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Home - Kid Savvy How To : Do you worry about what your kids are getting up to online?
Do you feel helpless to do anything?
Is your lack of understanding of technology a worry for you?

Well, I am guessing like the majority of responsible parents you have answered YES to these questions
Dont worry though, you are certainly not alone
Over 72% of parents when asked in a recent survey said they had concerns about what their kids get up to online
The digital era has grown so quickly over the last few years that many parents now find their kids are constantly fixed to a screen or connected to the internet somehow
And this can cause all sorts of unwanted problems
Weve all heard the stories such as
Cyber Bullying many parents wont be aware of how difficult this can be for children, but cyberbullying is one of the most far-reaching issues facing children today
Online Grooming strangers can aim to take advantage of a childs naivety and inability to protect themselves from dangers
Inappropriate Content Pornographic, violent, gambling and ideological content can be inappropriate for children that are still maturing
Identity Theft A childs identity can be stolen just like an adults can, so its important to ensure you and your child understand the importance of personal data privacy
Online Reputation Your childs online reputation can be affected by what they publish and post online. This can stay with them throughout their lives
If any of this rings a bell then listen up because as a responsible parent myself I am going to show you how to take back control so you know exactly what is going on
With all the different devices in your home
I am going to show you how to limit the time your kids are on social media and other websites
With one very simple step
You will be amazed just how easy it is to do
In fact by the end of this presentation you will understand all there is to know about what kids get up on their devices
And how to take back control

Hi, my name is Mark Walker
Myself and my brother Rob are IT specialists. I am also a parent to 2 kids and Rob has 3 children, 2 of which are teenagers. My message is very simple. Managing technology and what your children are doing is easier than what you think the trouble is until now there has been no one to help you and give you this vital information. There is no getting away with it. Technology is all around us and it is impossible to avoid it. It is fast becoming a vital part of our everyday lives and even more so for our children and their futures. A couple of months ago we were attending a family event and the conversation turned to the internet, and how much time kids spend on their phones.
Now, for us working within the online industry we are in control of what our kids do online. We understand the latest apps and the new online trends. We know how to control what our kids look at and how to limit the time they spend online, and we just took this for granted. But what struck us was that many other parents did not know this and how worrying this was for them, So we decided to share our knowledge and help other parents.

Our goal is to educate you in simple and easy parent proof steps so you can learn what to do
Like I said it is really simple and you dont need to go to night school or techie classes. In fact, you dont need any technical skills whatsoever. One of the most worrying aspects of kids online is what they are exposed to We have all read and seen it. The bullying that goes on Who they are chatting to And what advertisers are trying to get your kids to buy You hear some horror stories in the media and no parent wants to find themselves in that situation. If you are like me you will know most kids are very secretive with their phones. If you ask to see what they are doing they get very offended and you are seen as the bad guyTooltip Text

Now, wouldnt it be great if you could learn and control what they are doing

Without all the hassle
Without the sulks
And without any tantrums

What I am about to teach you will not only open your eyes to a world
You probably did not know existed but will also improve your own online experience as well. I can guarantee your children will be impressed with your new-found knowledge. And be more inclined to include you in their online world unless you were born after 1990 most of us did not grow up in the digital age. Me and Robs childhood was spent more outdoors and I guess yours was too?

When our mum wanted us home by a certain time she did not have the luxury of calling our mobile phones to remind us. The technology did not exist back then. Anything to do with computers was the stuff of science fiction and James Bond movies. How times have changed hey? Now it is all about parenting in the digital age. And for many of us this is something we find difficult as we do not simply understand it. Any skills we have learnt about technology.
We have had to learn in the last 10 years, and most adults have limited online skills. As a role model to your children it is important to be mindful of what technology they are using we all want to protect our children but by just hoping for the best and thinking it will never happen to me is a chance most parents do not want to take and you dont have to We will teach you what you all need to know.

Innocent searches can sometimes reveal not so innocent results
Online radicalization is an ever growing concern for parents in the digital age as children can be introduced to ideas you may not want them to know about sexual messaging and image sharing between children, otherwise known as sexting, whether that be boyfriends and girlfriends or people theyve met online can result in massively unwanted consequences.
Children can use the internet to educate themselves about self-harm and surprisingly easily connect with others who are active in self-harm communities. If youre worried about what your child is searching for online, who they are talking to or what theyre seeing, we can help.

We will show you the hidden secrets you dont even know exist on your IPhone and other Smart phones

How to track where they have been
How to limit the times when certain websites can be accessed
And how to turn them off altogether if you need to
You will also learn about the latest trending apps such as Snapchat and Yellow
Some of the trending apps you will have never even heard of but your kids will be using them
Well show you how they work
What you need to know as a parent
And what security implications there are
All in a simple and easy-to-follow series of video tutorials
You simply follow our lead

We will also show you some hidden secrets about the most popular apps and websites such as Facebook, YouTube and other popular sites. You may think because you are on Facebook that you have things in hand. The trouble is Facebook is seen as old hat by many youngers and just uncool. They have moved onto much more trendier apps to where us old folk hang out. And in many cases we are totally blind to what goes on.

Like I said, it is time to get KidSavvy and get to grips with what is going on
Once youre armed with this knowledge you will be in control and have the comfort of knowing you are doing as much as you can to keep your kids safe. As a KidSavvy member you will get alerts of any new apps that are trending and we will cover this in easy to follow short video tutorials. We will explain how they work, how they affect your children, and let you decide if it okay for your child to use.
You see KidSavvy is NOT about telling what to do.Its about showing you what technology your kids are using online and then letting you decide if it is appropriate for your children to use. All you need to do is watch and learn and make any changes you see fit to do so.
If you choose to, you can keep updated for a small monthly fee and be kept informed and up-to-date as and when things change. You will get alerts sent to you. We will be with you all the way, side by side
Keeping you in control Empowering you as a parent!
KidSavvy will help you as a parent in 3 very specific ways

Learn about it Youll easily be able to familiarize yourself with any issue your child may be facing or anything that you may be concerned about.
2. Talk about it Youll quickly gain the confidence to have positive conversations about specific issues; keeping the dialogue open and honest.
Deal with it Youll master the practical side of the technology so youcan deal with anything that comes up regardless of how challenging it may seem!

Come and join the growing number of parents who are KidSavvy members and start parenting in the digital age click the link below to become a member today. Take charge of your safety. Take charge of your kids safety. Once youre a member of KidSavvy your entire family will feel more confident, informed and safer online. One of the biggest challenges is knowing how to get started. As much as getting started is important, I think its even more important to start at an accelerated speed!

Lets review what youre getting

Take back control so you know exactly what is going on
Limit the time your kids are on social media and other websites with one very simple step
Fully understand the latest apps and the new online trends
Become educated in simple and easy parent proof steps so you can learn what to do and how to do it!
You dont need any technical skills whatsoever
Learn and control what they are doing, without all the hassle, without the sulks and without any tantrums!
Protect your childrens safety by taking back control and not simply hoping for the best
We will show you the hidden secrets you dont even know exist
Eliminate all the nasty things like cyberbullying, online grooming, inappropriate content, identity theft, online reputation, online radicalization, sexting and self-harm
Open your eyes to a world you probably didnt know existed
We will teach you what you all need to know!

Im so confident that KidSavvy will help you become the most empowered parent on the planet!
Teaching you everything you need to protect your children in the online digital world. Giving you everything beyond any other course you may have seen
I stand behind our 60 Day, 100% Risk Free, Money Back Guarantee..
If for some reason you arent completely satisfied with KidSavvy, simply request a refund within 60 days of your purchase for your money back. Guaranteed!
Yes, You heard that correctly!
If for any reason you arent 100% satisfied with KidSavvy and how much better your life and your childrens lives will be after implementing our easy to follow strategies Simply request a refund within 60 days of your purchase and we will give you all your money back.

Heres what you need to do next...

Name :

Email :

Click the Buy Now button to get started.

As soon as you complete your purchase youll be taken to a page where you can access your membership to KidSavvy in an instant so you can start right away and take back control and become Parent Savvy!

Click the ADD TO CART button now and Ill see you on the inside!

Only $39.99

There will be ongoing new content added on a monthly basis for which it will cost $9.99 per month. You can cancel at any time.

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