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Learnthe Secrets of the Happiest Richest Most Successful People in the World!

STOP EVERYTHING youre currently doing with the Law of Attraction! You may be attracting even worse situations into your life.
There is a rightway to align yourself andAttract Wealth and Abundance, and Manifest your Dreams!

The #1 Home Study Course for the Law of Attraction

Having Trouble Making the Law of Attraction Work?

Have you ever noticed that you often get what you intend? And that your life seems to work in strange patterns: sometimes you attract the best things into your life, abundance and happiness flow and everything seems okay, but then that strange sense of disconnectedness happens, and it tips the balance. You no longer feel empowered and you even start to lose what youve built, and your awesome reality begins to crumble.
You may even have begun searching for other methods and techniques to change your vibration, and become a magnet for the law of attraction like you felt like you were in the beginning, but technique after technique they just dont seem to sustain that high frequency, and you end up losing motivationonce again.
You may be wondering if theres something wrong with you because life keeps presenting you with challenges. But rest assured, it isnt quite your fault that these things are happening.

And even though you keep persisting on reading more about the law of attraction, doing more courses and trying more systems, the lack of change isnt actually something that you should blame yourself for.
This is happening simply because your thoughts and your feelings are misaligned with the Universe, resulting in those messy patterns.

You are Influencing and Creating

your Current Reality
Studies in the field of Quantum Mechanics have proven that you influence the energy of your surroundings with your thoughts and your vibrational frequency, altering the substance of the Quantum Field.

This means that you can consciously change your current reality, if you operate from the correct frequency all the time.
But as a human being that you are, what happens when 98% of all of your thought processing is done on auto-pilot at a subconscious level?
All those deep hidden worries about not being able to provide basic necessities such as love, money and security for yourself and your loved ones, produce the majority of the energetic frequencies you put out into the Universe.
Even though you may not be aware that those feelings are there because theyre not superficial, they create your beliefs and your habits, and run your entire life!
When you work at the intellectual level with your conscious mind, which is what happened when you first discovered the Law of Attraction, the results that you got were probably very short lived. You see, thats because you only acted upon the Explicit beliefs and habits, which never render very efficient in the mid to long term.
Real long-lasting and even permanent energy shifts happen when you work with the Implicit Beliefs and Habits which are controlled by the subconscious mind. This is the part of your mind where your life support systems, and 96-98% of your emotions, perceptions and behaviours are processed. It is the core of who you truly are, and it determines what you can ever become.

The major problem about implicit beliefs and habits though, is that they go completely undetected, and most people arent even aware that they have them.

And this is where the misalignment begins. Its impossible to act on the outer layers of consciousness and expect any long-lasting changes in your life when those implicit beliefs are still active. Youre dragging the weight of those beliefs and habits on your shoulders like a backpack full of rocks and you dont even know it.
This inner conflict is pulling you in two different directions and is guilty of creating some very lousy and confusing results in your life.

Your emotional and spiritual sides which just want to live at their highest potential, and experience happiness and freedom are always kicked in the face by that unseen force created by old mental patterns and habits. It literally kicks in, to sabotage any chance of you manifesting those big things effectively.
But this doesnt mean that it will always be this way. When mind and heart are aligned and work together, your vibration soars to astounding heights, and major breakthroughs begin to occur in your life. Which explains why some of the most amazing people that you see on TV and read about in stories, are so successful with the law of attraction and able to live such fulfilled lives in synchronicity with the Universe.

Your Thoughts, Beliefs and Emotions Matter Literally
A revolutionary study conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto, which consisted in photographing freezing water at a very high speed, demonstrated how water takes on the resonance of the energy which is directed at it, affecting its molecular structure, causing the frozen water crystals to adopt different forms.

When positive thoughts and energy, such as love and gratitude were directed towards the water whilst observing the experiment, the crystals that formed were beautiful, and geometrically perfect. When negative thoughts and energy such as stress, hatred and revenge were directed toward the experiment, the crystals which formed were disproportional and geometrically imperfect.

The baseline results of the experiment show how we constantly affect particles in the Universe though the vibrational frequency that we emit though our thoughts and feelings, and, how our bodies and health are also affected by our thoughts and feelings, considering that 70% of our body is made of water.

Do you want to experience living permanently connected to the Universe?
So how would you like to experience a real and tangible connection with the Universe? One that you can feel with all your senses and can provide you with insight, guidance and remarkable manifestations every single day?
Once you establish this type of connection, materialising your dreams, goals and desires will be so much easier and happen so much quicker.
But it gets even better! Because when you work with the implicit levels I spoke about earlier, you begin the alignment of your values, belief systems and emotions from your core, meaning that youll suddenly gain a much higher conscience about your true purpose in life, and a heightened sense of direction for your participation in a grand magnificent plan.
The sudden awareness of your new energetic alignment is so astonishing, that it will send shivers down your spine.

Unlock Your Highest Potential, re-Write Your Reality and Experience an Extraordinary Life on Every Level
So now youre at a point where you need to make a choice. Are you ready to start doing what no one else is doing?
So that you can enjoy the kind of life that no one else can have? Are you ready to begin your new energetic alignment with the Universe?
Knowing about the Law of Attraction is great, but knowing how it really works and how to actually apply it, is a completely different story.

I know what its like to know what to do, but totally bail out when it comes to doing what you know, because for some strange reason, it all seems so overwhelming and inflatedly impossible to put together into a sequence of doable actions. I was getting tired of not understanding how to keep myself motivated and how to keep my energy levels up high. Life was stagnating again, and I believe you can relate to this clearly.
I had spent thousands of dollars on books, law of attraction courses, retreats, readings and seminars, ranging from spiritual to scientific and highly practical, and even thought I could tap or ohmmmm my way out of the depressing mess I was in. But even though each of those teachings did contribute to my evolution (dont get me wrong), everything was lacking a sequence and a guide to give me directions and to motivate me with the real deal.

I was feeling completely alone and stuck with a truckload of knowledge that I didnt know how to apply, and a bunch of happy gurus telling me to think positive happy thoughts, when I couldnt actually feel anything at all

I was lacking solid, real, doable action towards the Law of Attraction, and someone real to wake me up, and teach me how to unlock my potential.
Thats when I decided to get certified in coaching, and extracted the most efficient techniques Id learned over the course of 15 years, to create a sequence, a combination, and apply the coaching on myself and my own goals and dreams. I became the life coach that was missing in my life, who understood how the law of attraction worked and the exact steps that needed to be taken for it to work all the time!

And after doing dozens of coaching sessions with other students, I was able to pinpoint the exact factors which dissolved energy blocks and aligned them with the extraordinary. I had created a unique coaching program which was bringing them the breakthroughs and the results that they needed.
The Quantum Combination is simple, and anyone can start immediately from any place in life.

Any one of any age, from any country, with any type of education and background, can, and should be doing this law of attraction course because its neither too spiritual, nor too practical. Its based on the holistic and humanistic approach which performs as a whole, on all 4 elements that complete your existence. Yes, it really is that complete!
Your reality (who you are, and what you are) is made up of four different elements. The Physical, which is the world of visible results that you live in. The Emotional element, which is obviously related to your feelings and which defines your actions. The Mental, which sustains your identity. And the Spiritual which defines your essence.

What most people dont realise is that the (P) Physical world of results is merely an outcome of whats happening in your Emotional, Mental and Spiritual worlds. Any result that you are currently manifesting and obtaining, is merely an outcome of whats going on inside. So trying to change the results without working holistically on the inside first is a game that you can NEVER win.

Any conflicts, causing resistance and misalignment with any of the elements, is sure to sabotage your results, because the reasons why those conflicts exist normally always go undetected. So they stay alive, and very present in your life.

Why was this UniqueLaw of Attraction Course Created?
The reason I created this course was because I got fed up with everyone elses courses whichonly teach you a part of the equation instead of the whole thing. They either teach you to be spiritual, emotional, mental or practical, and never teach you how to balance and level the whole foundation so that you can build a fortress on top of it.
Another lousy thing about those courses was that their authors do nothing but teach more and more information, and thats where I begged to differ because I dont teach I coach.

You dont just sit there and learn information expecting something to happen. You get a scientific explanation about every topic and a practical exercise in a guided form, for you to perform in the comfort of your own home, and which will serve as a growth tool for the rest of your life.
And because my mission in life is to help transform the lives of thousands, Ive decided to put all the best tools and techniques that I teach my students into what is considered the most complete holistic coaching program on the planet, so that everyone in the world can benefit from the amazing results that my students enjoy.
Ive made it possible for anyone to be able to experience the best techniques to become extraordinary, do extraordinary and have extraordinary. Because at the end of the day what matters the most is the energy you put out into doing the right actions which will render you the best results for you to manifest your desires at lightning speed.
And since you know where your biggest issues reside and which are causing your misalignment, what you really need to help you succeed is a coach that will help you get the maximum results.

Author and Hostfor The Quantum Combination
Meet Roger Mac

Coach, Author and Entrepreneur

Im a Certified life and business strategist, whos been working on transforming the lives of others for almost 15 years.

I help people advance in life, aiding them find solutions to challenges and training them to perform at their truest and highest potential and staying there.
But my work takes a huge step forward from traditional coaching because I work holistically on every level of the being from the inside out, removing energy blocks and facilitating change in peoples lives and in the environment around them, allowing for their full alignment to the Universe, and aiding in a rapid manifestation process.

Ive practised meditation for more than 20 years, and practiced Zen Buddhism for 7 years. Ive done Astral projection, Yoga, Tai-chi and Reiki. Ive done courses on EFT, ESP, hypnosis and NLP. Ive programmed subliminals, paraliminals and binaurals. Ive studied the Law of Attraction and another 14 Universal Laws and physics for a over 10 years.

Most of my life has been dedicated to discovering the secrets of the mind and the Universe, and for ways to hack into these systems in order to produce the most effective results and unlock the power of the Universe. And today I can brag about a combination of different disciplines and techniques which will allow just that, and which have scientific evidence to back them up.

Science and Technology that makes

The Quantum Combination so Effective

The Quantum Combination took me 8 years to write due to one reason which in the end makes all the difference. This program has intense scientific research to back up each lesson, technique or concept. In fact, nothing which could not be proven scientifically was selected for publication. Here are just a few of the features:

Holistic Life Coaching

Brainwave Entrainment

Neural Reconditioning

Effective Guided Meditation

Holistic Life Coaching

Holistic Life Coaching
Life Coaching is the process of helping people identify and achieve personal goals.

Life coaches defy, aid in development and capacitate people to achieve their highest potential in a sustainable manner.

It is turned towards action and in direct proportion to the capability of making a coachee reach their own goals.

The Quantum Combination uses Holistic Life Coaching because it focusses on all 4 elements that compose Life: the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual which create Physical reality.

Benefits of having a life coach and working holistically:

You will have the opportunity to reflect on your present life and decode it based on past events.
Orient your focus towards the present and the future, and expand your capacity to create what you desire.
Raise the level of conscience and knowledge of oneself and your position in the Universe.
Raise your capacity to resolve the most diverse negative situations that appear in your life.
You gain a life with far greater structure and are able to maintain focus.
Ability to receive and interpret feedback about your personal transformation.

Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave Entrainment
Brainwave Entrainment (BWE) is the process of tuning the brain to work within a specific frequency range.

The frequencies that our brain operates in are fundamental to unlock the mind, to improve your life, and of course to manifest your greatest desires. Working in the right frequency can produce the right results for you.
There are 5 major frequency bands that the brain works in almost every day, depending on the psychological activity at a certain time. Whilst you are awake and engaged in an activity which requires a high level of physical activity and mental concentration, your brainwave frequency will be very high, and when youre fast asleep and your brain doesnt need to work that much, the brainwave frequency will be very low.
The Gamma band has a frequency range between 30Hz and 100Hz which is produced by high mental activity. This would be the case when confronting fear or a stressful situation, where the flight / fight response is activated, or when in very high levels of consciousness.

The Beta band which has a frequency range from 12Hz to 30Hz. This is the frequency range where our outer spatial world takes place; where our physiological senses are perceived, where we can touch, smell, eat, drink, take action. Its where action happens and where your notion of time comes from. Its where you operate from when you are working, or walking, and also where anxious thinking and insomnia takes place.

As we get relaxed, we begin to enter a lower frequency range between 8Hz and 11Hz called the Alpha. When working in this frequency, you will be able to switch to inner consciousness. There, the brain becomes more receptive to working on stored memory files, to receiving new information, to accessing creativity, imagination, whilst remaining mentally alert.

At the limit of consciousness lies the Theta band, ranging between 3.5Hz and 7.5Hz. Theta activity is seen as the region between sleep and wakefulness, where the unconscious speaks to the conscious. It is the band where deep meditation occurs, and is often seen in connection with spirituality, intuition, extrasensory functioning, the sense of knowing and the mind/body healing process.

Although this phase is the very edge of consciousness, well be working here in the advanced levels of this program because when you learn to enhance it, you will be presented with many answers, solutions, ideas, and some really great connectedness.

Lastly, we have the Delta band with a frequency range below 4Hz. These very slow waves are where induced drowsiness, deeply relaxed states and deep dreamless sleep occurs. Little is known of this band.
In many of the processes in this program, Ill use rhythmic stimuli in the form of Binaural or Isochronic beats, which are intended to produce a frequency-following response of the brainwaves, to match the frequency of the stimuli.
These beats are presented as a pulsating sound in the background, which has a frequency pattern designed for each particular meditation in this program. What happens when you listen to the beats with earphones is that the sine waves that create the beat also created it in the brain itself.
And whether you are wondering if it is safe, dont worry. Studies have shown that Binaurals are an effective therapeutic tool in treatments for cognitive functioning deficits, headaches, migraines, pain and behavioural problems.

Neural Reconditioning

Neural Reconditioning
Reconditioning, or simply conditioning, as youll hear me refer to the term often, is the process used to stimulate neuroplasticity, which is the brains ability to reorganize itself and form new neural connections, to compensate for injury or disease, or to change the brain processes referring to activities in response to new situations or changes in the environment.
The main aim of the The Quantum Combination, is to modify your previous conditioning, to one which will sustain progress, optimism and the intrinsic flow of vital energy. This is done through positive suggestion, through action and the acquisition of new facts to sustain positive belief patterns and emotions.

Reconditioning is also effective for the creation of triggers and anchors which link powerful positive emotions to the practice of certain techniques learned in the course, and which aid in the processes of motivation to perform actions which were previously considered daunting.
At the heart of neural reconditioning is Meditation, because the constant practice of meditation, and the induction of brain reconditioning processes (neural plasticity), cause the development of stronger biological synchronisation.

Effective Guided Meditation

Deep Meditation
In The Quantum Combination, youll be using meditation to access and modify information structures within the subconscious mind,

During meditation, you will be engaging in visualization and generating mental imagery that will simulate or re-create the sensory perception of sights, sounds, tastes, smells, movements, and images associated with touch, such as texture, temperature, and pressure, as well as mental constructs that you wish to attain, or desensitise.

By generating mental imagery, you will also experience strong emotions and feelings which in turn will affect the physical structure of the brain.
Meditation has also shown to be effective in therapeutic, rehabilitative, and educational situations, as a means to lower levels of stress, minimize the frequency, duration, and intensity of asthmatic episodes, control and manage pain, develop coping skills, decrease insomnia, neutralise feelings of anger, reduce negative or irrational thinking, calm anxiety, raise levels of optimism, enhance physical and mental aptitude, and increase general feeling of well-being. It also raises levels of empathy and compassion towards others.
You will be subjected to guided meditation, which is a process by which you will meditate in response to guidance provided by myself your teacher in sound recording layered upon a soundtrack and specific brainwave entrainment audio.

Are you Ready for what Will Happen

if you do this Course?

01. Experience Elevated Connectedness and Guidance
Achieve a gradual inner awakening, leading to a permanent awareness of your connectedness and personal relationship with the infinite source of Universal power.

Develop your metaphysical senses (which are predominantly dormant), and enhance the strength and power of your Inner Guide bringing it to a higher level of operation providing you with directions, insight, creative inspiration and innovative solutions to any situation in life.

02. See Real Transformation Happen
Improve your quality of life and bring into manifestation the success and abundance that you envision for yourself with far greater ease and speed within weeks.

Experience a huge confidence boost and energy shift which will put you into the right flow where you can transform your challenges into opportunities and easily attract everything you need to meet your requirements, desires and to serve your purpose. Success and abundance in all areas of your life will naturally also become a habit.

03. Achieve Greater Goals and Life Purpose
Start an outstanding journey in life which is sustainable and achievable, with goals that are worth pursuing for and absolute certainty that you can achieve them, with various energy sources pushing you towards success on a daily basis.

Come in contact with your true life purpose and gain absolute clarity about the true meaning to your life, and use it as a tool to achieve bigger and greater deeds in life, and become an example for others to follow. Feel the Universe collaborate in your favor, opening doors and providing more opportunities for you to live your life purpose.

04. Break Free From Negative Thoughts and Problems
Master yourself and instantly neutralise that nagging voice that keeps filling your well-being and confidence with fear and negativity, and turn it into a positive and thriving energy which consequently boosts your confidence, leading you to outperform yourself, and achieve anything in life.

Easily master your life and immediately detect any emerging failing pattern so that you can act on it and turn any situation into a positive one for your own benefit.

05. Attain Constant Emotional and Inner Peace
In acquiring the new understanding about how your emotions are influenced and created by your deep rooted connections, you develop a far greater sense of confidence and profound inner peace that comes from knowing how to use your potential and your guide to provide you with the answers to lifes greatest challenges. This confidence and inner peace helps you stay focused and on track with your greatest desires even in times of great stress and turmoil, promoting harmony and making you a pillar and a source of strength in the lives of others, improving your personal relationships with loved ones, friends and family.

06. Resolve and Dissolve Energy Blocks
Easily resolve any energy conflicts and energy blocks with people and situations from the past which burden you, and create the misalignment between your feelings and your mind, and facilitate the connection to the flow of the Universe.

Facilitate the flow of beneficial energy between you and the Universe, and easily identify any signs and beneficial opportunities which are being delivered to you, so you can easily absorb it and use it towards any purpose or goal that you are trying to achieve.

Case Study of a Previous Student

"I immediately grew within me something unbelievably important and unmeasurably powerful"

Im living in a state of awakening, which is still going on slowly... Roger was the starting point for the development of a new consciousness, an epiphany, and a complete change in my vision about the Universe and how everything is connected. This is what originated the motivation that moves me today, and now itonly makes sense for me to follow what I feel for myself to be true in essence, which makes me happy and with no regrets, regardless of anything else. I felt that I had found myself, maybe even being reborn. I felt relief in a way that I had never felt before in my life, and I still feel it to this day, which propelled me into levels of higher conscience that Im still trying to understand.

Before I started the sessions, I was living in a permanent state of grief like I had lost something or someone. I felt injustice and revolted with the modus operandi of humanity and the existential logic of it all. I felt frustrated and hurt with the route my life had taken, constant dissatisfaction and a feeling of emptiness as if something was missing. I was missing that one key piece that makes life function, and couldnt realize what it was.

But what I learned from Roger is life changing. It instantly changed my life due to the immediate new conscience that Id gained and has allowed for a continuum of the construction of new notions and new realities, actions and internal projections. I felt that I immediately grew within me something unbelievably important and unmeasurably powerful.

I started to look at the world in a completely different way, think in a different way, I felt a huge boost in my motivation, and I was fed with a state of daily "activation" which was missing in my life.

Anyone wanting to be coached by Roger should take this into serious consideration, because this is not something that will change a detail in your life, nor create a minor variation in your lifestyle. This will completely tear down your current notion of reality, and give rise to a new consciousness which will give you the tools to build the true sense of existential freedom. A personal development program should be taught by someone who has the capacity to guide, orient and energetically connect to you in a way which guarantees that you obtain the results that youre looking for, the results that you need, and even the results that you dont expect. Roger has an unparalleled aptitude for it. And having a highly developed intuition such as his, which capacitates him with a gift of communicating with energy, having him guide us at such a special time is a very rare opportunity, and I fully deposit my confidence and trust in him.

Marcelo Vaz Peixoto Design Strategist

You can experience all of this and more. All you need to do is try.
Theres always been some debate around what people can get out of this course because the results and benefits are so vast that its difficult to condense into only 6 benefits. And this mostly happens because of the wide variety of reasons why people really sign up for the course.
But as you will see, its built in an Audio Book format in a way that anyone, from any walk of life, and with any type of experience or level of knowledge, can perform from the comfort of their own home. No previous knowledge on meditation or visualisation is required either, because specific techniques are taught in the course as well.
The only thing I ask of each of my students, is to pay attention to the lectures, and follow through with each exercise and technique to fully benefit from each process.
And Starting Today, you too can Easily Improve your Life
The Quantum Combination uses coaching as a base for its teachings, which allows for you to have your own personal and effective experiences which work for you and your own individual cases, contributing to your own personal connectedness and growth.
So can you just imagine how this will impact your life almost instantly?

Having your own personal life coach to guide you through a life transforming experience that will help bring you all the results that you desire. Motivating you daily, and teaching you the secret triggers and insights to awaken the most powerful and intimate part of your being, so that you can begin to experience the freedom that youve always been looking for, free from unnecessary hard work, guilt, negative emotions and thoughts, and focusing only on you materialising your greatest desires.
Can you already envision yourself being, doing and having everything you desire?

Use these Tools for your Breakthrough and to Manifest your Desires
To help you align Yourself to the Universe, Unlock your Highest Potential and accelerate your manifestations, I put together the most powerful and transforming techniques that form a very unique and distinct Combination, which is easy to follow.
All you need to do is listen to each of the chapters and pay attention to the instructions for each of the exercises and techniques that Im about to teach. And then, do the exercise for each chapter, so that the lesson is engrained into your system forever.
The course is divided into 3 levels containing different subjects and aimed at working on the transformation of your being, on doing actions in a certain way, and in knowing how to connect to the universe and receive anything you desire.

In each level, you will experience different types of meditation techniques and technology, which will aid you in obtaining the best results, whilst enjoying the entire process.
The Quantum Combination is considered to be the most results oriented and most complete course on the law of attraction.

Each lesson and technique was written for the sole purpose of this program, and have been crafted to perfection for instant results. You will not find them in any other course anywhere else.

Course Level 1 The Level of Being

01. Instantly Neutralize Negative Thoughts

Your quest to unlock your highest potential begins with a comprehensive introduction about the mind and how it works, so that you can acquire a thorough understanding about its primary functions and the ways how it can either help you, or make you believe that youre changing when in fact its keeping you hostage, locked into the same place, the same life, the same results.

I will not only teach you how to detect a situation when your mind is resisting change, but also how to easily and instantly neutralize the process and to focus on something productive so to create a positive mentality in the short term.
Exercises: (re)Focus Technique

02. Finding your Values and your Purpose in Life

Discover what you are really meant for, and why you are currently obtaining certain results in your life.

In this chapter, you will be digging deep into your roots to uncover the biggest truth about your misalignment, and what major power can really drive you to achieve your highest goals in life. I will take you through an exercise for life, which will expose your true essence and purpose, and which will serve you every time you need to make any important decision. The Universe responds to true essence and purpose, and when it is utilised with mind and emotion in perfect alignment, the Universe will be yours to command.
Exercises: The Quantum Centre Written Exercise

03. The Secrets of Deep Meditation

Meditation is the foundation to introspection and knowledge of the self, and thats why youll be practising a lot of it throughout the program. I will introduce you to the principles of meditation in a way that anyone can meditate and access subconscious layers of the mind instantly using the proper techniques and phases.

Here, youll be able to understand and feel the profound impact that meditation can have in the process of alignment and manifestation, and also reap the huge benefits that it will provide in your daily life, your health, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Experience profound inner peace, rejuvenating health and mental clarity like never before.
Exercises: The Quantum Centre Meditation

04. Setting Quantum Goals (the most powerful tool for goal setting)

After learning the basics of deep meditation, you will be introduced to the most powerful technique for goal setting youve ever come across. In this chapter, youll be learning all about the different types of goals, and a technique to easily achieve bigger goals in a much faster way, which does not require taking more action.

Youll then be doing a revolutionary goal setting exercise which previous students consider to be the most brutally honest goal setting exercise ever, as it not only provides incisive clarity about your most important goals, but also provides you with a clear vision of how to reach your goals, providing you with doable steps, a list of processes needed to reach it, and an instant way of knowing whether its aligned, or misaligned with what the Universe can support you with.
Exercise: The Goal Map

05. Destructive Hidden Beliefs

In this chapter, youll be exploring the depths of the mind and discovering where your beliefs came from, and how they manifest in your current reality.

Youll work on failure patterns locked in the subconscious mind, and uncovering the major energy blocks which are preventing you from attracting your biggest desires, exposing the dark invisible energy to the light of your awareness.

This exercise is considered by previous students as the biggest eye-opener and energy shifter in the program. When performing the deep meditation, your energy will change, you will change, and the results you obtain will also change. And by the end of the exercise, you will also know exactly what needs to be done to instantly de-sensitise any re-emerging patterns, and turn around any negative belief, so you can experience tranquility, peace of mind, and a brand new positive version of you, who is fully in control of your own life experience.
Exercise: The Belief Transition Technique
BONUS CHAPTER: Personal Negative Programming

Although negative beliefs are taken care of through deep meditation in the previous chapter, in this chapter youll learn to instantly detect destructive beliefs which are revived through daily habits. Youll learn exactly which of your instinctive behaviours are most dangerous, and that have the tendency to feed your energy to the bigger destructive beliefs. Youll also learn how to become immune to the negative influence of those around you.

06. Releasing Negativity for Good

In this module, youll be learning how negative energy holds you back from achieving your goals and manifesting your desires, and how wanting to manifest something in order to solve a problem always increases the size of the problem.

You will also discover how and why clusters of negative or unresolved energy reside within you and take such a big toll in your life, leaving you traumatised and broken, producing vibrational frequencies so dense, that they can cause disease and eventually lead to death.

Learn to release the negative energy and live a happy life, free from the negativity of the past.
Exercise: The Negative Release Technique

Course Level 2 The Level of Doing

07. Hyperrealistic Creative Visualisation

In this special module, well be working on your creative visualisation skills, and activating your inner senses which will provide you with surprisingly real mental and emotional experiences.

In knowing that the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined, and that it controls all of your life support systems, and 96-98% of your emotions, your perception of reality and your behaviours, well use this to your advantage and impress positive ideas and experiences onto it, which will cause your brain to trigger the same processes as it would in real life.

This in turn will cause your brain to filter relevant information into awareness which will help you to easily create solutions to challenges, achieve goals much faster, and mentally create a new reality in alignment with your emotions, your mind and the universe, which will then take physical form in the outer world.
Exercise: The Creative Visualisation Calibration

BONUS Exercise: The Creative Visualisation Calibration Audio (Guided Entry Only)

08. Supercharging Goals

In this chapter, Ill be taking you one step further into the goal setting process that we started in Level I, for the purpose of intensifying the energy and the intention of the desire that you wish to manifest

This step is important as it is the missing key in all goal setting processes. Youll quickly understand why the lack of it is the reason why most people never achieve their highest goals.

With this one process, you will become 100% energetically committed and aligned to your goal and life purpose, and amplify your energy in such a way that youll never lack motivation to pursue them ever again.
Exercise: Supercharging Goals Written Exercise and Meditation

09. Cultivating the Mindset of an Invincible Winner

Imagine what your life would be like, if you knew with all your mind and heart that you could manifest and achieve anything and everything that you ever wanted. And what if you learned that it were true, and that you could cultivate the mindset of a winner, and access a hidden reservoir of energy that is available within you, anytime you need?

In this module, well be exploring a very cool and easy way to keep succeeding daily and become a magnet for success. Youll also learn a simple technique which you can use instantly, to access that special source of energy to perform any task and action with a guarantee of success.
Exercise: The Winners Mindset

10. Taking Action in Spite of Fear

For the law of attraction to work, you will need to take actions which may sometimes seem daunting and far out of your comfort zone. But it doesnt have to be that way if you apply the process described in this special chapter which will help you deal with the real origin of fear, and change it in order to attain success.

The Universe loves action because its interpreted as you accepting an opportunity being presented to you. So why not take advantage of the energy and take special action in a certain way, which will produce the results that you desire, and help you receive greater opportunities to manifest all of your desires?
Exercise: The Second Action

11. Aligning with the Universe for Accelerated Manifestation

After working on your personal energy, now comes the time that you begin to work within the synergistic flow of the Universe, and gaining momentum for the accelerated manifestation of your desires and dreams.

In this chapter, youll learn how abundance really is available for everyone to work with, and how to interpret the signs and messages of when abundance is being presented to you. Ill also let you in on the one major mistake that most people make when receiving opportunities and gifts from the Universe, which in turn, create confusing and mixed results.

In the exercise, youll also be learning how to act upon synchronicities and asking the Universe for the rapid manifestation of anything you desire.
Exercises: The 5 Second Rule, The Synergistic Flow

Course Level 3 The Level of Receiving

12. The Secret to the Universe

Ill start the third level by giving a thorough comprehensive explanation of about the cosmological system to which we belong, and the universe of Quantum mechanics, which will give you a deep understanding about how creation and manifestation really occurs. Well be debunking the notion of frequencies and vibration and how you can work with the quantum field for your creations.

As we go a little bit deeper into the rabbit hole, Ill introduce you to another level of meditation called Quantum Attunement, from where you will be able to tap into the same frequency of the Universal Mind, to ask for ecstatic positive feelings and outcomes.

This exercise is considered a favourite by most students, because its enabled them to see the Grand Universe for the first time, and feel the presence and energy of the Universe in their hearts.

I must warn you though, that the concept used in Quantum Attunement is in fact so new, that the results will absolutely blow your mind!
Exercises: The Quantum Attunement Meditation

13. Unbinding Intuition

This tool for unbinding your inner voice is absolutely vital to your success with the law of attraction because it will awaken your intuitive being the voice of the Universe and the one voice that you can ever claim as being trustable and truly yours.

The greatest thing about connecting to your intuition is that youll no longer be blind nor deaf to any suggestion of what may be more appropriate for you.

You become a highly evolved human being because you work simultaneously with an active and trustable system which provides you with infinite resources for you to work with.

In this part of the course, youll be learning how to use less deductive reasoning, and activating greater awareness of the messages coming from your intuition, to obtain information and answers about virtually anything!

And because I know from my own experience how difficult it was to understand the difference between the responses of the logical mind vs the response coming from your intuition, Ive included 4 easy-to-use techniques which will help you evolve in your connection to intuition and develop your metaphysical senses (Clairsentience and Clairvoyance), so that you never lose another impression or message again.
Exercises: The Fast Response Technique, Dream Logging, Intuition Feedback Meditation, Advanced Intuition Feedback Meditation

14. Meeting your Inner Guide

And this is where you finally achieve your most profound awakening which will strengthen the spiritual connection between you and power of the Universe.

In this final module of The Quantum Combination, youll be learning all about your existence in multiple dimensions, how time and space are really just limitations imposed by the mind, and how you can take full advantage of the void in order to access limitless power.

Youll also be meeting your inner guide and elevating them to a much higher level of operation which will allow you to interact directly with them from within any time, space and dimension. This connection will provide you with limitless potential, direction, insight, creative inspiration and innovative solutions to any situation in life.

The activation is so powerful that youll be able to connect to your Guide any time you wish, and hear their answers clearly, providing you with that helping hand that youve been needing for so long.
Exercise: Meet your Inner Guide in Meditation, Dimensional Meditation, QA Session with your Inner Guide

This is not your average course or seminar
As you can see by the vast array of topics that well be practising, and the structure in which the course is arranged, it truly is the most complete and effective course in audio book format for the Law of Attraction and for the Permanent Connection to the Universe that youll ever come across.
Youll be working on your being, your actions and your relationship with Universal energy from all aspects of your existence, and youll be given tools which will serve you for an entire lifetime! All for the purpose of transforming yourself into an extraordinary being, with a heightened sense of awareness, and who has limitless manifestation power to make any dream come true.
Can you just imagine what youre life will be like when you begin to see the transformation happening on a daily basis? And what youll be able to achieve in six months, one year, and the rest of your life?

Think about how happy and fulfilled youd really feel.
And youll never get all of this from one place and in such little time like in this opportunity being presented to you. An all-in-one step-by-step Law of Attraction Audio Book.
Before this course existed, youd need at least 8 years, and over $ 8 000 to achieve similar results. And thats if you were lucky enough to understand the Combination in the first place.
Ive been lucky enough to be a part of others transformations and see the outstanding results that it continues to bring into their lives. And I cant wait to see yours as well.

Heres what Customers are Saying

"The techniques in the program are enlightening and cause huge positive impact"

I was completely disconnected from the Universe when I started this program. I was having major issues in my relationship, I was feeling disappointed with life, pessimistic, had no will power... My life was just frustrating. I always felt worried about everything and I wasnt seeing that I was the one causing those results in my life, and that I had to work on myself first to be able to attract anything better.

The most effective way to solve the many negative situations I was going through was to simply re-evaluate and re-structure what I truly wanted for myself and for my future. Solving this, helped me solve all my problems.

The lessons and techniques in the program are enlightening and cause a huge positive impact, because theyre where clarity and courage come together, which will prepare you for real results. I can now focus on my own well-being (specially mental well-being), which replicates itself on the outside with the help of the Universe.

And more than 1 year later, the lessons continue to bear fruit! I no longer conform to situations that dont make me feel good. Professionally and relationship wise, my life took a huge leap closer to happiness. I feel much more tranquil when having to deal obstacles and certain situations which block my energy, and am almost living up to my highest potential.

With more or less worrisome problems to solve, I believe that anyone can benefit from this program and become fully aligned to the Universe. Lightness, optimism and confidence are the words that best define what I feel after every lesson, and I truly believe that others will absorb the same from Rogers presence and words. His words are wise, assertive and always focussed on directing your energy towards you obtaining your goals and your happiness.

Diana Nunes Preschool Teacher

"This is not for the faint hearted. Only for those who have courage to become remarkable, living an exceptional life"

I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have received this gift of knowledge by Roger. Before I came across his teachings, I was clueless as to why I couldnt maintain any positive changes in my life for more than a few months. I kept perusing different goals and ambitions that kept me active, but just became boring after some time. I had no idea what I really wanted in life, and was starting to become afraid because years were passing by and I had still not found meaning to any of this existence.

After starting this journey inside of my mind, discovering layer after layer how to find my lifes purpose, I could now see a clear path open before my eyes.

It took some effort to trust a Universe in the beginning, but when I understood its language, life changed 180 degrees. I found a lost part of me, that talks to me, shows me with clear vision what I cannot see with common sight, and provides me with a sense of inner happiness and great satisfaction with my life.

The Quantum Combination is compulsory learning for everyone who truly needs to change their life. It is not for the faint hearted. Only for those who have a burning desire and courage to become a remarkable person living an exceptional life.

Danniel Santos Forensics Agent

Read more testimonials from other students

What You Get when you

Order The Quantum Combination Today

Audio Book - Full Course

Exercise Worksheets

Access to Members Area

Downloadable Files

Free Updates

Audio Book - Full Course

Access to all 3 Levels and 21 Exercises
Available exclusively on this website, The Quantum Combination is a multimedia home training program in an audio book format designed and produced to with the best technology available, to bring you the best possible coaching experience on the law of attraction in the comfort of your own home.

As a Student, you will have access to all of the fascinating lessons and 21 techniques coached by Roger Mac himself. Everything youll ever need to practise and succeed fully.

Exercise Worksheets

Exercise Worksheets
As a student of The Quantum Combination, you will receive the full printable worksheets, which you can use to perform the written exercises, and use for notes and reference throughout the entire program.

The workbook features a stunning color design and easy-to-use exercise sheets, for you to have the best possible experience whilst doing the exercises, and obtain the best possible results with the program.

Access to Members Area

Access to Members Area

You receive a login to Briva Publishing members area, from where you will be able to access all files, and listen to all audio audio tracks, not only for The Quantum Combination, but for any course you purchase from Briva.
Youll also have access to all special offers, resources and materials which will complement your education.
From the exclusive Members Area, youll also be able to manage your personal information, and interact with me, or the publisher directly.

BONUS: Access to Restricted Peer Group for Accountability

Downloadable Files

Downloadable Files
When purchasing The Quantum Combination in digital format, youll be able to download all course files, including:

All audios in MP3 format, reproducible on any MP3 device.
Exercise book / worksheets in PDF printable format.

BONUS: read-along of the book in PDF and in EPUB formats.

BONUS: eBooks in PDF or EPUB format.

BONUS: 60 Day Action Challenge in PDF printable format.

Free Updates

Free Updates
Due to the digital nature of the course, it becomes easier to update its contents, and make such updates available for students in much less time.

As a student of The Quantum Combination, and a customer of Briva Publishing, you will be entitled to all course digital updates which will be made available for download and print in the Members Area.

You will also be notified via email, so you dont miss out on any important updates to the program.

Thats Massive Value, for a Fraction of the Price!

But theres more! For this month only, well give you these FREE Bonuses!


The 60 Day Action Challenge

An additional coaching program to keep you on track

An Extra 60 Days of Coaching so that you can stay on track with your progress and your personal development. Based on an action oriented coaching methodology, the 60 Day Action Challenge will bring together everything that youve learned in the course and spread it out into a 60 Day period which you can repeat again any time you wish.


The Quantum Combination Textbook

The entire transcript of The Quantum Combination

The companion read-along guide is indispensable for your learning. This beautifully designed book will allow you absorb information better as you accompany Roger Mac in his lectures. The handy book also contains special tips and notes for each exercise, and can help track your progress and take personal notes of subjects that are important to you. Available in PDF and EPUB.

Get started in 5 minutes or less!

Take advantage of the 60-Day Risk Free, Full Money Back Guarantee

When ordering Now, you will receive:

The Quantum Combination 3 Level Coaching Program (Audio Book)
All Meditations and Exercises in Audio Format
Access to Members Area so you can download all files and updates
Downloadable MP3 audio files of all lessons so you can listen on any device
Downloadable MP3 audio files for all techniques so you can listen on any device
Downloadable version of the exercise books in printable PDF so you can do the exercises anywhere

Plus, if you purchase now , youll also receive this set of FREE Bonuses!

BONUS: The Quantum Combination Textbook in PDF and EPUB so you can read on any device
BONUS: 60 Day Action Challenge in printable PDF so you can do the exercises anywhere

This30% OFF Sale Price is only good until 27 September 2017 , after which the Digital Version of The Quantum Combination will return to its original price of $139.

30% OFF!

Digital Version

$97 One time payment

Get Instant Access to the Full Course, including audio files, printable books and exercise sheets.


Printed Version


Get the entire course, including Books and CDs shipped straight to your address.

Only 300 launch copies available.


Printed and Digital Version


Get both Instant Access to the digital version, and physical version shipped to your address.

Only 300 launch copies available.


Credit card or bank statement will show a charge by ClickBank or CLKBANK*COM
NEED HELP WITHYOUR ONLINE ORDER? Call us Now +1 (650) 963-5066
Try The Quantum Combination for a Full 60 Days. If you are not satisfied, you can get a full refund. No questions asked.

If youre not entirely satisfied, get a full refund within 60 days. No questions asked.

60-Day Risk Free. Full Money Back Guarantee

If at any moment you feel that you are not happy with the results, or the program hasnt given you the value weve promised, well give you a full refund within 60 days of the purchase date. This means that you have 60 days to try this program completely risk-free.

How we help you get the

most out of this Course

Multi Sensory Learning
We believe that having interactive experiences whilst learning, is the best way to engage students with their learning process. This helps retain information better, and for that reason this course has been prepared with a multitude of different tools which are very easy to use in the comfort of your own home and schedule, and which enrich your learning experience.

Multi-platform Compatibility
We know that different people prefer to use different electronic devices, and that not everyone carries them around everywhere they go. So for this reason, weve prepared an Online Members Area where you can access and listen to the full contents of the course, and weve also prepared all downloadable files for compatibility across all devices, so you can take the course anywhere you go.

Ongoing Five Star Support
When you become a student of The Quantum Combination, all of your questions will be answered by Roger Mac himself, as hes an active participant in the coaching process of his students.

Technical questions about files and websites will be answered by Briva Publishings amazing support team, who are always ready to help solve any issue.

The Most Frequently asked Questions

about The Quantum Combination

What happens after I make the payment?

When you click on the Add to Cart button, youll be taken to a secure checkout page with a URL starting with where you should complete your order.

When you complete your order, you will get immediate access to the registration page, to register anew account or login if you already have an account.After registering, you will have full immediate access to your course and downloads.


What happens if I get stuck, or dont understand something in the program?

No problem at all. You can contact our support team at any time and stage of the program, which will help clarify you and get you unstuck. Theyre really cool people whom you can trust, so dont hesitate to ask questions and send any comments and feedback.


What if this course doesnt work for me, what then?

Well, although this is a very rare situation, it can happen, and we wont insist on you trying to make it work. If theres nothing we can do to help you or compensate you, youll always be entitled to a 60 Day Full Money Back Guarantee, even if you request it on the 59th day! No justifications will be needed.


Why are you selling the program at such a low price if its worth much more?

Due to the digital nature of the program, and the way it is distributed worldwide in the physical format, we were able to cut costs such as travel and logistic expenses, and maintain the prices at a minimum, without compromising the quality of the program.


Is this course credible?

It took Roger Mac 8 years to write the course, based on 15 years of personal experience and scientific research to back up every idea, exercise and technique applied during the program. In his 35 years of existence, hes attended over 20 world renowned seminars, workshops and courses on personal development, received 2 honourable mentions, certified himself in coaching and lectured master mind groups on Universal Laws. Not to mention the lives hes already transformed.

So we can pretty much say that its credible.


Is this a one-time payment?

Your card will only be charged once. No hidden fees. Nothing to hide.

The Quantum Combination is a course which you can access and download anytime after you make your purchase.

You will also receive all updates and extra bonuses free of charge.


Still have questions? Try our FAQ Section.

Heres what Customers are Saying

"I could feel that I was completely aligned with the Universe"

Before I started The Quantum Combination, my life was pretty messed up. I was very confused about "who I was", and in need of help to find my identity and my purpose in life. I needed to know myself better and how I could change my life. The most helpful part was to get to understand my emotions and master them without letting them dominate me unconsciously.

After feeling lost for so many years, not knowing which way to go in life, I couldnt organize my ideas and thoughts. I had even lost any aspirations and no longer enjoyed hobbies. Nothing was making sense to me. Nothing made me happy. My life had no color.

But session after session, I began to notice visible differences in myself. My energy patterns startedchanging in the most extraordinary ways. Gaining clarity and organizing my life were also completely new to me. Everything in my life became clear and simple. I had found myself! And at the end of the program I could feel that I was completely aligned with the Universe. I returned to doing the things I had always done with passion, and found a whole new set of ideals that I didnt even know existed. It completely took me by surprise! And today my motto is: "To do more, to do better, and to do different!

Roger Mac is an extraordinary being. He knows how to reach out to people and to help everyone with all the right topics. This was to me (and can be for anyone else), very precious help in finding myself!

Andre Pinheiro Chief Marketing Officer

"I felt completely clear about my relationship with money and energy"

Before I knew about The Quantum Combination, I was having some major issues with money. Especially when it came to spending money on myself.

I would take too much time to make any money or purchase decision, even if I were buying something essential for my own business. And when Id go ahead and but anything, Id feel nauseous and at times, Id even vomit. Id sometimes spend days ruminating on the subject. And having issues with money and feeling bad when spending it or having to pay for anything is not good at all when working with The Law of Attraction.

After doing this course, I felt completely clear about my relationship with money and energy. I can spend money on myself, and on virtually anything without feeling guilty or negatively about anything. It helped me understand that theres a balance and alignment that starts from within, that can influenceour reactions and the results we obtain on the outside.

Roger has a very highly evolved conscience. He can see and understand everything "between the lines"; things that we could never understand on our own.

He also provides great tranquility just through his voice and speech.

I can safely say that Ive gone through sessions of psychotherapy which in comparison with these lessons, didnt even come close to the desired outcomes. These coaching sessions sound more like good moments of reflection, whilst drinking tea with a good friend.

Thanking him for it isnt enough!

Dr. Filipa Teles Specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Founder of Essence Prime Care

Read more testimonials from other students

All You Ever Needed was the Right Combination to Unlock the Power of the Universe
So, are you re-thinking about your entire life? Of how youre feeling stuck?

Isnt it about time you got the bank account, the happiness, the clarity, the health, the career or the lover you deserve?
With the right tools and the right type of coaching, you ll be able to gain 100% clarity about your entire existence, stay energetically connected to the Universe at all times, go wherever you want to go, do whatever you want to do and become whoever you want to become.

No more doubt, no more procrastinating, nor day-to-day struggles, hard work and no more disconnectedness from the world and from the Universe.
This course is NOTjust about what can happen to you in theory, but about how YOU CANtransform your entire life!
And its all up to you, to either take it into your hands to become who you are truly meant to become and live an extraordinary life, or ignore this, and risk losing it all.

Theres a difference between interest and commitment. When youre interested in something, you do it only when its convenient. When youre committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.
― Kenneth H. Blanchard

Get started in 5 minutes or less!

Take advantage of the 60-Day Risk Free, Full Money Back Guarantee

When ordering Now, you will receive:

The Quantum Combination 3 Level Coaching Program (Audio Book)
All Meditations and Exercises in Audio Format
Access to Members Area so you can download all files and updates
Downloadable MP3 audio files of all lessons so you can listen on any device
Downloadable MP3 audio files for all techniques so you can listen on any device
Downloadable version of the exercise books in printable PDF so you can do the exercises anywhere

Plus, if you purchase now , youll also receive this set of FREE Bonuses!

BONUS: The Quantum Combination Textbook in PDF and EPUB so you can read on any device
BONUS: 60 Day Action Challenge in printable PDF so you can do the exercises anywhere

This30% OFF Sale Price is only good until 27 September 2017 , after which the Digital Version of The Quantum Combination will return to its original price of $139.

30% OFF!

Digital Version

$97 One time payment

Get Instant Access to the Full Course, including audio files, printable books and exercise sheets.


Printed Version


Get the entire course, including Books and CDs shipped straight to your address.

Only 300 launch copies available.


Printed and Digital Version


Get both Instant Access to the digital version, and physical version shipped to your address.

Only 300 launch copies available.


Credit card or bank statement will show a charge by ClickBank or CLKBANK*COM
NEED HELP WITHYOUR ONLINE ORDER? Call us Now +1 (650) 963-5066
Try The Quantum Combination for a Full 60 Days. If you are not satisfied, you can get a full refund. No questions asked.

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