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Official Sumo Calendar

Be the earliest to secure your copy of the annual sumo calendar created and printed by the official Sumo association in Japan. #Sumo4life

Sumo wrestling is a competitive full-contact wrestling sport where a rikishi (wrestler) attempts to force another wrestler out of a circular ring or into touching the ground as a result of anything many other than the soles of his feet. The regulating body of the national sport of Japan - Sumo Association of Japan creates an annual calendar to raise awareness and promote the national sport in Japan as properly as globally. The calendars give you a sneak peak into this wonderful world of this martial arts form.
This demand to have calendar is part of the official merchandise created by the sumo association every year. Yokozunas (grand champions) and Rikishis alike can be seen in rare candid poses adorned in their colorful mawashis (belt/loincloth). The images in the calendar trap the sumo wrestlers deeply in concentration previous to their fight, some amidst their pre-fight rituals that reflect Japanese culture from years gone by. This calendar produces for the wonderful gift for friends and spouse and children alike.

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About the calendar
Is this JUST a calendar? No. This is a collectable piece of art that is beautifully crafted to perfection and carries as a result of it all of the culture that sumo as a sport represents. In addition to this, if you choose you can choose two distinct files to complete the set.


1 Official Calendar
1 distinct file (Rikishi - Kisenosato)
1 distinct file (Common Image)




1 Official Calendar
1 distinct file (Rikishi - Hakuho)
1 distinct file (Common Image)




1 Official Calendar



Shipping and refund policy

History of Sumo
Today everyone is familiar as a result of the word "Sumo wrestling" but very few people comprehend how this traditional martial arts form came to be. The exact details of the origin of this sport is unclear, but a large number of historians agree that the current version of the sport originated in the "Edo" period (1603 to 1868) an era of peace and stability in the turbulent history of Japan.
This national sport of Japan is said to be designed around a tradition of praying for a superior harvest of crops. When it was time to plant the crop (mostly rice) sumo exhibitions were conducted in order to predict the years harvest and pray for bountiful harvests. This tradition gradually evolved into an event that used to be conducted for the emperors entertainment. Once it caught on as a result of the public, regular exhibitions were conducted for the people as a result of money from these events going towards constructing distinct temples and shrines. As the popularity of the sport grew, the organizers started putting in put rules and regulations which are followed possibly even to this day.
The reason Sumo wrestling is so famous among the Japanese people is because it is a true reflection of Japanese culture, the vibrant colored traditional dresses, top knots and ancient customs.

Sumo Today
Sumo today is no longer considered a sport but a manner of life. The Rikishis (wrestlers) train in a "heya" which roughly translates to "stable" in English. These heyas are set up and go by "elders" who are typically retired wrestlers. Rikishis are attached to one heya throughout their career where they live and train, their training as properly as many other aspects of their lives are strictly controlled by stable masters providing in a discipline into this sport which is rare to find in any other. One can possibly even secure a glimpse of this fascinating lifestyle by visiting the stables, a hand full of stables allow tourists to visit.

each and every year there are six tournaments organized by the sumo association of Japan. each and every tournament lasts a total of 15 days and they are held all as a result of Japan. There are three tournaments held in Tokyo as a result of one in Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka respectively. The tournaments are held division wise as a result of the junior wrestlers going earliest and the senior a large number of going towards the end. After each and every tournament the rankings are updated based on the wrestlers performance and the rank of yokozuna being given to the grand champion.

with the top of the hierarchy of sumo wrestling sits the Yokozuna. They are highly respected in the sumo world and are expected to lead by example. They are a true testament to the phrase "with awesome capability comes awesome responsibility" as Yokozuna Kisenosato was promoted to Yokozuna status earlier this year making him the earliest Japanese born Yokozuna in almost two decades giving the sport a huge boost in the country showing that the actions of the yokozuna hugely influence the sport.

Yokozuna Kisenosato Yutaka

Nationality - Japanese
Born - July 3, 1986
Promoted - 2017
Status - Active

After being a runner-up in a tournament on twelve occasions he finally won a tournament to become the earliest Japanese born Yokozuna in the past two decades. He has been instrumental in rekindling the attention of the sport in Japan

Yokozuna Kakuryū Rikisaburō

Nationality - Mongolia
Born - August 10, 1985
Promoted - 2014
Status - Active

His father was a university professor and he grew up dreaming of professional basketball, not sumo. with age 14, he decided to devote himself to sumo. He has won several awards for his technique and is considered by many to have a awesome give good results ethic

Yokozuna Hakuhō Shō

Nationality - Mongolia
Born - March 11, 1985
Promoted - 2007
Status - Active

Hakuhō belongs to a spouse and children in the Mongolian wrestling tradition. He made his official debut in March 2001. He holds the record for the a large number of undefeated tournament championships - thirteen with a stretch, which is five much more than any many other sumo wrestler in history.

Yokozuna Harumafuji Kōhei

Nationality - Mongolia
Born - April 14, 1984
Promoted - 2012
Status - Retired

Harumafuji is comprehend for his awesome technique which he uses to help to make up for his relative light weight. He is comprehend for his swiftness and particularly for his initial charge. He has won many awards for his fantastic performance in tournaments.

Sumo Association
The sumo association of Japan, the governing body of Sumo wrestling falls under the jurisdiction of Japanese ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and technology. Joining the association is no painless task, people looking to become members of the association demand to earliest satisfy all the pre determined application necessities previous to being eligible for membership. Membership is frequently inherited or obtained by buying one of the 105 offered shares. The only exception to this rule is when the a large number of successful former yokozuna is offered a one-time membership. each and every of the members is given a role and are expected to help in operating the association including taking up directorial roles in distinct departments. These members are the only ones who are allowed to train new sumo wrestlers with their heyas. The association apart from regulating the sport carries on distinct activities to promote the sport including developing merchandise such as the Sumo calendar.

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Grand sumo wrestling calendar 2018

Grand sumo wrestling calendar 2018

Grand sumo wrestling calendar 2018

Grand sumo wrestling calendar 2018
Grand sumo wrestling calendar 2018
Grand sumo wrestling calendar 2018
Grand sumo wrestling calendar 2018
Grand sumo wrestling calendar 2018
Grand sumo wrestling calendar 2018
Grand sumo wrestling calendar 2018
Grand sumo wrestling calendar 2018
Grand sumo wrestling calendar 2018

Grand sumo wrestling calendar 2018

Grand sumo wrestling calendar 2018 Release Video

Grand sumo wrestling calendar 2018

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