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The problem along with a paleo diet is you cant eat the superior stuff...
launching PaleoQue Now you can be eating just like a Homo Sapien and not a Neanderthal. Learn paleo pattern BBQ from an 8x Grand Champ, Bill Anderson (a World renowned Homo Sapien BBQ expert along with a cave extensive of trophies to prove it).

Watch this 5 minute video first...

Dear Caveman (or Cavewoman):
Q: Did cavemen boil ribs and crockpot Boston butts? Did they roast briskets in an oven?
A: Hell No! I wouldnt feed crockpot BBQ to my pet dinosaur!
They cooked throughout an open fire they were the primary to discover the smoke blend and flame kissed goodness we now learn as BBQ.
Now, you can toss out that crockpot pulled pork and replace it along with smoked Boston butts so delicious that youll forget all about the fact youre supposed to be on a paleo diet.
Why boil ribs or cook them in an oven when you could be eating championship smoked ribs real caveman ribs smoked throughout real fire.

Give the greasy fried do-do bird the boot now you can be dining living room just like a King or Queen on 1st spot competition chicken.
Tough as T-Rex steaks are a thing of the past after you start baking the means I show you how in PaleoQue...

Ill tell you my secret brisket recipe that made me the top brisket cook in the world in 2013.
Ill show you how to reverse sear a steak using the Finney method (He lives in Savannah too and he personally showed me the technique that he pioneered). Finney can move a regular determination ribeye into a tender steak so prime youd
think you were dining living room by Delmonicos.
Ill also teach you how to bbq grill up some melt in your dental filet mignon on a ribeye budget (this secret alone will pay for the price of the book many times throughout ).
Ill show you how to slow smoke several other main dishes too. All championship leve just like turkey, sausage, glazed ham, roasts, whole hog, fancy jellyroll cuts, meatloaf, bacon, beef ribs (dinosaur bones), oysters, and fish.
And dont forget about people all important competition rubs, sauces, injections, marinades, glazes, spritzes, and such. All included.
And just forget about boring side dishes Youll now be feasing on Brunswick stew, grilled mixed vegetables, BBQ hash, Savannah red rice, smoked vegetable casseroles, bacon wrapped shrimp, salsa, and smoked mixed nuts.
Deserts so unique and delectable, youll be fighting by the dinner table to grab the carry on one - mind your caveman manners now! smoked stuffed apples, smoked mango, and smoked pineapple.
several other dishes too among them smoked breakfast casserole, smoked quiche, Billy chili, smoked deviled crab, smoked lasagna, smoked butternut squash, and smoked and stuffed bell peppers.
As the cavemen and cavewomen say Um Good!

And dont worry if you dont have a smoker yet, PaleoQue has a whole chapter on equipment selection. You can perhaps use your BBQ bbq grill as a smoker. Youll perhaps pick up a complete list of smoking woods and how to use them. Just just like a fine
wine is paired along with a meal, smoke blend is paired along with your BBQ. If you are ready to start your new, exciting paleo diet now, click the button below. If you desire additional info, just hold reading...

Heres a little about me
Im Bill Anderson, head pitmaster on the Chatham Artillery BBQ Team and 8x Grand Champion.
Im going to help you to smoke competition leve BBQ in your own cave too! You see, I wasnt always an expert BBQ pitmaster... I started out in my back yard just like everybody else. I thought I was pretty superior by it too - having perfected
a few barbecue tested recipes that delighted my friends and family.
Then one day, I was asked to help my brother-in-law by a BBQ competition along in Douglas, GA. We took 2nd spot ribs in the back yard division and we were hooked. We moved on up to the pro division and ran into some serious roadblocks.
As it turned out, people guys in the pro division dont mess around... they carry their BBQ seriously!
It was crysta that my back yard barbecue tested recipes were not going to cut it. So I practiced and practiced and practiced some more. I needed testers and persons to eat all people trial runs, so my friends and relatives loved it! But it was
costing me a minor fortune.

Still, our competition scores were not up to par.
Competition after competition we sat there and watched while the several other teams walked to pick up their checks and trophies. I found out real rapid that BBQ judges were a lot different than my friends and family. BBQ judges will insult
your barbecue skills in a heartbeat (with bad scoring) - friends and relatives will always tell you your BBQ is terrific no matter what.
And therein lies the significant difference...
Being a competitive person, I was determined to get the leap to competition leve BBQ recipes
and not be satisfied along with back yard leve anymore. After all, winning isnt everything, its the ONLY thing.
I did some judging and I took a $750 class to figure out blend profiles and several other things the judges were looking for. These things, along along with my own knowledge is what allowed me to go on to win 8 contests throughout the next 2 years -
I was winning every several other contest I entered! Yiiiippppeeee!
I had earned some serious bragging rights!
Not only was I king of my neighborhood, but I was king amongst professional barbecue teams too.
Now, I want to teach you all my secrets that cost me a minor fortune to figure out !
So you can be the king (or queen) of your cave too.

Dont carry my word for it, heres just a minor sampling of many, many satisfied students...
Note: These quotes are about my primary book Competition BBQ Secrets. Just about all that info except the competition stuff is in PaleoQue...
I dont learn if this a real success story or not, But it is for me! I have been BBQing for throughout 67 years and it has changed a lot in my time. When just a short time ago I got Your book and found out that I had no additional idea then a Jack Ass of what I was trying to do. I had entered in two contest preveiously and came in dead LAST! I thought You cooked your meat piled the top you had in a box and turned that in. WRONG! This past weekend I entered in Knoxville, Tn. and came in 9 th overall. along with a 2nd in chicken, 14th in ribs, a 7th in brisket and 15th in pork.... Col. Dave Franks, long-term time US Army cook, author of Foods of the Southland, Alex Haleys private chef, and head pitmaster for Lil Red Barn BarBQ Team
Hi Bill - My brisket turned out terrific I have been trying to smoke one for throughout ten years every time it would come out waterless just like boot leather. I learned so much from your book Im going bear hunting in Colorado in September cant wait to try it again for all my hunting buddys. I hope you get the finals would love to try a pros BBQ in AR hold me updated you have made my wife and baby so happy that I can finally smoke a brisket!!! Tim
Bill,Wanted to let you learn that your book is wonderfull , so much info. We used some of your suggestions along along with our ideas and were grand champions by our 1st BBQ cookoff. Everyone should pick up your book--packed extensive of info. Tom Mashos Fossil, Oregon-- Smokn heated BBQ Team
good Ill be! After three years of cook-offs, one trophy here, one trophy there. I bought your book, I browse the dang thing by least five times. This past week-end, the relatives Tradition cookers took reserve grand champs for the primary time. IBCA cook in Willis Texas, 2nd chicken, 3rd ribs (highest ever), 9th in brisket. I appearance forward to your next email and any new books and recipes.Thanks a bunch. Erik
terrific book. Very informative for people not only wanting to begin competing in BBQ but for the general property BBQr as well. - Michael M

We are Grand Champions of...

Hasan Shrine Spring Festival 2009 - Albany, GA (FBA) Some of the top teams in the Nation were there and we took 2nd in chicken, 2nd in brisket, and 1st in pork.
Blue Ridge BBQ tracks Festival 2009 - Tryon, NC (KCBS) There were 78 teams present by this KCBS event. We placed 1st in ribs.
(very rare back to back win!) Blue Ridge BBQ tracks Festival 2010 - Tryon, NC (KCBS), Back to Back wins! There were 87 teams this year. We took 2nd in chicken, 4th in ribs, 13th in pork, and 4th in brisket.
Festival of Discovery 2009 - Greenwood, SC (KCBS) There were 58 teams present by this BBQ contest and we placed 2nd in brisket.
Pigs Peaches Festival 2009 - Kennesabbq contest grand championw, GA (KCBS). There were 43 teams present and we placed 1st in ribs, 2nd in chicken, 4th in pork, and 3rd in brisket.
Florida State BBQ Championship (KCBS) by Daytona International Speedway on July 4th weekend 2010. Some of the top teams in the Country were by this measures wealthy event on July 4th weekend.
2010 Dillard, GA Bluegrass Barbecue Festival along with a surprise 1st spot brisket and a superior 6th spot chicken. A superior showing along with 15th in ribs and 14th in pork round out the grand.
2010 "The Real Squeal" Lyons BBQ Bluegrass Festival in Lyons, GA. We were 4th in chicken, 3rd in ribs, 3rd in pork, and 2nd in brisket.
2013 Sams Club Tour Finals in Bentonville, AR. 1st spot brisket! We can legitimately claim to be the top brisket cooks in the Country after winning brisket in this playoff pattern series and also 3 several other 1st places and a 2nd in
brisket this year.

Benefits of your new paleo diet eBook....

eBooks are in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format and you will be directed to the download page immediately after payment.
rate - you will receive it immediately and shipping is FREE.
Save a Tree - Do you learn how much methods are used to create a paper book?
Live links - throughout the book, there are many, many references to external web pages that contain a wealth of information that you desire to read. along with the eBook, just click on
the blue "hyperlink" and you will instantly go to that web page.
Bookmarks - The on the whole table of contents is "bookmarked" for your convenience. Just click on a chapter title and you immediately jump to that chapter. by the end of the chapter,
you can jump back to the table of contents.
Color Pictures - There are many pictures in the eBook that are color. A paper book along with color pictures on every page would be very expensive.
Printable - The book is very easily printable after downloading.

extensive 60 Day 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back...
If, for any reason, you are not satisfied along with your paleo diet BBQ recipes, just send the pick (Clickbank) an email and they will immediately refund your money. There is a link to do this by the bottom of your email receipt. Its
simple, easy, and fast.
How much is this gonna cost me, Bill?
Its not gonna cost you $750 for a live class just like I paid. There are no holiday expenses. Its not gonna cost you 5+ years going to the school of hard knocks either. Its not gonna cost you $1000s in practice meat and fuel costs. Not to mention lost time and eating shoe leather until you pick up it right. And just think of the savings youll see by baking your own delicious BBQ, sides, and deserts, transforming ordinary determination steaks into prime steaks, and how to cook filet mignon on a ribeye budget.
I could very easily ask for you throughout $500 for this valuable information, but if you act now, you can pick up it all for the low price of $59.95 - $29.95 - price will go back up soon!
pick up Yours Now...
Bill Anderson
P.S. PaleoQue isnt an ordinary cookbook along with a bunch of useless recipes. Its additional of a complete lessons guidebook on how to cook competition leve BBQ Paleo style.

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ClickBanks role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these programs or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

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PaleoQue - Competition Quality BBQ for the Paleo Diet

PaleoQue - Competition Quality BBQ for the Paleo Diet

PaleoQue - Competition Quality BBQ for the Paleo Diet

PaleoQue - Competition Quality BBQ for the Paleo Diet
PaleoQue - Competition Quality BBQ for the Paleo Diet
PaleoQue - Competition Quality BBQ for the Paleo Diet
PaleoQue - Competition Quality BBQ for the Paleo Diet
PaleoQue - Competition Quality BBQ for the Paleo Diet
PaleoQue - Competition Quality BBQ for the Paleo Diet
PaleoQue - Competition Quality BBQ for the Paleo Diet
PaleoQue - Competition Quality BBQ for the Paleo Diet
PaleoQue - Competition Quality BBQ for the Paleo Diet
PaleoQue - Competition Quality BBQ for the Paleo Diet
PaleoQue - Competition Quality BBQ for the Paleo Diet

PaleoQue - Competition Quality BBQ for the Paleo Diet

PaleoQue - Competition Quality BBQ for the Paleo Diet Release Video

PaleoQue - Competition Quality BBQ for the Paleo Diet

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