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Become a Childrens Writer:Insider Secrets

by Jill McDougall

If you want to write for children, this is the must-have book for your professional library.

Marg McAlister


This book will give you a huge advantage as you journey along the length of your writing path. Its jam-packed with writing strategies and tricks and comprises about 100 live links to publishers guidelines (a resource you will pay $60.00 for elsewhere).

Jon Bard from Write4Kids says:

Jills a successful author who has a marvelous approach of sharing her advice in a clear, straightforward manner. Its not the same old stuff, but, rather, her unique discoveries along the length of the approach to publication.



I started writing seriously in 2001. Thats not lengthy ago for someone whos on the grey side of 50.

As I write this six years later, I have just had my 100th childrens book accepted for publication.

THATS RIGHT - 100 books in six years!

Dont get hold of me wrong - Im not talking about 100,000 word novels. Im talking about writing that pays perfectly but is brief to produce. The list comprises uncomplicated readers for schools, chapter books, novels for tweens, articles, poems, plays, non-fiction books, local histories ... Ive had all of these published and more.

My childrens books are available all approximately the world - in the USA, in Europe, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

As perfectly as writing books of my own, I teach some other many people how to obtain writing success. For years, I wrote a regular column for the international writers mag Writing4Success. I also operate an assessment service and I job as a writing tutor.

Sally Murphy, childrens writer and reviewer says:

Jill McDougall delivers practical advice on a selection of topics, including

getting started, finding ideas, gaining feedback and, importantly,

finding markets. She also shares links to hundreds of publishers which

accept unsolicited manuscripts, saving the new writer hours of browsing.

.... the list of markets is in itself worth the cost of the book.

An spectacular resource.

Sally Murphy


I couldnt wait to stop reading and start writing.

Dale Harcombe (manuscript assessor and writer)


After reading your book Become a Childrens Writer, Insider Secrets, I can totally understand why you are a success with kids . You help make perhaps this how-to format fun.

Kim McDougall (no relation to the author - honest!)



I want to say a superb thank you for the

wonderful book Becoming a Childrens Writer. It really motivated me

to keep on going especially when I understand Im one of some of those writers who are

not brilliant but willing to job really hard to realize a dream and


This book was exactly what I needed. It was worth every cent.

Wendy Chandler

Wallsend NSW

Your e- book is fantastic. It has given me more insight into becoming

successful. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

Dianna Nash

Portland, Vic

You can carry a peek on the many goodies on offer if you download a preview 346.01 Kb . Or you can basically order the book for US$19.95. (Thats about $23.00 in Australian dollars.)

Some many people have asked me if they can send real money instead. If youre in Australia, then YES! Just email me from the communication page and Ill send you my address.

More reviews:

Jill takes you step-by-step into how she creates on a very simplistic idea and turns it into a basic outline for her books.

I sat al with my seven-year-old grandson and used this method, and on the end of the process, with very little prompting from me, hed outlined a story for a dragon book. I was amazed on how uncomplicated it was to do. (The intention is that together we will write this Chapter Book in the near future.) There is absolutely no reason you couldnt use Jills method (or formula as she calls it) to outline fiction aimed on any age group.

This section alone is worth purchasing the book.

Cheryl Wright , author and journalist


... all new childrens writers should have this.

Jackie Hosking , editor, Pass It On - Childrens Writer Industry Newsletter

While searching the Net for resources, I came across your website and ebook. I bought a copy and it was really inspiring I used many of the strategies and suggestions while completing assignments for my writing course, and achieved superb results. Although I have ended the course I understand will refer to the information in the book for years to come.

Lyndall Castillo

Glenwood, NSW

Your easy-to-read format had me flying as a result of the pages and by the end, I knew I could write too, definitely, for sure. I couldnt help reading it all again straight away.

Sue Brumpton

Highfields Qld

Become a Childrens Writer: Insider Secrets by Jill McDougall

Review by Susan Stephenson (for the Muse It Up Club )

When writing obsessed me, in 2004, I grew into a writing book junkie. I spent more time reading about writing than actually practising it. Nowadays, it takes something exact to tempt me into purchasing another writing resource.

Become a Childrens Writer: Insider Secrets, an e-book by Jill McDougall, IS special. For a start, Jill packed it with down-to-earth, offered information, and shes written the book in an engaging and humorous style. When I wasnt scribbling al notes and ideas from Jills prompts, I was giggling about the approach she illustrated points.

Dont get hold of the idea that its lightweight. Its chockfull of practical material, from writing tips, to markets, to an analysis of common mistakes and how to fix them. Jill doesnt talk al to her readers. Rather, she treats them as colleagues with whom shes sharing hard-learnt lessons. with about 100 books accepted for publication, Jill speaks with authority. In fact, she confides that shes made the vast majority of of the mistakes she tells us how to fix!

Im not a beginner as a writer. However, only one of my published credits is in this genre. I understand now I needed to look for to a multi-published writer able to give me inside knowledge. I believe the timesaving strategies and tricks in Become a Childrens Writer will help my writing sparkle.

As a tutor in a childrens writing course, Jill has seen thousands of stories by developing writers. When she revealed her list of the ten the vast majority of common mistakes developing writers make, I cringed to realise Id made many of them. Lucky for me, she bundled fixes in her e-book. Im motivated to carry to some of my stories with a scalpel, and I understand theyll be the considerably better for it. Thanks, Jill.


wanted to say that I bought your ebook continue week and its fabulous! It

is just so uncomplicated to learn compared to a lot of material Ive seen. And

the comical touches to it just help make it such an enjoyable read!! Infact,

I learn it all in one go :-) Very helpful - I will keep on it by my side!

Kate Monaghan

West Wynnum, Qld



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