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Fundraising Idea

laughed when I said that I would run the next fundraising event
but their faces changed when I gave them a pile of cash and you can do it

Learn the easy

way to make money for your organisation

The Ultimate Guide To


Finally! A simple 21
Step Plan that lets you run the most successful
fundraiser that your group ever has..

Lets show you how
you can get a significant income for your group and it is so
easy anyone can follow this easy step by step plan.
Not only that but your group will have a great evenings
entertainment too.
Have you just been
told that you are now in charge of running this years
fundraiser and that you need to do something that has not
been done before and you are feeling at a loss. You
have never had to do anything like this before........ and all of
the people who have ever done any other fundraising are
suddenly unavailable!!!

What do you do!!!
Imagine this.

A complete simple to follow system that takes
you from start to finish covering every aspect of your
fundraising idea
planning and organising!
A proven plan that will guarantee success every time. No Risks!
No need for any technical skills.
each part of the fundraising idea is clearly laid out with full
every eventuality should disaster strike!

Wouldnt that be something awesome!!!
Well, listen up because we have some marvellous news

A Simple 21 Step Plan for non profit fundraising where you
can make lots of money for your organisation!

I know there are a lot of exaggerated promises and over hyped claims regarding
charity fundraising. But bear with me for a few minutes. You are about to discover a
unique event system that lets you build an income for your groupthat
is childs play to follow and simple to execute.
A system that will show you exactly what to do..
step by step.get sponsors... sell out
the betting and your profits.....get you out of the DODO if it
all goes to maximise your group you everything you need to go from where you are today to
your fundraising idea goals.
This is the closest you will ever get to a step-by-step guide for making money
for your organisation.
We believe that this simple proven system can work for anyone.and we invite you to put our claim to the test. As you will see in a minute we will be showing you in intimate detail what you need to do to
change your fundraising forever!
First lets introduce myself.
Hi my name is Dave and I am writing to
share with you the system I use to consistently make
1000s for my favourite organizations. I uses to be involved in
the scouts and we were always in need of fund to do all of the
activities that we wanted to do.

In the end my brother Steve and I ended up with the job of
raising funds, eventually we became so good at it we found
as chief fundraisers for the district, for that we used other
ideas, but the one I am going to share with you here, is a
great starting point to your fundraising idea.

Any fund raising activity is always a challenging
experience......the most important thing is to make money.
Easy to say but sometimes not quite so easy to do.......we
have done all sorts in the past and some were hits........but
most were marginally what I am going to share
is unusual....... because I can GUARANTEE that you will be
profitable.....if you follow my instructions.

Is it important that you make money from all of your
events?...... Do you want a fun and exciting evenings
entertainment?...... Do you want to ensure your event
runs smoothly?..............Do you want to keep your
costs to a minimum? If you have answered
YES to
each of these questions then this is for you.

I get 3 or 4 phone calls a day from people asking my advise on
this and so I have decided that there is a need for the
product I am pulling together now.

So what have I been talking about........
I am now one of the worlds leading authorities of organising
racenight fund raising events
So what is a race night?
My video below will explain that in a little more detail.....

So what is a racenight? If you have never seen anything
like this before let me explain what a race night is......its
like a race meeting at your club house. It is one of the most
entertaining way to enjoy the excitement of a race meeting
and not have any of the trouble of travelling to the event. You
get the best seats in the house right at the start finish
line and in the very best of private boxes. A racenight event consists of a series of pre-recorded
horse races which are supplied on either VHS video or DVD, its
just like having a day at the races but you can have it at your need to travel miles and you can have it at a
time that suits you.
What I am going to provide is a
full set of instruction on how you can organise your event so
that you cover all of your cost before the event is
run.....thats right all costs covered and your
profits locked
in need to worry.
Not only that, if you follow the
instruction you will probable have made your event the
event that has been run by anybody for ages.....and it is
So I am offering you the
definitive guide to racenight fund raising. Included in the
guide are

Section 1 Emergency Racenight
Section 2 - Before The Event
Section 3 - Day Of The Event

What You Will Need
Plan Of Action
How To Make What You Need
How The Horses Work
Room Layout
Emergency Tote Tickets
Computerised Betting
Odds Calculation Forms
Betting Cheat Sheet
Compere Advise
Emergency Templates For Everything You Need
And Much More!

What Are Your Objectives
What Is A Racenight
How Much Will We Make
How Does A Race Night Work
Planning The Date
Jobs That Need Doing
The Biggest Money Maker!
Fundraising Letter Templates
Tips For Writing Donation Letters
Getting People To Your Event
Additional Fundraising - Massive potential

Your Equipment List
Room Layout
Speaker Sizes And Positioning
Sponsors Enclosure
The Betting - How To Make It A Breeze
Free Computerized Tote
Compere Notes And Ideas
Extra Way To Bet On The Night
Food And Drink Ideas
How To Keep The Floor Clean!
The 21 Step Plan

But Thats Not All!!

I have been running racenights
for a long time and have more experience than I care to think
It is a fantastic evenings
entertainment and everyone can enjoy the excitement of a day at
the races no matter what age.....and thats the thing everyone
can enjoy a great entertaining event.
The good thing about what you are about to learn is how you too
....without any experience or knowledge
.... can from a standing
start become one of the

best event organiser that your club has ever seen. The
information contained in this wok will make you the very best
event organiser that your club has ever had.
Imagine arriving at the next fund
raising committee meet with a complete set of instructions on
how you too can make your evenings entertainment the very best
one that anyone one has ever seen at your group.
Imagine how it will feel
when everyone tells you how great
your fundraising idea was and how much they
enjoyed the entertainment.
Imagine walking in to the fund raising committee meeting and
letting them know that you have managed to raise
more funds
in one
day than they have managed to raise in the last two would that feel to know that your fundraising idea
is the best in ages......can you imagine the looks on
their faces.
Well the information that you are
about to receive will give you all of this and so much
more....more than you can possibly imagine.... this book is
more than 100
pages jam packed with more information than you can possibly
comprehend..... it has everything that you need to run a regular
racenight and also everything that you need to run an emergency
racenight......Just imagine you have just been told that your
racenight supplier who was coming to present your racenight can
now not make it!!!!!!
What are you going to do.....well
this book will help and in less than two hours you will be able to
have a replacement event running..... we provide you with full
instructions and templates for printing and instructions on how
to run such and event and ensure that you and your group will
have a night to remember....and all to save the day...yes that
will be a night to remember.
But that is just the start of the
gold dust that is contained in these 100+ pages of the most
comprehensive guide to running a successful racenight
that has been ever been produced. It gives you all that you need
to make your fundraising idea the very best that it can be......there are
full instructions on how to to get sponsorship
......customers to your to maximise your profits
to make sure that your event is the best event that has ever
been run!
This ultimate guide is your secret
weapon to making the most money for your organisation ever!!
It will take you from the very start of an idea to the final
closing of the event and handing over the cash to the
organisation......just think how great it will be to only need one fundraising event per year!!!! I know many charities who
use their race night as their key fundraiser for the year.
Thats right they only run one
fundraising event per year and that raises enough funds each year for
their organisation
to function for the year......However, like everything in life you get out what you put in...... and like in life
everything is easier if you are taught exactly what to do.....if
your have a mentor so to speak..... someone to
guide you every
step of the way ...... someone to take you by the hand and lead
you through every single step in making your racenight the most
successful event that you have ever done.

The Ultimate Guide To Racenights is your silent teacher....... always available and a
constant source of of inspiration with templates and guides in
all aspects of racenight organisation. Just think back to the
last time you tried to do something new...... how did you go
about starting ....did you ask someone who had done it before?
Or did you just have a go?
Have you tried both options and
which was the most successful.....I am sure that you have had
the most success when someone who has done it before has helped
you.... well The Ultimate Guide To Racenights is here
to be that person who has done it you that
help and encouragement ......providing you with everything you
could possibly need. Everything you need to make your fundraising idea the
most successful event that you have ever run.
Let me tell you a little bit more on what is included
in the 100+ pages of the most comprehensive guide to racenight
fund raising that has ever been written...... but before I do
that let me tell you a little bit more about why I have taken
the time to write this guide.
Since 1979 I have been involved in
running racenights of some description. I started running them
in my venture scout group back then as we needed to raise funds
for a camping trip.... was that really that
long ago!!
Well since then things have come
on a long way. At that time if I had know then what
I know now our income would have been so much
better....I made so many mistakes looking back. I missed out on
some of the many ways to improve the income of those early events.
Our scout hut was smack bang in
the middle of a very busy high street with 100s of shops within
easy reach.....if I had used the techniques in section two of
this book I would have made thousands for the group and so easily....... I
am actually looking back now and kicking myself.
You see we always went back to the
same old people and tried to get money out of them all the
time..... no wonder they became fee tired ( fed up being asked
for money !). At that time I struggled to get a 10p admission
fee thats how bad things had become!!
In hindsight
I put my efforts into all of the wrong areas...... and no effort
into the areas that would generate the most income..... section
two of the book will show you how you can ensure that your event
is profitable before you even open the doors.......thats right
you can make a
handsome profit on your
fundraising idea before the event is
run....make a guaranteed profit in advance. How good would that know that not only are you going to have a fantastic
evenings entertainment but you can enjoy that event knowing that
everything that you make tonight is in addition to the huge
profit that you have made already......the event is just the
extras.....I know that you are thinking how can you make a
profit before the event. Well that is what I have learnt over
the year and that is the experience that you get when you buy
this ultimate guide to racenights.
When I was running those early
racenights we hardly made any profits at all. The only place
that made any money was the racenight companies.....everything
we made went to just did not seem fair....we were
doing all the work and they were making all of the money...but
then I gradually started to change my approach.....changing
things here and there.....then it all started to click and the
cash started to this time I have moved on from
scouts and actually started to run a company that supplied
racenight films. That move increased my exposure to all sorts of
much more experienced fund raisers whom I have taken some of the
very best ideas and made them into this book .
Since that early start I have
supplied 1000s of racenights and spoken with 1000s of avid
fund raisers and I actually get the same questions all of the does the tote work and will we lose
money........what do I have to do to make the most
do I set the room up.....what jobs need doing.......there are so
many questions.....but there are consistent themes through and this book answers them all and a few that you may not
have even though about. You will be surprised how many things
that you do not know about racenight organisation and this book
has everything you need.
So let me tell you a little bit
more about what is included in the book............we have
broken the book into three main sections.....

Section One - How To Run An Emergency Race
What do you do if someone has let you
down and you have two hours to create a racenight to
entertain your paying customers.

This is the moment that none of us ever
want to hear.....the phone rings and its your racenight
supplier.....the car has broken down and they are stuck
100 miles away and they cant get to your venue and they
say sorry....SORRY.......SORRY...... what are you supposed to
do...... you have 200 hundred paying customers turning up
and they will want your guts for garters what are you
going to do!!!!
Just imagine how that would
would get that sinking feeling...what are you going to do are now starting to feel ill as the realisation
suddenly hits what this actually means to you.......this
is your event and you are promised that
this was going to be the best event ever and this is all
about to go so very very wrong.
Well this is
where this section of the book will save your life! In two
hours you can pull something together that will give your
paying clients a great evenings alternative to the event
you had planned but still keep the racenight theme.

You will be
grateful that you purchased this book for the piece of
mind that it will give could think of it as
insurance for any event you have ever or will ever
organise. You can use it as a fill in for just about
anything when you have been let down or even run it as a
fun event for all the family. It can run just for fun if
you are short of something to do for an evening. I have
done several of these for fun in the past for company team
building and they are great fun!!
This sections
includes COMPLETE instructions on what you will need to to
make this event a total success and you can do it all in
two hours......YES two hours is all you need to turn a
potential disaster into to an absolutely fabulous success.
This section includes all of the templates you will need
and a list of the supplies you will require.
There is a
little bit of arts and crafts skills required but most
children have the skills required to make this work. To
get the full details you will need to buy the book Im
afraid but you can even pull it together in less time but
you will not have that professional finish.
But if you need
it quicker it will still work....but but it will not be
quite as professional. You will need two
things - a printer and one special item that is generally
available but I will only let you know that when you buy
the book.!!

There are all the other bits you
need to make it all work easily with printable templates for all
of the paper work you need to run the event. Everything you need
to to work out the odds so the tote is no problem for you and
the templates help make all of these calculations
simple and easy to do. This is the one area I get most requests
for help so we have concentrated on this to make sure that you
have everything you need to ensure that this flows easily and
makes sure that the tote is something else that you do not need
to worry about.
There is also a downloadable
spreadsheet which can work out all of the odds for is a free download and is available to all who
buy the is based on excel but so long as you have
excel then this simple tool will take away all of the pain of
running the tote. it works out live time odds on all of your
races and gives you a running total on your profits for the
whole event. You can set the percentage that is retained by the
charity so that you can ensure that everyone knows how much the
organization is retaining.
The key thing is that everything
that you need to make your emergency racenight a success is
contained in one place. So you have one reference manual to
refer to to be able to deliver a very very successful emergency
So we have the Emergencies
covered!!!! Now lets look at what would usually happen
when everything goes right!

Section Two - What Needs Doing Prior
To Your Fundraising Idea.
The Ultimate Guide To Racenights is all about everything you need to do prior to your event. This section of
the book contains everything you need to know to make sure
that your event runs at a significant profit. All of this
even before you open the doors to your event.
In this section you will learn all of the hints and
tips I have collected during the years to make your event
the most profitable and successful that you have ever had.
The trick with all fundraising ideas is to make sure that
you do not lose money!!!
I know that sounds obvious but you do not want to be
waiting until the day of the event to earn your money.
The best plan is to have made a handsome profit before
the day of the event and for your event to be the icing on
the cake!!!
This section of the book will make sure that this is
the case for your event. No longer will your
fundraising idea be a matter of will have
your profits locked in before the event even starts!!!
How good would that be... a guaranteed profit before your thats the way to do it!!
Included within this section are a host of pre written
templates for everything you need to make your fundraising
idea the best that your group has ever had.
This section also outlines all of the jobs that need
doing to make sure that your fundraising idea runs
smoothly. Not only does it give you a list of the
jobs but also includes a description of what they need to
do. This helps you pick the right person within your
fundraising team to do that job.
There is help with


Date Planning

Profit projections

Extra Fundraising Ideas

Tips On Donation Letter Writing + Templates

Fundraising Event Marketing

And Lots Of Other Tips And Hints

There is a lot more information than that listed
above but you will need to have a look at the book to find
it out. I am so sure that you will find this info
invaluable that I have included a no risk,

full money back 60 day guarantee , but you will see
that in a moment.

This fundraising
idea guide gives you everything you need to make huge profits for
your group.

As I have said before the key to
all fund raising is to make sure that you make a profit before
you start.......not to wait till the event day and hope that you
cover your costs and make a small profit. The simple
21 step plan will ensure that you do just that. It
you step by step through the process of organising your best
ever fundraising event.
You will be the envy of all of
your fund raising committee members..... just imagine for a
moment that you come in with a clear plan for your event need to sit down and think what the heck am I
going to do with walk in and say..... Right here
is what we are going to do.....and you have it all printed out
all ready and you can let everyone on your team have a copy so
that you are singing from the same hymn sheet. No need to
make it up as you go but a very clear,
Tried and
Tested Method that will guarantee your fundraising success.
If you have never done anything
like this before or if you have run events and would like to
improve your charitys return on their investment then
really do need this guide .

Most of the tips in
this book can be used for any fund raising!
The tips on fundraising letter
writing and the templates I have included within the book are
probably worth the price of the book alone. Your first
positive reply will probably cover the cost alone and then you
are into making a real profit for your group. However, to
make this book and even better deal for you I have included some
stellar bonuses, but I will get to them in a minute. Let
me tell you about the third and final section of the book.

Section Three - The Day Of Your
Fundraising Idea Event!
The day of any event is always a worrying
time for anyone but if you have followed the advice
we have provided in the Ultimate guide to racenights
then this part should be a breeze. even if you are
let down by your supplier you have section on of this
guide to help turn a disaster into a triumph..... but lets
hope that all is running to plan.
The guide takes you through you big day.
The guide covers:-

The Equipment You Need

How to Set-Up The Projector And Sound

What Size Sound System You Need For Your

Room Layout

How To Make Your Event Sponsors/Owners
Feel Special

How To Work Out The Betting

And Lots More....

We include a free spreadsheet that will
help you work out all of the odds for your event.
Surprisingly the most common question I get is how do you
work out the odds for the horses so that we do not lose
money! I cover this in great detail....... it is not
a tough as you may think.
I have included a whole host of hints and
tips on making your event a magnificent success and help
with all aspects of the event. Do you know how big
you need the sound system to be for your chosen venue?
Well I show you how you can work that out...... and a
whole lot more!

As you can see The Ultimate
Guide To Racenights gives you everything you need to make your
fundraising idea a success
This guide is the culmination of
over 30 years experience and lots of trial and error!! It
answers every question i have ever been asked in those years and
a whole lot more and gives you the insider secrets on
making your event an incredible success.
Its all very easy for me to say
that a racenight will make you lots of money......but I prefer
to let my clients do my talking and here are a few scans from my
client feedback on the racenight successes that they have had

C Lyall - london

S Ross - St Albans

M Cobden - Ireland

G Coleman - Oxon

S Glennie -

S Ross - Herts

D Thomson - Dorset

Mary - Llanrst

A McGee - Aberdeen

D Thomson - RNLI

J Hollis Davies -

K Corry - Ireland
Now the big question how much is
this going to cost me! Well I have spend quite a few
months pulling all of the information together so you dont have
too. It includes everything you need to run the most
successful fundraising event your group has ever had and
therefore its 25.00+VAT.

Get Instant Access To This Book Now!


(This is book is provided as a download no
physical product will be sent)

I believe that this is a fair
price for all of the information that I have included into these
incredible pages of advice, hints and tips.....but thats not
all if you order within the next 24 hours I am going to include
some incredible bonuses.

# Bonus One #

A 25.00 discount
on a DIY racenight package

Thats right you get what you have spent off your next

As I actually own one of the largest companies
that can provide service around the world I have
decided that if you have bought this book you can
get your money back from me if you order up one of
our racenights. Crazy I know but I felt that
if you have bothered to read my book it probably
means that you will not need to call me for advice
and have saved me lots of time. Therefore I have decided to let you have your
back! I cant say fairer than that can I.

What do you get in our race night
service. Well we offer a full service to our
clients and we offer a whole bunch of different
racenight experiences including Pig and dog races.

The Service You Get

Your Choice Of Races Horses, Pig Or Dogs

Real Betting Slips To Make Your Event Feel
Like Being At The Races

Pre-Printed Racecard/Programme With Funny

Full Courier Service To And From You -
Giving You Piece Of Mind

An Introduction Film - To Play At The Start
Of Your Event To Set The Mood

Payout Calculator Forms - For Working Out
The Odds

A Full Set Of Instructions For Running Your

Free Access To The Download Section Of the

Access To The Poster Builder

Plus A Whole Lot Of Free Online Advice

Our website is one
of the top rated sites on the search engines and
we get a constant stream of thanks from our
clients for the support and service we provide.

are a few scans from our client feedback

think that says it all about the service that you
get from the racenight company and I have a box of
very similar feedback next to me here.

Recommended Retail Price 25

Yours Free If you order within 24 Hours

# Bonus Two #

Fundraising Basics - A Hitch Guide

How to Get The Money You Need For Your

Now any organization can get the
support they need.

Are you in charge of setting up a fundraiser for your
non-profit organization? Youre not used to doing
business dealings, and suddenly everyones relying
on you to bring in some much-needed cash.

The clocks ticking and its time to start getting

You need to come up with a plan. What type of
fundraiser should you have? Who do you contact to make
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Anyone can run a successful fundraiser when they have
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I guarantee your next fundraiser will be the biggest
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Fundraising Basics -
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Whether you want to put together a bake sale, book
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A fundraising event that will impress even the most
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You may never have raised money for anything in your
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Just let me ask...

Who Else Wants To Make Their First Fundraising Effort
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If your non-profit organization is counting on you,
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My 51 page guide, Fundraising Basics - How To Get All
The Money You Need For Your Non-Profit, contains
every dynamite trick. Every must know piece of
information. Every timesaving method. And as many
possible obstacles you might encounter as possible
(Ill even tell you how to prepare for them so they
never happen).

You can download my report straight to your computer
and start your fundraising event in just minutes from

Here is just SOME of the
information you will find inside

When you can NOT advertise your organization
as non-profit (and what to do about it.)
(Page 4)

4 things you must know before you try and
raise one dime. (Page 5)

4 groups that are likely to support your
efforts financially. (Pages 5-6)

6 proactive places to start seeking out
donors. (Pages 6-8)

The secret to contacting fewer potential
donors for greater results. (Page 8)

How to prepare for Fatigue Syndrome. (Page

15 questions to ask yourself when profiling
potential donors. (Pages 10-12)

6 common-sense but overlooked ways to find
untapped pools of donors. (Page 11)

7 reasons why people give to non-profits.
Hint: Learn to use these to your advantage.
(Pages 12-13)

8 imperative details that separates a great
fundraiser from a bad one. (Page 14)

8 questions to ask yourself about your goals
before picking a fundraiser. (Page 15)

70 fundraising ideas that could be the
perfect fit for your organization. (Pages

14 questions that will put your fundraising
idea to the test. Will it really work for
you? (Pages 24-26)

4 reasons a solid fundraising plan will save
your non-profit from disaster. (Page 26)

10 things your fundraising plan must
include. And how to put it together. (Pages

6 reasons volunteers will be eager to work
with you. (Page 28)

How to approach and train volunteers. (Pages

12 items and documents you will need to keep
organized from the get go or else you risk
botching the whole fundraiser. (Pages 30-32)

9 ways youll be talking to potential donors
if you want your fundraiser to be a smashing
success. (Pages 32-33)

6 inexpensive advertising methods you cant
afford to overlook. (Page 34)

What every good fundraising letter should
have inside. (Page 34)

A sample fundraising letter you can copy.
(Page 35)

7 things any great fundraising letter will
accomplish. (Pages 35-36)

How to use emails and the Internet to
maximize your fundraising efforts. (Pages

9 ways to get the most out of face to face
communications. Even if youre naturally
shy. (Page 38)

9 components of a powerful grant
application. (Page 39)

How to take advantage of the power of press
releases to maximize your fundraisers
potential. (Pages 40-41)

7 components of every successful press
release. (Page 41)

4 subtle advertising opportunities. (Pages

4 secrets of the big corporations that you
can likely take advantage of. (Page 42)

7 ways fundraising software can simplify
your efforts. (Pages 42-43)

12 things your website must tell your
visitors. (Pages 43-44)

5 secrets to psychology that will help you
make your case to donors and bring in
donations. Including 7 reasons why they may
say no. (Pages 45-46)

And theres MUCH more - guaranteed!

Will You Make These Fundraising

The mistake most fundraising organizers make is
choosing the wrong fundraiser! Not all fundraisers are
created equal. And if youre going to spend all that
time and effort trying to raise dollars, it better be
for the fundraiser that best suits your needs.

Ive got 70. 70 fundraisers for you to choose
from. (Just check out pages 15-24) Ill help you
decide which one is right for you. In fact,
Ill even give you 8 questions to grill your first
fundraising idea with.

If your first choice cant stand up to these 8
questions, its time to pick a new fundraiser!

You may have absolutely zero experience in
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Hitch Publishing Limited
2010 -

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Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night

Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night

Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night

Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night
Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night

Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night

Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night Release Video

Fund Raising Idea - How To Make Your Group £5,000 in one night

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