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The 6-Week Diabetes Detox How To : WARNING: 3 popular diabetes drugs recently BANNED in Europe for causing heart attacks & cancer

Doctors in Europe are now recommending

a new detox plan to type-2 diabetes patients

Folks already in the know are tossing their dangerous medications and

treating their diabetes naturally while shedding excess body fat

with a simple 6-week detox plan that is clinically proven

Doctors in Europe use customized detox plans to treat type-2 diabetes patients

Have you fallen victim to one (or more) of these diabetes LIES:

Lie #1: Americans get the best treatment for diabetes - American doctors are ONLY trained to prescribe medications that treat diabetes symptoms while ignoring the root cause of the disease... Many of these drugs are flat out BANNED in Europe for causing heart disease, cancer, and a host of dangerous side effects. (Read on to find out if YOU have been prescribed one of these dangerous drugs)

Lie #2: Diabetes rates are highest in the United States - The truth is that Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia have diabetes rates that are twice the US. Muslim Sharia law forbids the consumption of alcohol, and Muslim men turn to a more dangerous drink instead. This chemical cocktail beverage is becoming more popular in the US (especially among children) and is proven to increase their chances of diabetes by 22%...

Lie #3: Diabetes cannot be reversed - Clinics around the world have been treating even the most extreme cases of diabetes in as little as 14 days with a simple detox plan. Patients at these clinics are permanently throwing away their medications by treating the root cause of the disease that is ignored by mainstream medicine.

STOP making the pharmaceutical companies rich by using their dangerous drugs to treat the symptoms of diabetes and start treating the real cause behind this disease.

For the first time ever, anyone can work with their family doctor and follow this diabetes detox plan from the comfort of their own home. This is the same detox plan used by the most exclusive (and expensive) health clinics throughout Europe to help their patients eliminate their medications, lose excess weight, and permanently manage their diabetes.

This information effects anyone who has or is at risk of type-2 diabetes. You cant find these clinical studies anywhere else so be sure to bookmark this page and send it to anyone you love who may be suffering from type-2 diabetes.

I have to warn you: The studies on this page are controversial.

Check your medicine cabinet: Have YOU been prescribed medication

that ts BANNED in Europe for causing heart attacks & cancer?

Here are the top 3 drugs that are currently banned in Europe, yet are still being prescribed in the US:

BANNED Drug #1: Avandia - Studies have shown that Avandia is associated with a 64% increased risk of heart failure over a 7-year period A 27% increased risk of stroke And a 43% increased risk of heart attacks.

This drug has been withdrawn from UK and India in 2010 due to this increased risk of heart attack. Just a year later in 2011, Avandia was withdrawn from both New Zealand and South Africa for the same reasons.

As for the USA... In 2013 the FDA lifted restrictions on this drug despite the heart risks. It is currently a popular choice among American doctors.

BANNED Drug #2: Actos - This drug is banned in both France and Germany for increasing the risk of bladder cancer in patients who are taking it.

In the US, the FDA simply issued a warning about the cancer risk, and the drug remains a best seller among type 2 diabetics.

BANNED Drug #3: Rezulin This drug is currently banned around the world for being toxic to the liver.

Rezulin has resulted in 90 cases of liver failure and 63 deaths BEFORE it was recalled, and is currently responsible for over 34,000 personal injury claims.

Popular medications are rushed to market with little long term testing. Doctors often recommend these newer, untested medications over older, proven and cheaper medications (for reasons you will learn about on this page).

Recalls on new medications only come after the damage is done Too late for the patients who are taking them.

The political reasons you are

being held back from proper treatment...

Is diabetes your fault?

It can certainly feel that way when you visit your doctors office.

Because diabetes is linked with obesity, it is often easier for doctors to blame their patients lifestyle for their condition than accept that they are a victim of this terrible disease.

This is especially true when a patient is overweight. Doctors will often use shame and fear to get their patients to go on a diet and get more exercise as the answer to their condition.

Diabetes is the ONLY disease where the patient is blamed, and shamed for their condition instead of being treated as a victim.

FACT: Obesity does not cause diabetes. The majority type 2 diabetes patients are at a healthy weight, and most overweight Americans do not have this disease.

Diabetes is caused by an imbalance of sugar in your blood. This same imbalance causes some patients to gain fat, especially around their midsection. This symptom (weight gain) is often the first sign that your blood sugar is out of balance.

Weight gain around your midsection is a symptom of unbalanced blood sugar, and NOT the cause.

No amount of diet or exercise would have prevented this early symptom. This is why it can feel like no matter how hard you try, your body just keeps packing on the weight.

Did you know in 2015 the daily mail reported that hundreds of babies are being born clinically obese? Experts suggest that the UK is now faced with an epidemic of obese newborns...

Newborns are being born clinically obese in the UK according to the Daily Mail

Think about it: Can we blame newborns for their obesity... That they simply didnt get enough diet and exercise while they were in the womb?

Its just as ludicrous to blame newborns for their disease as it is to blame adult patients with unbalanced blood sugar.

The truth is:

Obesity and diabetes are NOT your fault.

Diabetes is NOT the result of a poor diet, it is NOT the result of lack of exercise, and it is certainly NOT the patients fault.

Starvation diets and stressful exercise are NOT the answer to diabetes, nor are new miracle drugs that only mask the symptoms of this disease.

Without treating the root cause that is keeping your blood sugar out of balance you will NEVER permanently reverse your condition or lose the weight your doctor tells you too.

The answer is found in the 6-Week Diabetes Detox Program

The 6-week Diabetes Detox Program is the all-natural treatment for diabetes that your doctor wont tell you about - not because it doesnt work, but because the giant pharmaceutical companies cant make money off of it.

Now this is not some tree hugging hippie diet where you chug green smoothies all day long, nor is this program about starving yourself silly.

You make one small change to your diet each week for 6 weeks In most cases ADDING delicious foods to every meal (including more of the right carbohydrates) to naturally and painlessly treat the root cause of diabetes, and bring your blood sugar into balance.

This program is easy to follow, and starts balancing your blood sugar from day 1.

When your blood sugar is low and balanced, your body returns too normal burning fat for energy instead of storing it around your midsection.

In the first few weeks, most patients notice their energy levels have skyrocketed and any weight they gained begins to fall off effortlessly.

The numbness in your hands and feet begin to disappear as you provide your body with the nutrients it needs to repair the nerve damage diabetes has caused

Your vision becomes clear and consistent as blood flow improves to your eyes...

NEVER again fear the risk of blindness and amputation.

This plan is designed to be followed with your doctors supervision so they can monitor your progress to reduce and eventually eliminate your medications entirely (You should NEVER come off your medications without their advice).

Why dead senators are responsible for

The current diabetes & obesity epidemic

Diabetes and obesity have reached an epidemic level in the United States with a cost of $245 Billion per year in treatment and lost productivity (according to the American Diabetes Association).

Just a few short years ago, these were considered rare conditions. It wasnt until the 1980s that diabetes and obesity rates started to climb, nearly triple what they were previously:

Diabetes rates have spiked dramatically since the 1980s

The big question: What happened in the 1980s that caused diabetes to spiral out of control?

The short answer: Fear of heart disease.

Heart disease was the number 1 cause of death in the United States during the 50s and 60s. Between 1960 and 1976, 8 senators died of heart disease while still in office... NOTHING spurs political action like dead senators.

In 1977, an American committee of the U.S. senate led by George McGovern published the first Dietary Goals for The United States in order to reverse the epidemic of heart disease in the country.

These guidelines received massive criticism at the time from many respected scientists like John Yudkin (who insisted that sugar was to blame) and the American Medical Association.

Basically, the dietary goals were:

Eat less fat and cholesterol.
Less refined and processed sugars.
More complex carbohydrates from vegetables, fruits and grains.
Basically a low-fat, high-carb diet for everyone.

Major food companies were faced with a dilemma: fat and sugar are what gives food its flavor. In response to these new guidelines, they started to develop and use alternative sweeteners using the chemical fructose to give food their taste.

In doing so, they could label their foods as both fat free and sugar free.

Our bodies cant use fructose for energy the same way as glucose (blood sugar). Fructose needs to be broken down in the liver, the same way as alcohol.

There are dozens of fructose based sweeteners that area added to our food. Just a handful you may have heard of are:

High-Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)
Cane Juice
Ethyl Maltol

The smoking gun: Researchers cause diabetes in 6 days using fructose

In 2009, researches set out to compare the effects of fructose, to normal glucose. They divide their test subjects in to two groups:

One group was given a glucose sweetened beverage every day for 10 weeks

The other group was given a fructose sweetened beverage to drink every day for 10 weeks

The results were shocking By the end of the study, the group drinking the fructose beverage had increased their cholesterol, triglycerides, AND decreased their insulin sensitivity (a sign of diabetes). The group drinking a glucose sweetened beverage did NOT have this effect

Even more shocking, after just 6 days the subjects who were drinking the fructose beverage had blood sugar levels high enough to be diagnosed pre-diabetic while the glucose group showed no change in blood sugar levels:

Subjects given fructose had blood sugar levels in the diabetic range...

While subjects given glucose saw no change

Researchers made these subjects pre-diabetic in just 6 days by feeding them fructose!

Unfortunately, high-fructose sweeteners are being added to EVERYTHING we eat. Breads, crackers, sauces, cereals, soft drinks

Heck, even baby formula lists high fructose sweeteners in their ingredients:

Popular baby formula lists corn syrup (fructose) as its first ingredient.

We feed our children the very chemical that is proven to cause diabetes and high cholesterol.

The more fructose has been added to our food supply, the higher the rates of diabetes and obesity have climbed:

The more high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) added to our food supply, the higher obesity rates have climbed

The real kicker: Heart disease, the disease that all these new guidelines were supposed to help Has remained the number one cause of death in the United States, with diabetes catching up fast.

Pharmaceutical companies have been getting rich by ignoring this obvious cause Instead focusing on creating drugs that treat the symptoms of diabetes, and slow its progression.

Pharmaceutical companies have a BIG problem...

The patents on diabetes drugs run out in 7 years. Once that happens, other companies can make generic versions of their medications and the company that invented the drug loses sales.

That means in order to stay profitable for their shareholders, drug companies need to keep coming out with a new drug every 7 years, even if their previous drugs worked better then a new one. New drugs are rushed to market before the patents on the old ones expire New drugs that are often more dangerous than the old ones.

Diabetes research is funded by the pharmaceutical companies. Any study that finds a cure through diet alone goes unpublished or gets ignored. Studies on new drug treatments get published and rewarded with more research money.

This perfect storm has the medical community focused on selling new drugs, and ignoring the real cause of both diabetes and obesity... This way the food conglomerates and big pharmaceutical companies can keep getting rich on your suffering.

The only way to permanently manage your diabetes is to eliminate and detox your body from these fructose-based sweeteners, and eat the foods that block their absorption in the first place.

This is also why detox programs like these are so hard to find. There are only a handful of clinics around the world that offer complete detox programs, even though the research is fully available to anyone who is willing to look.

The 6-Week Diabetes Detox Program is proven to work for anyone,

male or female at any age to balance your blood sugar,

treat your diabetes, and shed excess weight naturally

This treatment is designed to be adapted to each patients condition and severity.

If you are pre-diabetic or only recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you can often manage your condition just by following the first two weeks of the detox program...

If you are an adult with advanced diabetes you can use the full 6-week program to treat your condition and start healing the damage that has been done to your body...

If your child is at risk of diabetes or is currently overweigh, you can use first 3 weeks of the detox to help them safely lose weight, balance their blood sugar, and teach them healthy eating habits for the rest of their lives.

The 6-week diabetes detox program is painless to follow, and focuses on ADDING foods to your diet. These surprisingly delicious foods not only fill you up and give you a lasting energy boost throughout your day They will keep your blood sugar balanced naturally.

Each weeks changes build on the last and you can stop when you and your doctor are satisfied with the results and have gotten your blood sugar under control.

Week 1: Eliminate the #1 source of added fructose in your diet

Fact: The United States does NOT have the highest rate of diabetes in the world. Not even close...

That award goes to Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries in the middle east. Their diabetes rates in these countries are nearly twice that of the united states.


Because under Muslim Sharia law alcohol is BANNED and as a result Muslims consumes an even more toxic beverage at social gatherings. This beverage is getting more and more popular in the US, primarily among children.

Studies show that avoiding this one food can reduce your risk of diabetes by 22%. This beverage is so toxic, that in many cases eliminating just this one food is enough to for pre-diabetics and some diabetics to completely manage their condition.

Imagine: getting your blood sugar under control by eliminating just one food your diet.

Odds are you are feeding this to your kids on a daily basis like most American households.

Note: Many people are able to keep their blood sugar under control, and drop to a healthy weight just be eliminating this one food from their diet.

Week 2: Add more of the right carbohydrates to every meal

Yes, you read that correctly... you will be adding MORE carbs into your diet on this detox plan.

Delicious super carbs that not only fill you up and satisfy your cravings, but help to block the absorption of fructose and preservatives that are causing your diabetes to get worse. (Its like inoculating yourself against these chemicals).

Pro Tip: Never eat foods that you dont like. This plan is not about scarfing down a bunch of green vegetables or rabbit food that you dont enjoy. You will only be choosing foods that you enjoy so you look forward to every meal on this plan.

These super carb foods are rich in the vitamins and minerals your body needs in order to repair the damage that has been done by diabetes.

This is the week that the feeling in your extremities will start to return and your eye sight becomes clear and consistent as the nerve damage caused by excess blood sugar starts to get repaired.

You will be free from the worry of losing your vision or a limb to diabetes, taking back control of your body.

Week 3: Add healthy, full fat foods to boost your energy
and kick-start your fat burning hormones.

Fact: Fat is your bodys best source of energy which is why its so good at storing it for later use.

When you eat the right types of fat, your body turns on its fat burning hormones (leptin, adiponectin) and starts burning that fat for energy. The best part is once its done burning the fat you ate... These hormones will start to burn the fat your body has stored.

When you eat a diet high in carbs, sugar, and especially fructose, your body releases hormones (including the hormone insulin) which uses that sugar for energy and stores the rest as fat on your body for later use. These hormones put your body into fat storing mode.

This is a healthy and natural response to eating sugar. Our ancestors did not have regular access to carbs and sugars, and got most of their energy from fat. Storing that extra sugar when they had access to it as fat in their bodies would give them energy for later and keep them warm in the winter months.

The problem is that ever since the 1970s all the healthy fat has been removed from the food we eat, and replaced with sugars and fructose. Constantly eating fructose and sugar with little fat keeps our bodies in fat storing mode.

The simple solution: Eat more fats!

In this week you will be adding the right fats that will turn on your fat burning hormones.

This is the week where patients saw the most weight loss as their bodies get switched into fat burning mode, for many of them for the first time.

Youll have steady energy throughout the day instead of the ups and downs that come from sugar and carb crashes.

Think about it: if you are just 15 pounds overweight, thats 52,500 calories worth of energy you are carrying in your midsection - enough fuel for almost a month straight.

Youll sleep like a baby at night, and wake up refreshed in the morning ready to start your day.

If your goal is weight loss, you can usually stop at week 3 and use it to lose as much weight as you want while keeping your blood sugar under control.

Week 4: Eliminate the hidden sources of fructose from your diet

Adding the right carbs into your diet in week 2 will help to block your body from absorbing fructose and kills your cravings for sugary foods.

Adding the right fats to your diet in week 3 gives you a feeling of being full and satisfied at every meal. Youll have a noticeable boost in energy as your body starts to rely on fat for energy instead of sugar.

By week 4, most patients find themselves eating less sugary foods naturally. This is why the 6-Week detox plan is great for the whole family Everyone will start eating less sugar and fructose without having to try.

For the more extreme cases of diabetes (and to lose that last 5 pounds of fat off your body) its important to eliminate any hidden sources of sugar and fructose from your diet.

Ive put together a grocery list of fructose-based sweeteners you should avoid to keep your blood sugar under control. Take this list with you to the grocery store so youll know which foods to avoid, and which foods to buy. Your whole family will benefit from this simple food guide no matter who does the shopping and cooking.

Youll also learn which alcoholic beverages are beneficial to diabetics, and which ones will send your blood sugar out of control.

The best part is this plan includes cheat days when you can eat whatever you want. (cheat days can actually help you lose weight by balancing your hunger hormone leptin).

Week 5: Reduce foods that cause inflammation throughout the body

Fact: Neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimers and dementia are the result of insulin resistance and inflammation in the brain. This has even prompted researchers to label Alzheimers type 3 diabetes.

Study in 2008 concludes that Alzheimers is type-3 diabetes

By correcting your blood sugar imbalance AND reducing inflammation, you can halt neurodegenerative disease in its tracts, prevent it from coming on, and even reverse the condition.

Most people who eliminate these foods find an immediate boost in focus, concentration, and the elimination of brain fog even they arent suffering from Alzheimers.

Reducing these inflammatory foods is not only good for diabetics, but for overall health. Eliminating inflammatory foods can help with skin conditions like rosacea, heart disease, brain fog, digestive issues like IBS, and joint pain.

Some clinic patients exclusively make the changes in week 5 to help treat these inflammatory conditions.

Week 6: Monitor your condition with your doctor

The last week of the diabetes detox program is all about adjusting it to your body and lifestyle. You will work with your doctor to set goals Improving your blood test results so you can reduce and eliminate your need for medications.

Imagine: Looking forward to each doctors visit Never again fearing your blood test results. It becomes a game each test you have improves and you are prescribed less and less medication until your diabetes is completely under control without them.

But I have a heart condition...

Diabetes increases your risk of heart attack or stroke. Even worse, many of the popular diabetes drugs increase that risk further.

Getting your blood sugar under control and reducing the inflammatory foods in week 5 will dramatically reduce your risk of heart attack (not to mention coming off of the dangerous medications that are proven to increase your risk). Use this program to work with your doctor to improve your heart health.

But I dont want to give up my favorite foods...

This program is about adding new foods to your diet. Depending on how sever your diabetes is, you WILL have to give up some of the worst foods in week 4, but you can still have cheat days to eat them when you want.

This will be done gradually over the course of a few weeks. Along the way you will discover delicious, full fat foods that not only act as a replacement for your favorite foods, but help to naturally kill your cravings for them as well. This makes the entire process painless and fun.

But my doctor tells me I need to lose weight

Weight gain is the RESULT of blood sugar imbalance and not the CAUSE. Detoxing your system and getting in control of your blood sugar will cause a DRAMATIC weight loss by the third week of the diabetes detox program.

You will be shocked at how fast the weight comes off and how much energy you have when your body switches to burning fat for energy again.

You remain in total control throughout this program

The 6-Week Diabetes Detox Program is designed to be followed at your own pace. Follow along until you reach your weight loss or blood sugar goals.

Switching your body into fat burning mode makes the weight loss effortless You will feel a boost in energy and focus as your hormones start to break down the fat deposits around your mid-section and use it for fuel throughout the day.

Eating delicious, full-fat foods make you feel satisfied, and kills your cravings for sugar and snacks. It wont feel like dieting at all You can still eat just as much as you want and you dont have to give up most of your favorite foods.

Balancing your blood sugar will make you feel like you aged in reverse Youll look and feel younger, youll regain the sex drive you had in your 20s.

You look and feel as if you were never sick to begin with.

I have compiled this entire 6-week detox program into a step-by-step guide that I call:

The 6-Week Diabetes Detox Guidebook

Lets recap what weve learned, and give you a peak at some of the things inside this guide book:

Complete walkthrough of the 6-Week Diabetes Detox Program Effortlessly treat and manage your diabetes, shed excess weight, and get your blood sugar under control by adding craving killing super foods into your diet. All it takes is one small change each week from the comfort of your own home. Go as far as you need, and follow the same proven plan used in private clinics to help patients ditch their medications.

My famous kitchen cabinet blood sugar treatment - Save thousands of dollars off diabetes medications by using natural foods to lower your blood sugar. These surprising foods are proven just as effective at lowering blood sugar levels as some of the leading diabetes medications WITHOUT all the nasty side effects like weight gain and heart attacks.

Are you at risk for type 3 diabetes? - Did you know recent studies have named Alzheimers disease type 3 diabetes?

It turns out the same blood sugar imbalance that occurs in type 1 and type 2 diabetics is the root cause behind dementia and other neurodegenerative disease. (This is why diabetics of all types are at higher risk of losing their mental faculties as they age, and even those of us who dont know we have diabetes or only a mild case may manifest later as dementia.)

DO NOT become a victim of early onset dementia. The treatments in this guide work equally well for Alzheimers and dementia, to prevent, stop, and even treat neurodegenerative diseases.

The delicious family friendly meal plan that will help your entire family keep their blood sugar (and weight) under control - Youll be looking forward to these delicious meals every night. Savory, filling dishes that the whole family will thank you for, while helping to keep your blood sugar under control.

Full break down of all the major diabetes medications including:
which diabetes drugs make you fat
which drugs sap your energy and make you feel tired all the time...
which drugs are proven to increase your risk of heart disease
which drugs have been recalled or banned overseas...
Which drugs are proven effective and safe over the long term...
Take this information to your doctor to help YOU decide which drugs are right for YOUR body.

Diabetes secret cancer link - Did you know that cancer cells rely on glucose (sugar) for energy? Having high blood sugar turns your body into a feeding ground for cancer cells...

Cancer cells that would normally die in a healthy person have an easier time spreading in patients with high blood sugar. This puts you at a MUCH greater risk of the deadliest of cancers Learn how to eliminate this risk by starving cancer cells of their needed sugar.

Could your child be suffering from early pre-diabetes? Learn the warning signs your doctor may miss.

How a diet used to treat epilepsy has been shown to treat diabetes in as little as 14 days.

How to painlessly break your addiction to sugar by adding MORE carbs to your diet - This no will-power method works especially well for hyperactive children with sugar addictions
The simple exams your doctor may have missed that greatly reduce your chances of blindness and limb loss - dont rely on your doctor to recommend exams... Having each of these exams just once a year will ensure you NEVER have to suffer through the loss of a limb or blindness no matter how bad your diabetes gets. (Its never too late to prevent these complications)
Printable shopping list of food additives to avoid - Bring this list to the grocery store to eliminate these poisons from your familys diet. Youll be able to quickly make the right food choices, and save money no matter who does the shopping in your family.
The wrong way to check your blood sugar that will have you overdosing on medication - Most diabetics check their blood sugar at the WRONG time giving them useless numbers and scaring them into taking more drugs than they need. Learn the right way to check your blood sugar so you can reduce your medication to the level your body really needs.
The delicious fatty supplement used by body builders to force their body to burn fat - your energy levels will go through the roof when you start cooking this super oil. (take one tablespoon of this oil before bed and you will sleep peacefully through the night and wake up full of energy even if you skip your morning coffee.)
Full explanation of every diabetes blood test - Never again fear your A1C, cholesterol, or blood sugar tests. Following this program, you will look forward to doctors visits to see and fully understand your latest results and having your medications decreased.
The mysterious pizza effect - Why it is healthier for diabetics to order a deluxe supreme pizza with all the toppings instead of a regular pizza. Learn which ingredients on a deluxe pizza actually slows the absorption of sugars and keeps your blood sugar lower than eating plain pizza. (Once you understand this simple principle, you can apply this lesson to any of your favorite foods and make better decisions at restaurants.)
How low glycemic cooking can reduce the sugar in your foods - Ever wonder why baking a sweet potato makes is taste so much sweeter? Cooking foods the WRONG way breaks down the complex carbs into simple sugars... A process that turns even the healthiest vegetables into candy. Learn the right way to cook your foods that lowers their effect on your blood sugar so you can enjoy the foods you love without guilt.
Why the Chinese restaurant effect causes your liver to create sugar even if you dont eat any carbs - Fact: Most of the sugar in your blood is created by your liver and NOT the result of what you eat. This simple trick will force your body to stop producing sugars (in fact the popular diabetes drug metformin works by blocking this exact same process. Youll learn how to do this naturally.)

The food treatment for depression, anxiety, and mental fatigue - Depression, anxiety, and a host of other mental illnesses have been linked to elevated blood sugar and inflammation in the brain. Using the 6-week detox program to correct these errors will eliminate anxiety and depression so you can enjoy social events again... It will improve your focus and cognition so you remember names and places with ease, improve speaking and never be at a loss for words, AND improve your confidence.

Is your numbness, weight gain, or fatigue a symptom of diabetes, or a side effect of one of your medications? The truth may shock you, and a simple change or adjustment in your meds can quickly give you freedom that you never knew you had.

These answers are extremely difficult to find

Diabetes research is funded by pharmaceutical companies

The studies discovering new and expensive drugs get all of the funding while studies trying to find the REAL cause of this disease and solution involving diet and lifestyle get ignored and lack the funding the get out there.

Like this study that used a detox diet (LCKD) to treat type 2 diabetes patients (The majority of patients were able to reduce or eliminate their diabetes medications):

Patients who used a detox plan in this study were able to reduce or eliminate their diabetes medications

Or this study using a similar diet that resulted in rapid weight loss after 6-weeks without any adverse effects:

Patients lost weight in 6 weeks without any ill effects

Or this case study from Dr Joel Fuhrman whose patients blood sugar went from an average of 350-400 down to between 80-120 AND lost 10 pounds in 5 days

Patients blood sugar dropped to between 80-120 while he lost 10 pounds in just 5 days

The patient lost 25 lbs. in the first five weeks while his blood glucose stayed in control WITHOUT needing his insulin medications.

Five months later, this patient came off all of his medications for diabetes, and no longer had high cholesterol or high blood pressure. As an added bonus he lost a total of 60 lbs. while on the program WITHOUT hunger or giving up his favorite foods.

I have compiled all this research and clinical trials into a step by program that anyone can follow from the comfort of their home.

I cant take all the credit for this program

This program is the result of hard work from researchers, clinicians, and others who have dedicated their professional lives to finding a natural treatment for diabetes.

They often turn down huge salaries and company cars offered by pharmaceutical companies to develop the next wonder drugs Instead working at nonprofit organizations earning a fraction of what their colleagues do.

The 6-Week Diabetes Detox Program stands on the shoulders of these giants, people who are helping to rid the world of diabetes one patient and research paper at a time.

Dont try to figure this out on your own

The 6-Week Diabetes Detox program is not just another low carb or diabetes diet. Fructose based sweeteners are addictive Simply trying to eliminate them from your diet without adding the right foods to replace them will result in withdrawal symptoms and will only make your cravings worse.

This program has been designed to be as painless as possible. Focusing on adding foods to your diet to first balance your hormones, and help your body adjust to these changes.

This program make look simple... One small change every week for 6 weeks, yet these changes have been tested and proven by countless studies and clinical trials.

You could try to figure this out on your own, and if you would like too I have included a list of all of my research and the studies I have found at the bottom of the page. In fact, I encourage you to dig deep and learn the ins and outs if you are curious.

However why do all that hard work when I have already done it for you.

WARNING: This is not for everyone

This program will NOT cure people with type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is a condition you are born with, representing about 10% of all diabetes cases and at the moment there is no cure. The 6-week diabetes detox will help type 1 diabetics to control their blood sugar naturally and reduce their dependence on insulin, but you will still need to work with your doctor to manage your condition.

This program is also not for you if you are looking for a magic pill solution. The changes made in the 6-Week Diabetes Detox program are meant to be permanent. This system is meant to give you a lifestyle eating plan that is easy to follow and will keep your blood sugar under control for the rest of your life. This is not a plan you follow for a few days then go back to your old eating habits. Those habits are what got you here in the first place.

This is also not for you if you are one of those folks who will buy the book and then let it sit on your desk and never read it. Please, dont waste your money if thats the case. However, if that IS the case, just realize your condition will only going to get worse, and eventually will kill you Unless you do something about your condition, starting today.

Remember: Dont be fooled at how simple this detox looks

The 6-week diabetes detox system is the result of dozens of studies and treatment plans being used at private clinics around the world. The changes you make each week are simple, yet they must be done in a specific order and a specific time frame in order to be effective.

This is the same custom plan you would get at a high priced clinic, except YOU are in control of your treatment.

So please: DO NOT be fooled by how simple the 6 Week Diabetes Program will look. It will look almost too simple to work but just DO IT. It will work for you, guaranteed.

Its like having a detox clinic in your own home, that you can refer back to and use as much as you need to lose the weight you want and keep your blood sugar under control.

You will be able to eat all your favorite foods without fear or guilt while you get your condition under control.

OK, So how much will this program cost?

Normally to find these answers you would need to go to a private health clinic at an average cost of $5,000 (according to the American Diabetes Association), which is not always covered by insurance or Medicare.

And Im sure youd agree, $5,000 is a small price to pay to have your life back. Especially since youd be saving on a lifetime of doctor visits and drug prescriptions.

However, you wont be paying anything close to $5,000 to get your hands on this system.

Youre not even going to have to pay my personal health coaching fee of $497.

The cost of the 6-week Diabetes Detox Program is just $37.

Why just $37?

I want you to experience the incredible results of this detox program for yourself, and I dont want finances to get in your way. This course is not professionally published, and not very long it gets right into the meat and potatoes giving you what you need to see results.

I didnt invent anything here... I took the best advice from studies, doctors, & clinics and combined it into a system that anyone can use to take control of their diabetes.

This is the most comprehensive program on the market to treating diabetes. Its easy to follow, and guaranteed to get results.

I think $37 is a VERY fair price... and Ill be keeping this at $37 for a little while longer (read on to see what I mean...)

Your Personal Guarantee:

Guarantee 1: Use our system for 60 days on us. If you do not get the fastest results youve ever seen... no matter what your goals are (lost weight, lower blood sugar, managing your diabetes, come off of meds) ... we will give you 100% of your money back... OR:

Guarantee 2: If you dont like the service you receive and the ease of purchase, same guarantee: 100% of your money back!

We stand behind not only our product, but our commitment to YOU and your success.

Only a limited amount will be sold at this price

After I release a few thousand copies at this ridiculously low price, I know I will have to increase the price once I work out a deal with a real publisher to get this book in stores.

When that happens, I will be raising the price to $50 (possibly more depending on the publisher)

And I Want to Give You Some Awesome Gifts to Make This Detox Plan FUN

Bonus 1: Detox-Diet cook book

This cook book contains recipes that the whole family will love, and help you stay on track to controlling your blood sugar. Inside youll find step by step recipes to make:

Cajun shrimp gumbo

Beef goulash

Crispy roasted pork belly

Spinach and tomato frittata

Spicy lamb meatballs

with spinach and tomato

Slow cooked oxtail stew

Chicken and vegetable soup

Smoked salmon and prawn salad

Chicken kababs

Bonus 2: Low-carb diabetes cook book

This cook book contains even more recipes for the whole family. These high-fat, lower carb meals will give you a lasting boost in energy throughout your whole day, and help you (or anyone in your family) lose excess fat quickly. Recipes include:

Egg & bacon muffins

Thai fish cakes

Pan fried medium steak

with rocket and tomato salad

Stir fry shirataki shrimp noodles

Baked cod with vegetables & herbs

Zucchini lasagna

Chicken chasseur

Salad nicoise

Cauliflower mashed potatoes

If you dont follow this detox program,

let me give you some parting advice:

Left unchecked, diabetes will continue to progress (even if you take drugs to mask the symptoms) and bring a host of other conditions as a result. Conditions like:

Neuropathy Neuropathy is nerve damage that occurs when excess sugar in your system damages the walls of tiny blood vessels that nourish your nerves. Symptoms include tingling, numbness, and burning pain that begins at the tips of your fingers and toes, then gradually spreads upwards.

Left untreated this can cause you to lose all sensation in your arms, legs, and other extremities. (Including erectile dysfunction)

Fact: 60% of lower limb amputations were performed in adults 20 years or older that have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Kidney disease - Diabetes was listed as the primary cause of kidney failure in 44% of all new cases in 2011. These cases usually require dialysis or kidney transplant to survive.

Retinopathy Diabetes is one of the leading causes of blindness in the United States. In fact, 28.5% of people with diabetes develop diabetic retinopathy damage to the small blood vessels in the retina that causes blindness.

Increase risk of cardiovascular disease Heart disease is the number 1 cause of death in the United States according to the CDC. In 2010, hospitalization rates for heart attack were 1.8 times higher among adults with diagnosed diabetes aged 20 years or older compared to those without diabetes.

It is not too late to take control of your disease, halt its progression, and treat the damage that has been done. If you keep waiting it WILL be too late, once you have a limb removed, go blind, or lose your life to this disease.

There is a better choice

Following the 6-week detox plan you will make small, almost unnoticeable changes each week for 6 weeks.

At first you feel yourself having more energy, waking up in the morning with some extra pep.

That weight around your mid-section quickly melts off You see a big difference every morning when you look in the bathroom mirror.

You reduce your medications, never again having to mentally prepare yourself for another insulin injection or pricking your finger multiple times a day to check your blood. You finally throw away all those dangerous diabetes drugs for good, never again suffering from the serious side effects like weight gain or heart problems.

Youll no longer become a burden on your family. Youll be there for important life events like your grandchilds graduation or wedding.

You look and feel younger as your blood sugar returns too normal for the first time since your early 20s. You regain the freedoms you havent had in years, the energy and stamina to pursue the hobbies you once enjoyed, play with your grand kids and get to experience travel and retirement the way you deserve too. (And have the sex drive you had in high school)

Click the buy button below now to receive your pre-sale price of just $37

Plus your bonus diabetes cook books

(If we have any left in stock, you will see a buy button below:)

No shipping costs saves you money!

All materials are digital and sent to you instantly in PDF and MP3 formats.

ANY computer or iPad or tablet can use it! That means you can start TODAY!

Kent Williams

Founder The Alarming Truth

P.S. Every second you wait the odds are good you will do nothing... And get closer and closer to more serious complications like amputation, blindness or waking up on an operating table and seeing the surgeon preparing his bone saw to amputate one of your limbs.

P.P.S. Remember, you have a full 60-day trial period to put the 6-week detox to work for you! Put this program to the test. With the no questions asked money back guarantee theres no way you can lose.


Q: What is the 6-week diabetes detox and how does it work so fast?

A: The 6-week diabetes detox program is a series of small changes made over 6 weeks that are designed to eliminate and block the absorption of sugars and food additives that are causing a blood sugar imbalance in your body.

Unlike medications, these changes treat the root cause of diabetes, allowing you to permanently manage the condition.

Q: Will I have to starve myself through this 6-week program?

A NO, this program is designed so you can eat as much as you want. In fact, for the first few weeks you will be adding important foods into your diet instead of trying to eat less or exercise more.

Q: Im not in my 20s or 30s, will this program still work for someone considerably older?

A: YES! This program is designed to treat the most severe cases of diabetes; in fact, it works especially well for people in their golden years who have been suffering from diabetes for a long time.

Q: What if it doesnt work for me?

A: Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed and you can get your money back at any time.

Q: What if I just want to lose weight and I am not diabetic?

A: Getting your blood sugar into balance is the fastest and most effortless way to lose weight. Youll be able to stop this program at week 3 to enjoy all the weight loss and energy boosting benefits of this program.

Q: Does the Diabetes Detox program really work?

Q: YES! Just about everyone who has gone through this detox program has seen a reduction in their blood sugar levels, and most have been able to reduce and come off their diabetes medications completely.
However, you must follow along in each of the 6 steps in order to see results. Just downloading an eBook and reading it wont help you. You have to apply the proven steps inside in order to rid your body of the toxic chemicals that is causing your blood sugar to fall out of balance.

Q: How soon can I stop taking my Diabetes medication?

A: Let me start off by saying that you should never come off your medications or change their dose without first consulting you doctor. I highly recommend working with your doctor while on the 6-week diabetes detox program so that they can help monitor your progress and advise you on when you can start to reduce your medications.

That said, some of the folks following this program were able to balance their blood sugar naturally after the first week, and didnt require any other changes to their diet to manage and treat their diabetes.

Other participants with advanced diabetes required up to 3-4 months before they were able to significantly reduce their medications.

In clinical studies the average time a participant was able to come off their meds was around 8 weeks with dietary intervention alone.

Q: Is the 6 Week Diabetes Detox Program Scientifically proven?

A: Absolutely! The 6 Week Diabetes Detox Program is based on dozens of studies that have demonstrated complete management of their diabetes with a change in diet.

I have provided a list of the studies in the reference section of the eBook, as well as in the link below labeled Scientific References.

You can review each of these studies, the exact diet plans the participants were on, as well as the results of the study.

Q: Can I ask my doctor about this program?

A: Its important you get your doctors permission before attempting any new diet plan. Its equally important to work closely with your doctor as you begin to balance out your blood sugar.
Your doctor can help to monitor your progress and advise you on any reduction in medications as you progress through the system.

Q: Why isnt this detox program more well known in the medical community?

A: When I created the 6 Week Diabetes Detox Program, I approached every food conglomerate, pharmaceutical company, medical establishment, and book publisher I could.

I never heard back from any pharmaceutical company. Not surprising considering my plan involves using food as medicine instead of some new drug. They dont stand to make much money recommending a diet program to their customers.

Most publishers didnt want to take my book because I had never written a book before. Others were scared of the potential backlash they might receive from the pharmaceutical companies.

In the end is was a small online publisher, the watch dogs at that were willing to help me publish my book, and set up this small website for me to tell my story.

Were hoping that as this gets out, more publishers will start to take notice so we can officially publish this book in stores. Until then, this is the ONLY place to get your hands on this breakthrough program.

Q: How difficult is The 6 Week Diabetes Detox Program to follow?

A: The 6 Week Diabetes Detox Program is by far the easiest dietary program to follow! In each of the 6 weeks, you will be making a small change to your diet. Each of these changes will detox your body from the food additives and sugars that have been added to our food supply, and you will see a difference in each step.

Most of these steps involve ADDING delicious foods into your diet to help kill your cravings for sugar, and to slow the absorption of carbohydrates into your blood stream.

You will need to cut back on some of the more processed foods that are laced with poison, like soft drinks, yet you will still be able to enjoy all our favorite foods while on this diet if you are willing to eat them at certain times. And in the end, if you are not completely satisfied with this program at any point in the next 60 days, you are entitled to a full 100% refund.

Q: Can my children use the 6 Week Diabetes Detox program?

A: YES! In fact, this program was originally designed for my 12-year-old son who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Before this program he was addicted to sugar, overweight, and prescribed daily medications. Each week, we made the same small changes to our diet together. It didnt feel like dieting, we were still eating our favorite foods and never went hungry.

Our cravings for sugar and processed food seemed to disappear on its own. We both started to lose weight around week 2, and noticed an extra boost in our energy levels when we woke up in the morning. Must have been our bodies finally burning all that extra fat for fuel.

By the end of the 6 weeks he had come off his medications completely, and I came off mine just 2 weeks later. After that we continued to lose weight, our energy levels kept climbing and we both just felt... Normal again.

Its an experience, a feeling of freedom thats hard to put into words. Its something you just have to experience for yourself. And you can, in just 6 weeks from today when you get started in the Diabetes Detox Program.

Click the buy button below now to get started, and I will see you inside the members area.

No shipping costs saves you money!

All materials are digital and sent to you instantly in PDF and MP3 formats.

ANY computer or iPad or tablet can use it! That means you can start TODAY!

Scientific References

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The 6-Week Diabetes Detox

The 6-Week Diabetes Detox

The 6-Week Diabetes Detox

The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox
The 6-Week Diabetes Detox

The 6-Week Diabetes Detox

The 6-Week Diabetes Detox Release Video

The 6-Week Diabetes Detox

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