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UK Racing advisory services call me first!) From the desk of Ray Thomas Hello, my name is Ray Thomas, So, youve trundled along for a few years, perhaps enjoying your racing, perhaps enjoying having a bet, but trying to figure out how you can not only enjoy the sport of kings, but wondering how you can make your betting ludicrously profitable as well. You know instinctively that there are definitely people in racing who have that bit more knowledge of the formbook than you do yourself. You know that there are definitely those working within racing that are perhaps privilege to a little inside information now and again, when a horse is ready and the time is right. You know that many people with access to all this extra knowledge are able to make more in a single day than you might make in a whole month of slogging away for forty odd hours a week. You know all this is true, but what can you do about it? More to the point I suppose, is to ask what have you done about it? Maybe, you have come to realise that there are a large number of tipster services out there. I hate that word, tipster! It conjures up a picture of a sleazy chap in a dirty raincoat standing in the darkest corner he can find at the racecourse and, grasping a screwed up piece of grubby paper, he approaches passers by with a whisper from the corner of his mouth. "Pssst! Hey mate. Over here quick! Ive been given the winner of the next race by the stable lad. Its yours for a tenner". These horse racing tips are not what you want!Unfortunately, most of these racing tipsters come pretty close to that. There are a few (and its actually very few) who can make you a profit. The trouble is how do you know which tipster services are good and which ones are terrible? How do you choose a service that will offer you value for money for their horse racing tips and make you considerable profits? Well a small clue is that nobody I know who is offering a genuine racing advisory service would ever dream of calling themselves a tipster for a start!Lets face it, you want advice right? And you want good genuine, honest advice that can make you serious money. What you dont want is a tip from one of the so called racing tipsters out there. A tip is the place that people, including tipsters dump their rubbish, and thats the best place for the majority of useless recommendations from most tipsters! If you want a Racing Advisory service that wont give you a load of bull.... A straight talking, no nonsense horse racing tips service that will be honest with you and not try to baffle you with the usual smoke and mirrors approach.... Youve just found that service!Lets be honest here. Any Tom, Dick or Wendy can throw up a website, invent a load of completely fabricated results and drag in a few poor unsuspecting members. Thats easy, right? They wont keep those members long though, once they run up a high double figure number of losers on the trot. These scamsters do nothing but take advantage of people and then move on to the next poor (and soon to be poorer) sap. OK. Enough about them.Lets talk about my Private Racing Advisory Service, The Private Racing Group. The trouble is, that these scam artists make it very difficult for those of us offering a genuine service for horse racing tips. I mean, how do you know Im not just another rip-off merchant? Im not famous. Nobody outside my private service gets to hear of our successes. I dont advertise our private results in the racing press, in fact the only results youll ever get to know about are the ones you experience yourself after you have joined. Also we are not cheap. So how do you decide whether to give my service a try? The real answer to that is, I dont know. I guess you just have to make a judgement call. You have to decide whether the cost of trying out our private horse racing tips service is something you are prepared to write off if I turn out to be one of those scam artists mentioned above. As I say, it has to be a judgement you can only make yourself. Were all grown-ups after all. The one thing I will say is that if the cost of trying our service is going to stretch your personal finances in any way whatsoever, then please dont join. If you cant afford to join our service and the ongoing costs, then you certainly cant afford to spend anything at all on betting. The Private Member Service. All I can promise you is that once you have joined, The Private Racing Group, you will receive a straightforward and honest service and access into my group of private members receiving my private horse racing tips. My private members then have access to all the bets I am having myself throughout the year. This would usually amount to around perhaps 25 to 30 bets in any one year. It doesnt sound that many bets in a whole year, does it? Actually 25 to 30 quality bets a year is all I want or need. I want the wheat sorted from the chaff, and to only invest when I have the best chance of returning a profit on my investment. Thats what my members want from me as well. I dont even care what the odds are, and in 2016 and this year so far, they have ranged from evens to 25/1. What I care about is that as many of the imponderables have been removed as is possible. As much in our favour as is possible, whilst accepting that things can still go wrong during a race. We then have the best situation for having a bet. These investments returned very decent profits and we have once again got off to a good year with winners at 9/2, 11/2, 14/1 7/1. When you join my service, the first few bets may win. They may all lose. Or more likely there will be a combination of winners and losers. You may join my private horse racing tips service and find that you dont receive your first bet from me for two or three weeks, or you may join and receive a bet the day after you join. It all depends on when the situation has arisen for us to have an investment.This will depend on all the relevant pieces having fallen into place, i.e. current and previous form analysis of our horse and its competition in the race, going, track, distance, coupled with any confirmed horse racing tips and information from informed sources when available. Thats when we make our move! On these occasions, on the day of the race, I will then confirm to my own complete satisfaction that nothing has changed that may adversely affect our chances.A few hours before the race start time, I will then send out to my members the time of the race, the meeting and the name of the horse, and whether it is a win or each way bet. This information is sent via text message to your mobile phone. It is not sent by email, post or any other non-secure method. Dont have a mobile phone? Then you cant join my service.Im sorry, but that is the way I operate. Having a mobile phone means you will be sure of obtaining my horse racing tips information, and you will have the facility via that same mobile phone to call and place your bet with your bookmaker, or place the bet online via your phone. The next time you hear from me will be on the next occasion that I am having a bet. There are no follow up messages or emails. No blurb or excuses. If it won, it won. If it lost it lost, and all the post race analysis in the world wont turn a loser into a winner, or a loss into a profit. We take our winnings or otherwise and move on. We are professionals not amateurs. Our only aim is to make overall profits on our investments, and to invest wisely. You will not get lies, smokescreens or anything other than a forthright, honest and genuine service from me. I dont make excuses. The bets you receive will be the exact bets I will be having myself. The amounts you stake on the information you receive from me, is entirely a matter for yourself. We do have a bad run of results on occasions. It happens. And because we sometimes go a few weeks between bets, then two or even three losers on the bounce can alarm some people. If you are one of those people, dont join my private horse racing tips service or any other decent racing advisory service for that matter. If you are one of those people, you are not cut out to make substantial overall profits from racing. Find another way to make serious money if you are not suited to the ups and downs of racing investments. I really cant be any more frank and open about my service than that. I have a wealth of experience behind me that you can take advantage of if you so choose. As I said before, it is a judgement call that you have to make yourself. As with most things in life, we have to stand or fall by our own decisions. Here is what one respected source has to say about my service... Win 2 Win Review of Ray Thomass Private Racing Service I am confident that your decision to join my private member service will be one of the better decisions you have made thus far in your betting experience!For details on how you can become a private member of The Private Racing Group, then please read on! Why would I want to share my information by going to the trouble of operating a private member service for horse racing tips? Why not just be happy with the more than substantial amount of money I am making from the two dozen or so bets I have per year? Now this is where, if youve received one of those phoney mail-shots from a tipster, you would expect me to say that I share my information and horse racing tips with my members because I cant get a sizeable bet on with the bookmakers because theyve all closed my accounts. Or maybe I want to share my horse racing tips and success because I am some kind of benevolent character that wants to help people from the goodness of my heart? Baloney! There is only one reason that I am prepared to share my success, my horse racing tips and information, and that, dear friend, is to make even more money than I am making already. Cold, hard fact. Nothing more and nothing less. That is what anyone who joins my service is looking for:- Lots, and lots, and lots more money! I offer to share my information so that anyone who becomes a private member can have the opportunity to do exactly that. But, as I said before, I operate an honest and genuine racing advisory service, where a lot of hard work, study, contacts, experience and effort, goes into obtaining the horse racing tips information. Its not free. Its not cheap, and its not for the average, run of the mill punter who risks money he cant afford. If a 10 or 20 bet is your usual stake, then my private member horse racing tips service may not be for you. You wont make what I consider to be a decent amount of profit by betting these sums on just two dozen or so bets a year. If you are really SERIOUS about making SERIOUS CASH PROFITS from your betting investments, you need to do something different. Something other than what you have been doing so far. Wouldnt you agree?The Private Member ServiceAlthough we bet only on UK horse racing, the membership joining subscription is expressed in US dollars because we use Clickbank as our preferred method of collecting your subscription payment. Your initial joining investment to join The Private Racing Group service as a private member is $197 (approx. 160 sterling) once only joining subscription. Note:- Although we bet only on UK horse racing, the membership joining subscription is expressed in US dollars because we use Clickbank as our preferred method of collecting your subscription payment. On the order page you can use the drop down box to choose your preffered currency.Ongoing membership costs:- 50 bet to be placed at SP on our behalf on each advice. (Obviously, your stake is returned on winning bets). Example: 16/1 SP win bet x 50 staked on our behalf = 800 return sent to us (so winnings effectively paid by the bookmaker).
** Cost to you in this example = zero. As previously mentioned, the amount you stake on our horse racing tips for yourself is entirely a matter for you to decide. Example: 16/1 x 200 win bet for yourself = 3,200 profit for yourself. Once you have made your payment for the membership joining subscription, you will be sent to a Congratulations! page that will contain a link to a private page on our website where you will see your Welcome Letter, which provides all the information you will need for ongoing membership to the Private Racing service. Its time to take control !!! Looking forward to welcoming you as a private member. Best Regards,Ray Thomas The Private Racing Group CLICK HERE TO BECOME A MEMBER PayPal - You can now also join the service using PayPal. (Were sorry to say for E.U. citizens we have to add VAT to the above joining fee.) We are committed to supporting responsible gambling. Never bet more than you can comfortably afford to lose. For help with gambling addiction or problems visit

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