much sugar in the body is toxic too?

The end game

Ok. So, what happens over time 10 to 20 years?

Every single part of the body just starts to rot . This is precisely why type 2 diabetes, unlike any other disease, affects every part of our body. Every organ suffers the long-term effects of the excessive sugar load.

How to manage diabetes?

Once we understand type 2 diabetes, then the solution becomes plain and obvious. If one has too much sugar in the body, then get rid of it!

Do not simply hide it away so it cannot be seen. There are only two ways to get rid of excessive sugar in the body.

✔ Do not put sugar in
✔ Burn it off

Thats it. Thats all you need to do. Whats the best part?

It is all natural and completely free. No drugs. No surgery. No cost.

Step 1 Do not put sugar in

The first step is to drop all sugar and refined starches from your diet. Sugar has no nutritional value.xvi

Doesnt it seem obvious that one should avoid foods that raise the bodys blood sugar because they will eventually be absorbed into the body? The optimum strategy is to eat little or no refined carbohydrates.

Step 2 Burn it off

Fasting is the simplest and fastest method to force your body to burn sugar for energy. Glucose in the blood is the most easily accessible source of energy for the body. Fasting is merely the other side of eating if you are not eating - you are fasting. When you eat, your body stores food energy. When you fast, your body burns food energy. If you simply lengthen out your periods of fasting, you can burn off the stored sugar!

Since type 2 diabetes is merely excessive glucose in the body, burning it off will control the disease.

And that is all you need to do!

After I put all that information together and started my own program of healthy living, I am proud and excited to tell you that in less than 28 days I started to manage my disease.

What did I do? Easy

I created a specific eating and supplementation plan that was extremely easy to follow

I only needed to add a few fruits and vegetables to my dietand a few supplements that could be purchased at any grocery store for less than $20

I held my breath, as I followed the daily plan I had laid out.

After the first week, my blood sugar was a little lowerbut nothing near what I was hoping forwhich made me nervous

But I stuck with itI kept following the simple guideand I kept praying that this would work

And on the 8th day, something remarkable happened

My blood sugar levels dropped dramaticallyfrom 500 to 380

The next day that number was 320

The next it was 280

And on and on it continued to drop until, by day 19, my blood sugar level was sitting at an even 100!

It was amazing; I simply never would have dreamed that I could reduce my sugar so drastically and in such a small period of time simply by carefully adding a few more foods and supplements into my diet.

But there were the readingsright in front of my very eyes.

So, I decided to start reducing both my oral medicationsand my insulin shots, to see if it was just these few small dietary changes that was causing my sugar to drop so significantly.

And as I started taking lower and lower dosages of drugs

Even after I had stopped taking my medication and insulin shots for more than a month

Even as I started taking my readings every few days, instead of four times a daymy blood sugar level stayed right there at an even 100.

Emboldened, I began adding more carbs and starches to my diet.

I figured that since the supplement/nutrition combination I was using would manage all the excess sugar in my body anywaysthat I could try introducing many of the foods I loved back into my diet

Cornbreadhot pastaa refreshing can of Coca Colayou name it

And, sure enough, I was amazed to see that even though I was suddenly eating these no, no foods

My sugar level was still staying right thereright at an even 100.

Well you can imagine how incredible this feeling of relief was

✔ To wake up each morning and know that I would not have to take a single blood sugar reading
✔ Or pop any oral medications that made my stomach upset
✔ Or to ever look at a dripping insulin needle again and mentally prepare myself to be stabbed

It is overwhelmingit is liberatingand it gives you your life back!

Tons of people have asked me for my plan, so I wrote down my story, tips, and advice in an inspirational eBook.

Hello Arnold, two days after my diagnosis I purchased your booklet online. For me that was a true revelation. I have already lost 10 kilos and feel better than ever. (Jonathan V, August 16, 2015)

Finally, Ive found a useful book by an experienced expert with diabetes. I am in the same situation. I have read your book in one sitting. I now take a stand against my type 2 diabetes and I will keep you informed of my progress! (Jimmy K, November 18, 2015)

My story has become an eBook, specifically for everyone who has type 2 diabetes.

Not a scientific publication, but an inspirational story.

You can download it now and start reading it immediately on your PC, laptop, e-reader, or tablet. So, you do not have to wait!

I decided to name it:

If you develop diabetes, your world collapses. Countless questions come up. The most important one you are asking yourself now, is: "Can I manage my life like this?" My doctor told me that with type 2 diabetes - 90% of diabetics have this type - it is possible to get your disease under control and live a normal life.

I did it! I even managed to turn around the development of the disease and went into remission!

My tip to you: whatever you do, do not allow yourself to be guided by those diabetes horror stories you read everywhere


What can you expect from my eBook? After some general explanations about the disease, I tell you my story: how my HbA1c has gone down and how I have already managed to control my diabetes by changing my living and eating habits.

Can you just imagine the absolute joy of finally saying I CAN manage my diabetes?

The feeling of waking up in the morning, knowing that your blood sugar is under your control and will be throughout the entire dayNo matter what you eat, drink, or do

Make a Decision

If you are tired of playing the diabetes game and ready to combat the disease, then I recommend you order the complete Diabetes Type 2 LifeGuard Plan.

This is your ticket to challenging your type 2 diabetes. Will you grab hold of it? Will you take control of your health and follow this simple systematic strategy to take back your life?

Or will you continue to suffer from diabetes until the day it finally takes over and steals your spirit and life.

So, how much does this cost?

I have priced my e-Book affordably, at a rate that anyone can afford. I dont want anyone to be hindered from getting this information into their hands! If you press the BUY NOW button, you will get the Diabetes Type 2 LifeGuard Plan for a one-time payment of $37.

If you are ready to step up and take control of your life, just click the BUY NOW button below.


Some benefits of this program

Analyzes the problem holistically, not just focused on improving the symptoms
Has lots of recipes for easy preparation of the specific foods that have curative properties
Presents some lesser known techniques
Written in comprehensible format


To make your purchase decision even easier, I am proud to offer you an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply contact me within 60 days of your purchase for a full refund. We pride ourselves on getting things right. That does not mean I am perfect, but when I make mistakes I fix them. If you are not happy with your order, get in touch with me and I will give you your money back. It is your choice. It is completely risk free. You will receive a full refund, no questions asked. This is because I want you to be 100% satisfied with my product and I am completely confident that you will be!

You dont have to pay for any shipping costs or hidden fees! My amazing e-book comes in digital format, so right after you have submitted your payment you will get immediate access to all the valuable information. Please do not worry another minute. You will receive immediate help with instant access to my entire protocol! You are just minutes away from getting my life changing information in your hands!


Just imagine how type 2 diabetes can be managed

no matter what your age, no matter how long you have suffered with your diabetes
no matter what you blood sugar levels are right now - before you start the program
no matter if you are over-weight or under-weight
no matter if you are a man or woman

The life you have always dreamed of , but no longer thought you could have, is now just one click away

I know that deep down inside you want more out of your life. You want to feel great and be healthy so that you can do the things that matter the most to you. You want to feel like a capable and productive human being

You want to stop worrying about what to eat, and stop having to schedule your day to accommodate your diabetes, and the drugs that claim to help you control it

You want to live a good life. To live on your own terms again, and to show your loved ones that they have you back, the way you used to be. You want to be the person you always were, but thought you would never be again

If this is what you want, the button to make it happen is right in front of you.

Press it, and get ready to live again!

I know one thing for sure. If you reach out and click that Buy Now button, in just a few short weeks, and for the rest of your life, you are going be so glad that you did.


Life is waiting

To better health,

Author of Diabetes Type 2 LifeGuard Plan

P.S. If you are still here, it means you are not happy with your diabetes. That is good, because it is the first step to getting better.

Waiting and hoping for things to improve is truly the worst idea. Please do not put this off until you have truly life-threatening complication.

So, go ahead and buy now to find out what you have been missing to manage your condition.



i http://www.webmd.com/diabetes/type-2-diabetes-guide/diabetes-causes#1 people with type 2 diabetes produce insulin; however, the insulin their pancreas secretes is either not enough or the body is unable to recognize the insulin and use it properly (insulin resistance ).

ii http://www.ncl.ac.uk/magres/research /diabetes/documents/ Diabetes-Reversaloftype2studyJune15.pdf Newcastle biomedicine - Magnetic Resonance Centre - Newcastle University - Further information on the research on Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

iii http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG /Conditions/More/Diabetes /WhyDiabetesMatters/Cardiovascular-Disease-Diabetes_UCM_313865_Article.jsp/ Diabetes is treatable, but even when glucose levels are under control it greatly increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. Thats because people with diabetes, particularly type 2 diabetes, may have the following conditions that contribute to their risk for developing cardiovascular disease.

iv http://www.diabetes.org/diabetes-basics/statistics/ Deaths: Diabetes remains the 7th leading cause of death in the United States in 2010, with 69,071 death certificates listing it as the underlying cause of death, and a total of 234,051 death certificates listing diabetes as an underlying or contributing cause of death.

v http://www.webmd.com/diabetes/news/ 20110126/cdc-26-million-americans-have-diabetes#1 The CDC says about 26 million adult Americans have diabetes and that 79 million more have prediabetes, a condition that raises the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

vi http://www.diabetes.org/diabetes-basics/statistics/

vii http://patient.info/health/diabetes-and-high-blood-pressure In the UK, about half of all people aged over 65, and about 1 in 4 of all middle-aged adults, have high blood pressure. It is less common in younger adults.

viii http://www.webmd.com/diabetes /news/20080331/ diabetes-increases-heart-attack-risk#1 Diabetes Increases Heart Attack Risk . Findings Point Out Need to Aggressively Treat Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Researchers Say

ix http://umm.edu/health/medical/ reports/articles/ high-blood-pressure Up to 75% of cardiovascular problems in people with diabetes may be due to hypertension.

x https://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/ diabetes/ preventing-diabetes-problems/ heart-disease-stroke Over time, high blood glucose levels damage nerves and blood vessels, leading to complications such as heart disease and stroke, the leading causes of death among people with diabetes.

xi https://www.niddk.nih.gov/ health-information/ diabetes/causes Diabetes is a disorder of metabolismthe way the body uses digested food for energy. The digestive tract breaks down carbohydratessugars and starches found in many foodsinto glucose, a form of sugar that enters the bloodstream. With the help of the hormone insulin, cells throughout the body absorb glucose and use it for energy. Diabetes develops when the body does not make enough insulin or is not able to use insulin effectively, or both.

xii https://www.drugwatch.com/ actos/type-2-diabetes/ Patients with Type 2 diabetes have excess sugar in their blood, which can cause a number of complications, including nerve and kidney damage. The disease is usually treated with medication, but some come with serious side effects.

xiii https://www.niddk.nih.gov/ health-information/diabetes/ types/prediabetes-insulin-resistance Insulin resistance increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. Prediabetes usually occurs in people who already have insulin resistance. Although insulin resistance alone does not cause type 2 diabetes, it often sets the stage for the disease by placing a high demand on the insulin-producing beta cells. In prediabetes, the beta cells can no longer produce enough insulin to overcome insulin resistance, causing blood glucose levels to rise above the normal range.

xiv https://intensivedietarymanagement.com/ new-paradigm- insulin-resistance-t2d/ Then there is the central paradox of hepatic insulin resistance. Let me explain. Insulin has two major actions on the liver. Remember that insulin goes up when you eat. It tells the body to stop producing glucose in the liver (gluconeogenesis) because there is lots of glucose coming in from the stomach (food). This is mediate through the FOX01 pathway.The second major action in the liver is to increase the production of fat (De Novo Lipogenesis (DNL)). This is to deal with the incoming flood of glucose that the body cannot use right way. This is mediated through the SREBP-1c pathway.

xv https://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information /diabetes/types/ prediabetes-insulin-resistance Over time, insulin resistance can lead to type 2 diabetes and prediabetes because the beta cells do not keep up with the bodys increased need for insulin. Without enough insulin, excess glucose builds up in the bloodstream, leading to diabetes, prediabetes, and other serious health disorders.

xvi https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/ nutritionsource/ carbohydrates/added-sugar-in-the-diet/ Theres no nutritional need or benefit that comes from eating added sugar.

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Diabetes Type 2 LifeGuard Plan

Diabetes Type 2 LifeGuard Plan

Diabetes Type 2 LifeGuard Plan

Diabetes Type 2 LifeGuard Plan
Diabetes Type 2 LifeGuard Plan
Diabetes Type 2 LifeGuard Plan
Diabetes Type 2 LifeGuard Plan
Diabetes Type 2 LifeGuard Plan
Diabetes Type 2 LifeGuard Plan
Diabetes Type 2 LifeGuard Plan
Diabetes Type 2 LifeGuard Plan
Diabetes Type 2 LifeGuard Plan
Diabetes Type 2 LifeGuard Plan

Diabetes Type 2 LifeGuard Plan

Diabetes Type 2 LifeGuard Plan Release Video

Diabetes Type 2 LifeGuard Plan

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