Indian Recipes : FIVE STAR INDIAN RECIPES 1000+ Chef Style Recipes of Indian Food Cuisine Contact Me

Indian Recipes : FIVE STAR INDIAN RECIPES 1000+ Chef Style Recipes of Indian Food Cuisine-Tip-on-How-to

Indian Recipes : FIVE STAR INDIAN RECIPES 1000+ Chef Style Recipes of Indian Food Cuisine How To :

Tried Tested Delicious Chef

Collection of more than 1000
chosen Indian recipes

are the Best Indian recipes
compiled by Award winning Five star chefs
of India. A Collection of Delicious Indian recipes
beautifully arranged
covering everything
of Indian cooking.

More than
1000 Mouthwatering
to choose.

Make wonderful Mouthwatering
dishes at home and surprise your loved ones, friends and relatives.
It is not just a collection of recipes,




E-book has detailed step-by-step instructions, which actually shows, you how
Indian 5

e-book is very easy to use and the finished dish came out as good as
any Indian restaurant. I have prepared variety of Indian
dishes from this, for my family friends and have received nothing
but Praise.


Texas, USA

Serve Chef
Delicious Indian cuisine to your family and friends

Everyone will be shocked at your
success in cooking

Learn the
Secrets of Professional cooking
from these
5 star chefs

Every recipe in this book is written in

Simple English
Easy-To-Follow steps.




will delight every Indian food lovers. Beautifully
arranged in full color
and packed with new recipes specially chosen by Award winning Chefs.

This e-book will be
a your treasure
of information and guide for
both beginner and any master chef.
You will get everything you need to make a complete meal or a quick-make meal.

Do not
spend Hours Hours for cookingYou dont have to spend
hours and hours for cooking. Our Chefs have included time-saving hints and tips
for most of the recipes.

of the recipes are easy to prepare, and sure to please everyone. You can get
the ingredients from any Indian grocery store.

Every single recipe is
accompanied by a full ingredients listing with accurate
measurements detailed Methods of preparation.

Step by Step methods
to get the real taste and aroma as you get it in an Indian Restaurant. Follow
the simple instructions and achieve superb results every time
you cook.

Hi guys, these recipes are really 5
Star ! I made 7 different dishes using your e-book and the response
was great ...

-- Rosemary Samuel

Texas, USA

Chicken Curry, Korma

Chicken Tikka Masala

Vindaloo, Tandoori etc

Naan, Rotis Breads

Rice Biryani

Veg Non-Veg Dishes

Jalfrezi, Reshmi Chicken

Soups Rasams

Spice Blends

Starters, Snacks, Salads

Curries and Pickles

Chutneys and Sides

Desserts Beverages

And Much More!

Your recipes made me a great cook -
before I canteven cook. My wife really liked the Egg Moglai

--Dilkesh Kapoor

New Delhi, India

How Many recipes are there in each Category?

Summary of Recipes



Included in this eBook


(Veg Non-Veg)



(Veg Non-Veg)






Breakfast Recipes














Naan, Chappatti etc..)



(Lassies, Shakes etc)




Chicken Curry

The easy methods in
this eBook will help you to make the Traditional Hot
Spicy Indian Chicken Curry as you might have tasted from
popular Indian Restaurants.

Its simple !! Try
it Out.

The ingredients are detailed with
the correct proportions to have the final outcome with the
real flavour from India.

Try out the Simple
Cooking methods of the fine Indian Cuisine. Make
Restaurant like dishes at your home and surprise your
family friends.
This Book
will be your Ultimate collection of Indian Recipes. With
over 1000 recipes at your home, you do not have to search
any more for Indian Recipes. It will be a Great add-on to
your Recipes Collection.

What is an E-Book ? Why should I buy an E-book?

Waiting after Order


NO Shipping charges

NO delivery charges

NO storage space required

Quick Search of any Recipe

to read anywhere

Convenience of carrying around

And many
More !

dish that I have made from this book has been Splendid. I
knew this book is a winner. I have bought several Indian
cookbooks but I use this one the most often. I would undoubtedly
give this book my Highest Rating.

-- Mrs. Aruna Rahul

London, UK

When can I get my Recipes
book after I order ?
You can instantly download the e-book after
your order. Within minutes you can try out one quick recipe from this
Why selling so cheap?

We save on expensive shipping
handling fees. Low production cost since it is being made in a digital media and
distributed over the internet.

Usually an Indian Recipe book of
about 100 recipes will cost you around $40. This includes printing cost,
shipping, handling and all other administration costs. Our e-book with 1000
Indian recipes is equivalent to 10 times of the above book and costs much less
than that.

1000 Indian Recipes will be an Asset
for your cooking!
below for the screen shot of the cook book.

Look out for
the Bookmarks on the left side for Easy Navigation. You
can click on the + sign on the Bookmark to reach every
individual recipe under each category with a simple click.
As it is an eBook, you can also search for your favourite
recipe with Find option. A detailed clickable Table of
Contents is also there at the begining of this eBook.
This colorful Book has been Beautifully arranged with
detailed Ingredients and Step-By-Step Methods of
Preparation for every Recipe.


Not satified ? We
will give you FULL REFUND - No Questions Asked

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Free Bonus Gift No. 3
300 Quick and Easy Sandwich Recipes
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Within the pages of

Delicious Sandwiches Recipes,
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selection of unique variations

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Indian Recipes : FIVE STAR INDIAN RECIPES 1000+ Chef Style Recipes of Indian Food Cuisine

Indian Recipes : FIVE STAR INDIAN RECIPES 1000+ Chef Style Recipes of Indian Food Cuisine

Indian Recipes : FIVE STAR INDIAN RECIPES 1000+ Chef Style Recipes of Indian Food Cuisine

Indian Recipes : FIVE STAR INDIAN RECIPES 1000+ Chef Style Recipes of Indian Food Cuisine

Indian Recipes : FIVE STAR INDIAN RECIPES 1000+ Chef Style Recipes of Indian Food Cuisine Release Video

Indian Recipes : FIVE STAR INDIAN RECIPES 1000+ Chef Style Recipes of Indian Food Cuisine

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