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Hi, my name is Michael Fiore

And right here, right now Im going to obliterate all the silly myths youve heard about why men arent as romantic as you want them to be

. . . Reveal the secret real reason your husband or boyfriend almost never takes you out or surprises you anymore (its not what you think and its NOT the lame reasons Cosmo has told you)

And, as weird as it sounds, will show you how to use tiny little text messages sent from your average cell phone to transform even the biggest romantic numbskull into a secret

Prince Charming

Who thinks about you all day, craves your attention and cant help but sweep you off your feet

As a guy I can tell you, the weird truth is most men actually have a secret romantic inside (they just dont want to admit it)

And any woman (even you) can wake up her mans most passionate heart and bring the fun, excitement and overwhelming desire back into her relationship . .

Just by pushing a few buttons on your cell phone and hitting send

Fact : Romance Means Very Different Things To Men Than it Does To Women
(Duh, I know =-))
If youre like most women, Romance to you means connection, communication, long evenings cuddled up together by a fire and slow, sensual lovemaking

You know, the kind of thing you read about in Romance Novels and see in bodice ripper period movies.

But even though guys CAN really enjoy that kind of evening (if you can get him to drop his guard for a while and feel like hes earned it)

To Men, Romance Is A Game
(But when they win, you both lose.)

Plain and simple, us guys are hard wired deep in our genes to hunt and pursue women

To whisper sweet nothings in your ears

To do anything to make you swoon

And to win your love and affection and claim you as our own

What this means is that inside every man (even your man) theres a

Romantic Beast Just Waiting To Be Set Loose

If you know how to flip the switch and give him permission to act

In Order For Your Man To Act On His Secret Romantic Impulses, He Needs You To Do 3 Things

1. First He Needs You To Tease Him

2. Second He Needs You To Give Him Permission To Be A Guy

3. And Third (and this is weird for me as a guy to talk about) Your Man Needs To Feel Safe . . Like He Can Be Romantic Without It Being a Big Deal Without Huge Expectations And Without Any Other Guy Having To Know.

So How Do You Actually DO All That?
By sending him certain Text Messages that have been proven again and again to work miracles in any relationship

Now, if youre like most women, you might be thinking TEXTING??

Isnt that just for bored teenagers and adulterous sports stars like Tiger Woods and Brett Favre

And you know what? You wouldnt be alone
Thats exactly what Rachael Ray said to me when I sat down on the couch next to her on her show

Then her jaw dropped open a few moments later when I gave her a few magic texts to try

Got the whole audience to gasp

And used a couple from the audience to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt how powerful this texting thing can be for your relationship.

Plain and simple and as odd as it sounds sending the right text messages to your husband or boyfriend (or even a guy you wish would be your husband or boyfriend) can have a shocking anpd drastic impact on your love life

And will give you a whole new level of emotional, mental and even physical intimacy.

OK, Michael, I get it I see how I can use TEXT MESSAGES to Bring The Spark Into MY Relationship. But What Do I Do Next?

Glad you asked =-)

Because Ive got a really good answer for you.

Like I said at the beginning of this report, my name is Michael Fiore

And for the last few years Ive been teaching women just like you how to use text messages to drastically improve the love, passion and intimacy in your relationships.

Honestly, this texting thing just started off as something fun to do

I shared one of my appreciation texts with a buddy of mine at a poker game.

Hed been having trouble with his girlfriend and was really down in the dumps about it.

I gave him one simple text to use and watched as his phone leapt off the table the moment his girlfriend received it.

Text The Romance Back 2.0:
The 30 Day Digital Relationship Transformer
The TRB 2.0 program is crammed full of step-by-step instructions and done-for-you texts designed to crawl into his subconscious mind and subtly awaken the Secret Romantic within

When You Grab Your Copy Of Text The Romance Back Today, Youll Discover

How to attract his attention no matter where he is, no matter how busy he is or how addicted to work he might seem. All by using the simple Curiosity Magnet text no man can ignore

The stunning power of Appreciation Texts that will send subtle shivers down his spine (youll be shocked at the spring he gets in his step and the goofy smile that spreads across his face when you use this simple method to tell him how you really feel)

Feel Like The Passion Is Missing From Your Relationship?
Once you learn the power of Sensual Compliments texts youll be able to multiply the heat in your relationship and have your man feeling warm and romantic on even the iciest of days (And youll be overwhelmed at the tingle that goes through your whole body the first time he uses one of these on you .)

And thats just the tip of the iceberg

As you get into the more advanced material youll also discover

Inside Look at Text The Romance Back 2.0

The incredible Text Massage Technique

A technique so powerful youll swear you feel his hands on you , kneading your muscles and sending you to a place of total relaxation

Even if hes all the way across town or on a business trip in a different part of the state

Next youll discover

The Distance Destroyer Text
Use this simple text to have your man feeling like hes right there next to you (and loving every minute,) even when hes across the country or around the world on business (or any time you cant get close even though you desperately want to.)

Sick of the same old fights and never ending up happy?
With The 3 Magic Words Text
Youll Be Able To Stop Arguments In Their Tracks and laugh and enjoy each other even when times are tough

Relationship Time Machine. . .
Create a better, more connected, more intimate, sexier and more fun relationship with your man

Literally at the push of a button

Feel like you always have to fight for his affection or "prove" how much you love him?
"Bait Question Texts
Will drag his attention to you like a laser beam and create incredible intimacy (these are GREAT to use if youve just met a man to have him thinking youre the most interesting and astonishing woman hes ever met.)

Next youll learn how to flirt and tease him with
Digital Telepathy Texts
even when youre in the same room

Sneaky and intimate texts that draw his attention to you like a tractor beam even when youre in the same room.

Youll be amazed at the look he gives you when he reaches into his pocket and sees the message you sent himand how eager (or desperate) he is to get you alone afterwards. =-)

And for when its time for Romance to turn into hot and heavy passion youll discover
How To Use Digital Foreplay
To Enter The Most Private And Primal Parts Of His Mind

And create a level of attraction and desire in your relationship you probably havent felt since that magical moment when you first kissed.

And so much more

Get 5 Fast-Action Bonuses With Todays Order


The Text The Romance Back 2.0 Audio Edition
The audio version of Text The Romance Back comes in iPod Friendly MP3s so you can study up
and learn these simple texting techniques while youre at the gym, in the car or any time youve got
a pair of headphones.


The "I Like Myself Game"
Worksheet that allows you to massively increase your own self esteem in seconds


The TRB 2.0 "Crib Sheet"
that lets you skip to any done-for-you text you want


The TRB 2.0 FAQ
Where I answer intimate questions from customers (and tell you exactly what to do if your texting doesnt go exactly to plan)


Facebook Romance Secrets
Facebook Romance Secrets is a new program Ive created that will allow you to seduce your man (or ANY man, actually) using Facebook and other social media sites like Twitter

And will inspire and motivate your guy to make you SWOON every time you log in.

As I say in the program

What You Post On Facebook Is The Story You Tell The World About Yourself

And in this training, my friend Mike Hill and I will teach you how to tell a story that will have your man grinning from ear to ear

Just To Add It All Up, As Part Of This Special Promotion Youll Get
Text The Romance Back 2.0: The 30 Day Digital Relationship Transformer (Reg $97 )

Text The Romance 2.0 Back Audio (Reg $17)

The "I Like Myself Game " Worksheet (Reg $17 )

The TRB 2.0 "Crib Sheet" (Reg $17 )

Facebook Romance Secrets (Print AND Audio) (Reg $27 )

AT LEAST $192.00 of value

At least $192.00 of value

For Less Than 50 Bucks!!

All You Have Do To Get Started Is Click The Button Below Right Now

Youll gain INSTANT access to EVERYTHING and will be Texting The Romance Back With Your Man tonight

And, of course, youre 100% covered by my

You Get Romance Or You Dont Pay 60-Day Guarantee

Simply contact our customer support any time in the next 60 days for a prompt and courteous refund, no questions asked.

All You Have Do To Get Started Is Click The Button Below

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Text The Romance Back 2.0
Text The Romance Back 2.0
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Text The Romance Back 2.0

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