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The Canary Lovers Guide To Preventing Your Canary Bird's Death How To : BOOST The Health Status of Your

Canary Bird Like Never Before

If You Can Spare 2 Minutes Per Day , Then You Can DRAMATICALLY Increase Your Canarys Ability To Fight Off Sickness And Stay Healthy.

...OR If Your Canary is SICK RIGHT NOW , You Can Use My Easy 5 Step Process For Boosting His Immune System and Kicking His Illness To The Curb!

Revealed: The Canary Breeders System for keeping your canary bird in top shape for fighting off disease and successfully treating the stubborn illness that does pop-up.This Never Before Seen Canary Health Care System Has Never Been Published Or Shared Before...Until Now!

Discover how to -

 Easily provide a super healthy environment for your pet canary!

 Start from scratch today and actually improve your canarys immune system within 24 hours!

 Turn a weak and sickly bird into a vibrant and energetic singing machine!

Order Now -------------------------------From the aviary of Darren P.D. Walker

Wednesday, 9:41 A.M.

Dear Canary Lovin Friend,

It would surprise me - greatly - if you already know how easily you can help a sick canary recover from his illness and then STAY healthy for a long, long time.

Not just having a bird thats NOT SICK, but having a bird that is SUPER healthy, strong, and full of energy.

And none of the techniques Im about to reveal to you are difficult. Literally, in just a couple of minutes per day you can give your canary what he needs to be a model of fitness. (Especially with the step-by-step system Im going to reveal to you!)

If youre interested in simple techniques for taking care of your canary like a pro, then let me explain my completely unique approach to pet canary care. But, first, let me break the bad news to you.

Why most canary owners, and even canary breeders,
are taking the wrong approach...

Keeping a pet canary in the home is nothing new. The problem is, up until now, most people have been taking the wrong approach.

1) Owners of HEALTHY Canaries are taking the wrong approach! Waiting until your bird gets sick could be a death sentence for your canary. Take action now, while your pet is healthy, and keep him that way. No worries.

2) Owners of SICK Canaries are taking the wrong approach! Most people who find they have a sick canary on their hands do NOTHING. Why? Because they suspect that the illness is minor and that their bird will recover in a few days. BAD PLAN! Listen to me here, if you go to Vegas and roll the dice youre almost certainly going to lose money. Dont roll the dice with your canarys life.

Wouldnt it be nice to have an experienced canary owner and breeder share everything he knows about keeping canaries healthy?

I began breeding canaries years ago and although I lost a few birds to illness that first year it didnt deter me. I asked questions, I researched long boring avian disease manuals, I learned, and I grew in experience.

Problems with my flock decreased dramatically year by year until a fulfilling success was attained.

Then I began sharing my experiences with others. I participated in forums for canary breeders, chat rooms, personal emails, website visitors, and my knowledge of canary-keeping just grew and grew.

In fact, as I sit writing this article, my office canary is fluttering around his cage behind me and singing boisterously. He is healthy and strong and I intend to keep him that way for many years to come.

And now all the knowledge I use to keep that canary healthy and happy is at your fingertips.

Here are 5 reasons why you should provide high quality care for your canary...

1. LONG LIFE. While many canaries end their life within a year or two, canaries that are given Trump style care can live as long as 20 years.

2. JOYOUS SINGING. A strong and fit canary will enjoy his day providing you with natures beautiful music.

3. BONDING. Canaries are generally very cautious of people. They dont like to get too close. But a canary with a healthy body and a healthy mind has more confidence and is more likely to want to bond with his owner.

4. SAVE MONEY. A canary that is NOT provided the simple things lined out in this system may develop recurring illnesses that require a veterinarians attention over and over again. Have you seen what vets charge lately?

5. INTERIOR DESIGN. A fit canary is beautiful to look at and has a healthy sheen to his feathers. This not only adds beauty to your home but brings appreciation of the world around you. An unfit canary may look dull and ragged.

Let me challenge you to beat THIS
with what youre doing...

 Every morning my office canary gets a special immunity building treat that he loves. These healthy treats are the key to a robust canary.

 In just a few seconds of my time each day I take the necessary steps to make sure hes getting the correct amount of daylight. Are you providing the correct amount of daylight for your canary?

 Without even thinking about it I can use THIS TIP to quickly evaluate and eliminate stresses in my canarys life.

 Most days, in the mid-morning, he gets a few minutes of free flight out of his cage.

 Again, in the afternoon, I take 30 seconds out of my day to provide him with a second nutrient rich, tasty, treat.

As a result of simple things like this, Id be willing to bet Ive got the happiest healthiest pet canary in town! If not, Ill tie a thousand canaries to my body and let them fly me over the Pacific Ocean. ;-)

These and many, many more tips are spelled out in this course. In fact...

Look and see if you can spot anything missing...

If youre expecting to find something left out from this course, then youre probably gonna go blind searching for it. Theres simply nothing missing from this 115 page, step-by-step course...

How To PREVENT Your Canary From Getting Sick In The First Place. One of the things I teach which Ive never seen anywhere before is the 7 easy ways to keep your canarys immune system strong and prevent illness.

How To Recognize When Your Canary Is Sick. Which symptoms are most important and what theyre telling you about your birds condition.

How To Give Your Sick Bird Treatment That Will Sky-Rocket His Ability To Get Back A Clean Bill of Health. This section covers the simple 5 step process I developed for getting your bird healthy again...even if you dont know whats causing the illness.

How To Safely Use Antibiotics and Other Medications As a Last Resort. Medication should NEVER be your first response to a canary illness. Ill show when and how to use them effectively and intelligently.

How to Recognize and Treat More Than 70 Canary Illnesses and Issues. I dont leave you hanging once youve gotten the basics of prevention and treatment under your belt. Ill actually walk you through the most common canary care issues that may someday arise. And its all explained in user-friendly language that even a rank beginner can understand and appreciate. I cover things like...

o Viral Infections

o Bacterial Infections

o Internal Parasites

o Feather Problems

o Digestive Problems

o Breathing Problems

o Foot and Leg Problems

o Eye Problems

o Neurological Problems


As you can see, all the common canary problems are here for you to learn from. No more spinning your wheels searching for the info you need. Its all right here in one easy-to-use system that takes you from zero to your canarys hero.

But dont take my word for it.

Heres What Others Are Saying About

The Canary Lovers Guide To Preventing
Your Canarys Overnight Death
-How To Prevent Illness and Successfully Treat
Your Canary When Hes Sick


(Note: These are real people just like you - not a bunch of my buddies that I gave a free copy to in exchange for a testimonial!)

Invaluable to many bird keepers
"Hi Darren,

Looking at the total content of your work and trying to put myself in the place of a newcomer I believe that you have produced an excellent book that will over time be found to be invaluable to many bird keepers. Best wishes."

Geoff Walker

Author "Colored, Type & Song Canaries

I think you covered everything possible
Darren: Congratulations. This is a wonderful ebook. I expected very good, but I was wrong. It is excellent! I think you covered everything possible about canary health and diseases.

You are an excellent upbeat writer - the words flow beautifully and are easy to understand. Keep up your wonderful work.

Katharine Gamey

Canary Owner

Its like having a mini Merck
Veterinary Diagnostics Guide for canaries!
I just finished reading your book yesterday. I found it to be very well written, full of very helpful sound advice and easy to understand. I really think this book should be in every canary lovers library!!!

Whether or not one only has a few pets or an aviary full, I believe the information provided would prove to be invaluable. Both in time of need and as a guide to maintain health.

With this book theres no need to wade through a lot of useless gibberish. Its like having a mini "Merck Veterinary Diagnostics Guide for canaries!

Thanks Again!

Diane Britton

Award Winning Canary Breeder

Great book
Hello Darren,

Its Rocco from N.Y. I just read your e-book, and you
did some job, should be a best seller. I want to thank you again for your advice, and your great book.

Rocco Ciccirello

Canary Owner

Excellent! I dont believe you missed anything!

I read your book this morning. I was very impressed! Although I have raised canaries for over 25 years and have experienced a few of the illnesses that you address in the book, it taught me a lot. Excellent!!! I dont believe you missed anything!

John Flynn

Canary Breeder

I wish this had been available before!
The ebook is great. The organization is excellent...easy to find the topic one is looking for.

I wish this had been available before. It previously took many searches and trial and error to find answers to problems I encountered with my birds. Excellent book.

Margaret from Dallas

Canary Owner

Packaged with care and humor
Absolutely loved the ebook! Ive had canaries for the past 20 years and am still learning. And your book is all I think Ill ever need. One canary from our experience had air sac mites, and finding information on treatment was maddening. By the time we knew what to do, it was too late. This information would have helped tremendously.

The lighting section was very beneficial, and weve started changing our little guys exposure...we were keeping him up way too late.

The diet segment, too, will be a great boost to the way we feed our little guy.

Thank you so much...and please know, I appreciate all the information, AND the way it was "packaged"...with care and humor.

Many thanks,

Carolyn Jenkins

20 Year Canary Owner

Straight forward, easy to understand
I am in the process of reading it now and I have mentioned it to my mother. She has already found use for it. I was able to find the answers to her questions.

What I have found is that your ebook is very easy to follow and simple to understand. I like that aspect of the ebook. Straight forward, easy to understand.

Donna Schmitz

Canary Owner

This is not a system that works only for me or for breeders with hundreds of birds. It works for anyone who uses it. And that includes you.

When you discover and use the information in this course, youll immediately be able to provide a healthy home for your canary like never before.

In this course...

The Canary Lovers Guide To Preventing Your Canarys Overnight Death - -
How To Prevent Illness and Successfully Treat Your Canary When Hes Sick...

...there are 3 jam-packed sessions. Let me just share a few highlights of what youll learn in each session...

Session 1 -

How To PREVENT Canary Illness

7 Ways to Keep Your Canarys Immune System Strong and Prevent Illness

How to use diet and nutrition to create a disease fighting immune system.

How to use cleanliness to keep pathogens in your canarys food and cage to a minimum.

How to prevent boredom and laziness in a caged canary.

My personal 7-Day Diet For Canaries. Feeding guidelines for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.

How TV, radio, children, and other birds can keep your canary from getting the rest he needs.

The 3 canary seasons and how light affects your canarys immune system.

How to regulate the annual molt so your canary comes out of it unscathed.

3 Ways to prevent and/or end an energy draining off-season molt.

The truth about drafts and extreme temperature changes and how they affect your bird.


Session 2

How To Give Life-Saving Treatment To Your Sick Canary

A revelation of the Canary Lovers Basic Treatment For A Sick Canary

My personal 5 Step System for treating your sick canary...even when you dont know what the cause is.

The useful--but controversial--Optional Step 6

How you can keep one bird safe and healthy while another bird is deathly ill (This is for those that have more than one bird.)

How normal everyday things can create stress and a lack of healing ability in your canary.

The 5 Stress Killers. How to remove the 5 most common creators of stress in your canary.

4 simple ways to provide healing warmth for your sick canary.

The #1 way to knock killer infections on their heels.

How to know when it becomes necessary to force-feed your sick canary...and 3 methods of getting it done quickly and easily.

The special steps you must take to avoid re-infection.

How and when to use antibiotics to eradicate stubborn infections.

4 useful choices for antibiotics

How and when to use probiotics for maximum healing.

Where to get the most active and productive probiotics.

Session 3

70 Canary Diseases, Illnesses, and Problems EVERY Canary Owner Should Know About

The most common cause of breathing problems and how to easily treat it.

How this common household cooking ingredient can fix a canary stomach ache.

10 simple ways to treat for runny droppings

The 4 most common causes of digestive problems...and how your vet would treat them.

Discover the first easy to spot sign of starvation or dehydration.

What to do if your canary is not eating

What to do if your canary never stops eating.

What to do if your canary is losing weight

What to do if your canary is sitting in his food dish.

What Stargazing is and how its treated.

How to deal with nervous disorders.

What it means if your canary is favoring one foot.

And believe me when I tell you that these are just the highlights. There is just so much meaty information stuffed inside this 115 page goldmine of a manual.

Everything youve just read about (and more!) is conveniently packaged into an easy to use downloadable PDF format. You can actually be benefiting from these tips and strategies within 5 minutes.

Order Now

So, I guess the only thing left for you to consider is: Is this for YOU?

Let me help you with the answer...


If you are a new canary owner and youre wondering, Do I really need all this information? - the answer is definite YES!

Ive specifically created this course to be user-friendly to those just starting out ---which means Ive put everything in logical sequence and Ive included everything you need to know to keep your canary healthy.

And although Im sure it sounds like A LOT of information to grasp, I assure you its not rocket science. Just follow the simple step-by-step process and you WILL SUCCEED. Ill help you every step of the way.


If youre already familiar with keeping canaries, then youre gonna love The Canary Lovers Guide To Preventing Your Canarys Overnight Death for two reasons:

1. Youll have all the necessary canary care info all in one place. No more searching through books, websites, or forums to find the small piece of info you need.

2. Youll learn my proprietary, never-before-seen system for successfully preventing and treating canary illness. Everyone does things a little differently. I guarantee youll glean some great ideas from this system.

Im sure youre chomping at the bit by now wanting to know what you need to do to get your own copy of this content-packed canary care system. But I want to give you EVEN MORE...

Grab Your Copy Today and Receive 4 Powerful Bonuses To Help You and Your Canary Even Further...



- - 30 Important Items Every Canary Owner Should Have Next To The Cage

This is an extensive list of items every canary owner should have available...just in case. This checklist includes lists of...

Useful Tools

Healing Medicines

Health Building Dietary supplements

Having these items available will make your canary care journey much easier.



59 Must-Know website links where you can get the important products or extra info you need.

Links to important food products you might need

Links to detailed information you might need.

Links to medicinal products you might need.


The Canary Lovers Guide Special Report:


Nobody likes a bald bird! In this 10 page special report youll discover all the ins and outs of feather plucking.

10 reasons why canaries do it and easy ways to prevent it.

The 7 environmental factors that contribute to feather plucking... theres a good chance some of these are occurring in your home right now.

The 3 ways you can calm and relax your canary so he wont pluck feathers.

The 2 primary dietary deficiencies that will likely lead to feather plucking.


Canary Lovers Guide BONUS REPORT:


This 12 page report goes into detail about a disease that canary owners are seeing more and more, Megabacteria (or AGY). Covered in the special report is the following...

What Megabacteria (AGY) really is.

How to manage a bird with this disease.

How to recognize this disease in your bird.

How to successfully treat this disease.

What NOT to do.

I Know What Youre Thinking, And The Answer is No!

It may have crossed your mind, cant I find this information elsewhere?

Not a chance!

You will not find this collection of tips and strategies anywhere else on the planet. Its just not available in such an easy to use package.

Listen to me here...If you want to spend hours upon hours and days upon days scouring the internet or bookstore books you will find some of this information. But even then you wont be getting all that information packaged up for you in a step-by-step canary care system. So, how much is your time worth? For a paltry sum you can get it all delivered to you within MINUTES.

You Can Begin Giving Your Canary Quality Care TODAY

Order Now

...OR you could wait...and wait...and wait.

Perhaps the best thing about The Canary Lovers Guide To Preventing Your Canarys Overnight Death is the fact that you can begin using the hundreds of tips immediately.

Theres no waiting period. No learning curve. No additional research to do.




You can begin using these strategies within the next few minutes.

Most importantly, you can begin seeing results immediately!

The choice is completely yours: continue to do the same thing youve always done - - no offence meant here but youre almost certainly leaving something important out - - or use these simple strategies to create the maximum level of health for your canary.

How Much Would You Pay To Learn How To Have The Healthiest and Happiest Canary On The Block?
OK, OK. Youre convinced. So, how much is it going to cost you? Tell you what, why dont YOU decide what its worth?

What price tag do you put on your canarys happiness and health status?

What price tag do you put on having all the canary care information you need organized into an easy-to-use time-saving system?

Just as a quick side note, lets see what others are paying for similar items...

People are ecstatic to get How I Trained My Dog In One Evening for $39.95

Cat and dog lovers are happy to pay veterinarian, Dr. Andrew Jones, $49.97 for his Vet Secrets Revealed ebook. And, by the way, I own that book and its worth every penny.

Chet Womachs bird training courses start at $97. And hes sold thousands.

Liz Wilson, an expert on bird problems, charges a whopping $175 MINIMUM for advice.

I know you can now see how valuable this canary care package is to you and your canary.

As youve seen above, I could easily charge upwards of $97 for this information and it would be a bargain for you. Its easily worth that much and more.

But its not $97. At $39 this course would be a steal. But its not even $39. The regular price for this extensive package is only $27.

And for such an extensive package this price wont last long. Its going up...and soon.

Click Here To Order Now

Just to make sure you understand how complete this package is, Ill offer another valuable BONUS...

BONUS #5: Personal Answers

If there is any question about canary health care you have that WAS NOT answered in this course, you can contact me and Ill personally answer it for you.

Hows that for getting your moneys worth?

Im confident that youll have your questions answered in this course so Im not worried about being overloaded with questions. But if you do have one, let me know.

Remember, some people charge as much as $175 to answer questions about their pet birds. But youre getting it FREE.

And as if that isnt enough...

In addition to all this, youre backed by my Iron Clad, No Questions Asked, 8-Week Money Back Guarantee!

You quite simply have nothing to lose!


The The Canary Lovers Guide To PREVENTING Your Canarys Overnight Death - -How To Prevent Illness and Successfully Treat Your Canary When Hes Sick comes with a no-questions-asked, no-hassle, EIGHT FULL WEEKS money-back guarantee. If for any reason whatsoever you decide this product isnt right for you, just email me at anytime within the next 56 days and Ill buy it back from you for every penny you paid.

Thats EIGHT WEEKS to put my strategies to the test - all the risk is on me. I dont think I could be any more fair than that!

Read the course and begin seeing immediate results in improved canary health...


Click Here To Order Now

Once again, this is what you get...

The Canary Lovers Guide To PREVENTING Your Canarys Overnight Death - -How To Prevent Illness and Successfully Treat Your Canary When Hes Sick

The 115 page ebook that covers prevention and treatment of canary illness. Plus, a run-down of 70 common canary diseases and problems.

- - 30 Important Items Every Canary Owner Should Have Next To The Cage

- - 59 Must-Know website links where you can get the important products or extra info you need.



Personal Answers

All for just $27 if you order today.

We have only one goal here: to get your canary to the highest level of health possible...for you to enjoy your precious pet for many years to come.

Heres the Only Thing You Need To Consider...

If you use this information the way I tell you to and are able to avoid just one trip to the vets pays for itself!

Yes, Darren, count me in! I want to learn how to
take care of my canary like a pro!. Give me
the instant download.

Click Here For Secure Order Form.

Use Paypal, a credit card, or e-check.

Order Now While This Package Is Still At This Low Introductory Price.

All this for just $27


(Even if its 2:00 AM on
a Saturday)

If you have any questions, contact me here.

Best of success to you and remember...

Keep Lovin Your Canary!

Darren P.D. Walker, Author

P.S. Please dont email me if you try to return here later and this low priced offer is gone. Soon the special introductory price will no longer be available.

P.P.S. Dont forget, this offer is completely risk-free with my 100% money-back guarantee. You have absolutely no risk! Order Now!

effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individuals success depends on his or her background,
dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any pet related endeavor, there is
no certain guarantee that you will improve your canarys health. It is
recommended that you always seek out a qualified veterinarian to provide pet
health care and advice for your particular situation.
Copyright 2007-2016 Darren
P.D. Walker - All Rights Reserved


The Canary Lovers Guide To Preventing Your Canary Bird's Death

The Canary Lovers Guide To Preventing Your Canary Bird's Death

The Canary Lovers Guide To Preventing Your Canary Bird's Death

The Canary Lovers Guide To Preventing Your Canary Bird's Death

The Canary Lovers Guide To Preventing Your Canary Bird's Death

The Canary Lovers Guide To Preventing Your Canary Bird's Death Release Video

The Canary Lovers Guide To Preventing Your Canary Bird's Death

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