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Guitar Note Mastery How To : Who else wants to totally master a skill that helps youlearn faster,

memorize better, increases your creativity and speeds up your guitar learning progress?

"Forget about using useless note learning methods that dont

workand improve your guitar playing by learning to find any note on your guitar INSTANTLY...with eleven easy

and simple steps to Guitar Note Mastery"

" of the simplest and most useful educational tools

that I have purchased on the internet."

"You wouldnt think that knowing every single note on the fretboard would make that much

difference to your playing, but you would be wrong. All those scale and chord shapes that you

already know suddenly seem to make sense when you intuitively understand where to place them. It

doesnt matter what key - its just so much easier. Craigs ebook is one of the best ways to gain

this vital knowledge and I can honestly say that it has been one of the simplest and most useful

educational tools that I have purchased on the internet. Dont think twice, buy it!"

Gary Gladwin (Milton Keyes, UK)

"I have no problem now at all with remembering any

notes up to the 12th fret."

"After a few weeks following the exercises inGuitar NoteMastery I have no problem

now at all with remembering any notesup to the 12th fret.I have no trouble playing the same

notes in different positions up and down the fretboard.If the instructions are followed as layed

down I dont see why anyone shouldnt improve their knowledge drastically.I did and I dont think

Im much of a musician at all but really enjoy playing."

Albert Leikvoll (NSW, Australia)

"Music Theory becomes real when you understand the


"Guitar NoteMastery is a logical and structured way to learn every note on the neck! I

think this knowledge will help guitar players at any level. For me, really learning the fretboard

helped me quickly find the individual notes, but also to learn the musical intervals and chord

inversions because I "built it in" with my study of the fretboard. Music Theory becomes real when

you understand the fretboard."

Bruce Zwicker (USA)

"Guitar Note Mastery was a real "eye-opener" for


"Dear Craig, I just wanted to let you know that your book, "Guitar NoteMastery" was a real

"eye-opener" for me. As a player who spent a lot of time in the first 5 frets, the book helped me

see patterns that repeat themselves up and down the fretboard - and as you know, once you can see

these patterns, all sorts of opportunities present themselves for playing better guitar. Thanks


R. Narrell (Arkansas, USA)

Dear fellow guitar fanatic,

Howwould your guitar playing improve if you had a COMPLETE mastery of the notes on the


I dont know you personally, but I can guarantee you one thing...

Your progress would speed up. Drastically...

Some of the benefits that youll notice from mastering the fretboard note locations include...


learn how to apply music theory to the guitar much more quickly. This is so important. Whats

the point of knowing theory without being able to apply it to the guitar?

Youll be able to memorize scales, chords and arpeggios much

faster. This will allow you to eventually see them over the entire neck. Which means youll

be able toplay in a much more free way. You wont feel locked into those all too familiar shapes

and patterns.


learn to think like a musician. Great musicians dont just think in terms of scale patterns and

chord shapes. They think in terms of notes.

Your confidence as a guitarist and a musician will sky-rocket.

The most confident guitar players that I teach know their fretboard inside and out.


become more more creative. By knowing the notes on the fretboard youll be able to think of

unique ways of playing scales, chords and arpeggios. This will allow you to develop your own unique

voice in music.

Youll save yourself hundreds (if not thousands!) of hours of

frustration. By knowing the notes on the fretboard youll be able to understand, learn and

memorize things faster.


be able to locate any note on your guitar INSTANTLY. This will make you feel

much more at ease with the guitar...which will help you feel more confident about your guitar playing


As you can see...there are MASSIVE benefits to knowing thenotes on the fretboard...

"I lovedGuitar NoteMastery. Craig makes mastering the fretboard very simple. I

highly recommend this book to anyone trying to learn the notes on the fretboard."

Shelley Lemoine (Edmonton, Canada)

"Awell thought out method of learning the fretboard so easy i was suprised i didnt think of

it myself but it works..."

Tim Williams (UK)

"Easy to read and comprehend. It is a tremendous help in my studies. I would recommend it to

everyone and do."

Rod Farmer (USA)

"Easy to understand practice with. This will be a big help with my progress on the guitar.

Starts from the basics moves forward."

Mark Grubb (Mountain Home, USA)

"If your serious about

learning the guitar. What could be more important than Fretboard Mastery. Craig Bassetts Book

explans Clearly what its simply all about. Highly Recommended."

Peter Seddon (Victoria,


If learning the notes on the fretboard is such a valuable thing to do, why do so few guitarists actually

do it?What are some of theobstacles that may be blocking your road to total

fretboard domination? Lets take a look at a few now...

7 Big Reasons Why Guitarists Often Struggle To Totally Master The Notes On The


They only get their advice from guitar forums. Sure...forums can be an awesome place

toget help fromlike-minded guitar players. But whats the drawback to taking the advice of

people from forums? You have no idea of the qualifications of the person giving the advice! They could be

some 12 year old kid whos only been paying for 6 months!

They dont understand the difference between notememorization and note

testing. Make this mistake and you could end up buying some junk piece of software that

spits out random notes for you to find on your guitar. Not good! This leads to huge amounts frustration for

many people.

They use "memory tricks" only. Memory techniques definitely have their place. But if

you dont have a deep understanding of the logic behind the notes on the guitar, you are definitely

cheating yourself out of some valuable knowledge!

They get their advice from people who arent guitar tutors. People who arent

experienced guitar tutors often explain things in confusing ways. Theyoften dont know how to

communicate things clearly and simply. They also often give inaccurate information as well :-)

They get overwhelmed. There are just so many note learning strategies out there. Its

often hard to tell what ones are good and what ones are an absolute waste of time and money!

Personal reasons. They might be plain lazy. ;-)

They dont have an effective note learning system. All the enthusiasm and hard work in

the world wont help you if you use note learning methods that dont work!

What you need is a proven and step-by-step method of note memorization...

Thats WhyI Wrote The Guitar Note MasteryE-Book...

Over the lastsixteen years of being a professional guitar tutor,Ive tested many different note

learning strategies on hundreds of my students. Ive kept the ones that work and thrown out the ones that

dont.Guitar Note Masterygives you the complete system that I have developed...


learn 11 simple and powerful steps to note knowledge mastery. Its a no brainer! All you need

to do is follow it step-by-step. This structured system is easy to understand, and it works. For


Youll learn 27 note learning exercises. Theres a lot of

variety so that you wont get bored. This makes your learning experience fun and interesting. Which

means youll learn faster.

Youll learn 31 different "Action Steps" that you can take to master the fretboard.


learn best by doing not reading. Thats why Ive included these Action Steps. By taking small actions on a

daily basis your success is guaranteed. You can not fail.

Youll learn 8 ideas to make sure that

youNEVER forget the note locations. The last thing that you want

to do is go to the trouble of memorizing the fretboard, only to forget it six months later! These

ideas ensure that this never happens to you.


gain a total understanding of the musical alphabet. Everything in music involving pitch uses

the musical alphabet. Imagine how much faster and easier youwill memorize scales, chords and

arpeggios with a complete understanding of the musical alphabet.

Youll totally understand how the musical alphabet lies on the guitar

fretboard. Whats the point of knowing about the musical alphabet if you cant play it on

your guitar?


get helpful tips and advice on the best ways to memorize the notes on the fretboard. This will

save you a LOT of time. You wont have to make the same mistakes that I made when I firststarted

to learnthe notes on the fretboard :-)

Youll learn how to make steady note learning progress even if you have

limited time. Even if you can only set aside 10 minutes a day, you can still improve your

note knowledge hugely.


gain a complete understanding of flats, sharps, naturals, double-sharps, double-flats and other

essential musical concepts. This will allow you tolearn more advanced music

theory concepts much more easily.

Youll learn a very powerful accelerated learning technique.

This is a technique used by top athletes, musicians and other peak performers. Using this technique

youll be able to memorize things faster.

Youll learn a couple of great

ways of expanding your chord and scale knowledge.

Why You Can Trust The Information In The Guitar Note Mastery E-Book...

Heres a little bit of background information about me. This will give

you the confidence that the information in the e-book is excellent...

A Short Musical Background Profile...

At the age of 8 I started learning classical piano. This helped me to develop an excellent

understanding of music and music theory. It also helped me to learn some of the practice techniques

used in classical piano. I played piano until I was 17.

I started playing guitar when I was 17. It didnt take long for me to fall in love with the

instrument. I would often practice at least 3 hours each day after school. In the weekend I would

often practice up to 10 hours a day. It would be a fair comment to say that I was obsessed!

I have studied and played with some of the best musicians in New Zealand

including: Noel Clayton, Leigh Jackson, Colin Hemmingsen, Paul Dyne, Nick van Dijk, Norman Meehan

and Roger Sellers.

In 2000 I completed a Bachelor of Music (jazz performance) from Massey University in Wellington,

New Zealand. During my studies I learned about improvisation, composition, arranging, music theory,

ear-training and ensemble playing.

Over the last 19 years I have had experience performing in different musical genres including jazz,

metal, rock, blues and funk.

A Short Teaching Profile...

I have been a professional guitar tutor for over sixteen years and have taught in the

following situations:

High Schools (eg. Pakuranga College, Saint Kentigerns College)

Music Schools (eg. The Music Education Centre, Studio 10)

Master Classes (improvisation and technique development)

Private Teaching (both one-to-one and group settings)

A Few Testimonials From My Private Tutoring Clients...

Craig really knows his stuff. He is an awesome player and more importantly for us students a

fantastic teacher. His lessons are thorough and within the first few lessons I noticed a huge

improvement in technique and knowledge of the guitar. Overall top notch tuition.

Ilija Erakovich: Mt Eden, Auckland, New Zealand

To be a creative musician with the guitar as my instrument has always been my goal in music. Craig

has provided me with the guidance and the resources to achieve my goal. He has widely broadend my

musical knowledge by teaching me things that I have never been taught in any guitar books or from

any of my previous teachers.

Frankie Tsoi: Howick, Auckland, New Zealand

From my very first lesson Craig impressed me as a true professional. The lessons are very well

structured and researched. His techniques for learning and remembering are always amazing.

Dion Flockton: Kingsland, Auckland, New Zealand

I find Craig an invaluable mentor and tutor who has provided me with a lot of encouragement and

insight. Craig is definitely a skilled communicator. After my lesson with him I always find that I

have picked up some new and exciting ideas, and am quite satisfied that I am on the fast track to

reaching my goal of becoming a professional musician. Highly recommended.

Richard Johns: Milford, Auckland, New Zealand

"...a book I can honestly recommend to my


"Guitar NoteMastery is a wonderful tool! I can say that I was like blind about notes in

the fretboard, and getting them approximatelly, just by ear. WithGuitar NoteMastery it

took me some few days to complete the Quiz along the book, and some exercises with guitar, and Ive

jumped into a new world - that of recognizing all notes and building chords - much more easily than

Ive been doing before.

This book is very well conceived - just to make you able to go ahead and access higher levels -

this including that talking and reading about we all need to progress. This is an excellent

working manual - a book I can honestly recomend to my friends."

Carlos Alves (Portugal)

"It has given me new ways to put old concepts into


"Kudos and thanks to Craig Bassett for his willingness to share his musical knowledge with us as

he continues on his musical journey. I have been playing over 40 years and have been receiving

Craigs free newsletter Pentatonic Guitar Lessons seems like almost 2 years or more! Every time I

get it, it gives me new ways of looking at the pentatonics! When I received Craigs book "Guitar

Note Mastery" and opened it, I said "Oh boy". And couldnt read it fast enough. He recommends to

read it through once to get an overview. Then, as you proceed to study it really helps to put

things in order. It has given me new ways to put old concepts into practice. Looking forward to

"Guitar Note Accelerator"!"

Chris Crider (GA, USA)

Guitar Teacher and Performer

Act NOW And Receive The Following Special Bonus For FREE...

Special Bonus: Guitar Note Accelerator (Value


"Seven powerful projects to accelerate your note

learning progress..."

This 62-page bonus e-book contains lots of useful information

and ideasto help you gain a greater mastery over the notes on the fretboard...

Youll learn to see patterns that will help you tovisualize

note locations much more clearly.

Youll learn about note shapes. These powerful tools allow you to

easily visualize a note over the entire fretboard.

Youll learn how you cantake ANY chord that you know and

create dozens (if not hundreds!) of variations.Imagine how this could help your

composing! Youllno longer be stuck playing the same boring chords that everyone

else uses :-)

Youll gain a complete understanding of THE most important scale to

learn for music theory.

Plus much more!

You Cant Lose With My 60 Day, 100% Ironclad,

Money-back Guarantee...

I want there to be absolutely no risk to you.

Thats why I have decided to give you a 60 dayrisk-free money back


"Test drive my new and unique Guitar Note Mastery system for up to60 days. If you

feel you havent made massive improvements to your note knowledge, Ill cheerfully and promptly

give all your money hassles, no arguments, no small print, no questions

asked.To be blunt,Id be embarrased to keep your money if youre not 100%


Now...lets take this guaranteeone stepfurther. I want you to feel absolutely

certain theres no way you can "get taken". Im a respected guitar educator and my reputation

is on the line...

"If you are unhappy with your decision to buy for ANY reason, just let me know

within60 daysand Ill give youa full refund".

You have nothing to lose.

Fair enough? :-)

Heres How To Order Right Now!

The Guitar Note Mastery

e-book and thespecial bonusare available for immediate download. Just click on

the link below...

Your order is 100% secure

(You will be downloading and reading Guitar Note Mastery and the special bonus within a few


All the best,

Craig Bassett

P.S.--Remember: Order now and youll also get the

FREE special bonus valued at $27.

P.P.S.--You have nothing to lose by ordering now. If

you dont like it, just let me know within60 daysand Ill promptly refund all your


Just think how great youll feel when you can

INSTANTLY find any note on your guitar. Youll learn faster, memorize

better, and feel awesome that youre progressing at your fastest possible rate :-)

Secure your copy of Guitar Note Mastery Now: Click here!

"The method is very logical and

easy to implement."

"Guitar NoteMastery is a great resource. The method is very logical

and easy to implement. Im now thinking of what notes Im playing rather than just

following patterns and shapes on the fretboard, and this has really improved my

playing, especially modal improvisation and chord voicings."

Darrell Oosterbeek (Auckland, New


"Craigs method does this in the easiest

way possible, and its fun too."

"I can only speak good things aboutGuitar NoteMastery. This method is

absolutely fantastic. You could buy hundreds of guitar books and never really

understand where the notes are, why scales are formed, etc. With this method apart from

actually mentally visualizing the whole fretboard your playing will improve

tremendously as youll know what will sound good before you actually play it. It

doesnt matter what style you play, knowing where you are on the fretboard is

essential. Craigs method does this in the easiest way possible, and its fun too."

Jose Maria (Barcelona,


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blockers if the links dont open**

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2007-2016 by Craig Bassett

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Guitar Note Mastery

Guitar Note Mastery
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Guitar Note Mastery

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Guitar Note Mastery

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